Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, 22 February 2015

West Horsley - Walton - Wetherspoons

Who's the Regent?

Ante-meridian sun encouraged fourteen to face frost and ice to share a cup of tea and company at the pleasure gardens of West Horsley. However, as the tea-pots emptied, the skies began to cloud over. Come the time of departure, leader Ed's thrust unusually was North, not South, not Irene. Some could not, dared not  resist the lure of Sunday roast at home, but others took up the challenge. Ed led us via the cyclists' mecca, Ripley, where we did not drop anchor, to West Byfleet, New Haw, around Addlestone and Weybridge to Walton, where we found refuge in that ever welcoming port in every cyclist's storm, the trusty haven of Wetherspoons. Space for all, good ale and solid food (though not for Neil, who was still recovering from the previous evening's intemperance, celebrating the Chinese New Year). He did force down a few abandoned and rather luke -warm chips.

By this time the forecast rain had begun to settle in, the lure of Thames Ditton for tea was waning, some preferring to explore the temptations of the Lidl/Aldi? store across the road, while non-shoppers put on their waterproofs and headed home. We did get home in daylight, despite the howling wind across the  Downs that threatened life and limb. I trust all made it safely . Our thanks to leader Ed.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday, 15 February

Savill Garden - Binfield - Laleham

 A day of daffodils, crocuses, grey skies to blue and late afternoon sunshine

Sunday 15th February 2015 (Savill Gardens - Binfield - Laleham)

Thirteen came to Savill Gardens for morning refreshment, and eight continued with Bob making his own way to lunch. We passed through Windsor Park to Drift Road, Maidens Green and Moss End (goodbyes to Alan) arriving at the Victoria Arms Binfield at 12.40 pm. where a table was reserved for us in the name of Morse?!
Lunch was very good and served quickly. We left an hour later making our way in glorious sunshine over Cabbage Hill to Warfield church,  across Ascot racecourse and back into the Park. Laleham Garden Centre was reached at 3.15 for more refreshment (phew). Here we dallied for over an hour so I hope everyone (including Jeff?) managed to get home in the light. A big thanks to all for coming and making for a very pleasant day. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

8 February, The Annual Lunch

The Annual Gathering of the Cheam & Morden Clan 
Roadmen and Women at Ladderstile Gate
Amuse-bouches, canapés and apéritifs chez Ann and Steve

In no particular order.........



 All together at the Angel
Those TFBs get everywhere!
Our grateful thanks to Steve for leading us on an appetite-sharpening tour of South West London via Richmond Park and Teddington Lock, to a cordon bleu elevenses conjured up by Ann, followed by shared good fellowship at the Angel, organised once again by Steve. Our warm appreciation to Ann, Steve and one and all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday 15 February

Sunday Feb 15 Irene (1st left) is replacing original leader Pam (2nd right). 11s is unchanged - at Savill Garden.


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Reg Beever RIP 7 April 1935 to 4 Jan 2015

See tribute on MWW Blog. Photo's from order of service. If anyone from C&M would like to post old photo's the family have given permission and will be pleased.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Sunday February 1 2015

I wasn't born until 2210 hours so today was the right day for my birthday ride. Just on five past nine, a well wrapped-up eight set off from Kingston Gate. Richmond Park was entered at Ham and exited at Roehampton with nary a hint of ice. Our first mission was to meet up with Irene and Pam at Barnes station. One level crossing was closed but there was still time for cake before eight became ten. We were using NCN4 without most of the uneven, cobbled, pot-holed side roads so beloved of Sustrans engineers. From Hurlingham we past through Chelsea Harbour and along the Embarkment and over Westminster Bridge. Even with three earlier arrivals, there was room inside for all of us in Bill's Cafe though we were requested to be on our way by eleven!

Dour and drab miles go us to Greenwich for a gentle trundle past the Cutty Sark and old naval colleges and onto the narrow Thames Path. It couldn't have been a profitable day (queue of two!) for the Emirates Cable Car so our flight departed on time at 1215 hours. It was enlivened by a violent sway and a stall but after two minutes a spectral voice assured us this was quite normal. The mileage through Canning Town and Plaistow was mercifully short before we turned west onto the Greenway (or more properly the Northern Sewer Outfall). We ignored East London cemetery as "Dixon Of Dock Green" is the most famous person buried here but we did pause at Abbeys Mills, perhaps the major reminder of Bazalgette's contribution to London. We were now experiencing a keen northerly wind and the centrally heated Olympic Park toilets proved to be popular. Most dined in the Mittel Orbit cafe while Neil went in search of the velodrome. Just before his return, our trencherman squeezed a pudding and a second drink.

We continued along the Greenway to its end in Wick Lane before crossing a near deserted (was it really that cold!) Victoria Park. Four traffic-clogged miles saw us to the final stop, the crowded Look Mum No Hands in Old Street. Smithfield and Blackfriars Bridge returned us to Waterloo. By now numbers were dwindling and I led a rump to Victoria Station before rejoining the outward route. Pam, Irene and Tony departed just after the Marc Bolan memorial, and I said my final goodbyes to Paul and Ed at Kingston Gate. Call it 40+ miles.

The fliers were Terry, Lillian, David Vine, Graham, Ed, Tony Hopkins, Paul, Neil, Dave S, Daniel, Irene and Pam whilst Alan left after 11s.

A first contribution to the blog from Ed methinks!

Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Emirates Air Line photos on Grahams Birthday Ride to the Olympic Park

Irene and Graham 

Grahams Birthday Ride to the Olympic Park

Our Leader the Birthday Boy

A View from the Cable Car

Monday, January 26, 2015

C&M Ride 25-Jan-2015

A very cold ride to 11's at the Golden cafe Adlestone, luckily no wind. A few were already seated and a steady stream arrived right upto 11.00am with a total of around 20, not all of whom where going further. So a delayed start and the puncture fairy struck Terry immediately who waived us on and said he would meet us at lunch. John G said that he may struggle and to go on and likewise he would meet us at lunch.

Leaving Adlestone on the B3121 to the Ottershaw roundabout and then the Chobham road past Fareoaks and a left, just before Chobham, into Delta Road, at this point we were short of Graham and John G, we waited but for a while and assumed they would make their own way to the Pub, on upto Burrowhill, past The Four Horse Shoes and a left turn onto Steep Hill to warm us up. It was slowly getting milder. Just on the steepest section I noticed ice on the road and got off my bike to warn the group to go easy. Luckily Mr Frosty didn't catch anyone out.

Over the M3 and on to Sunningdale, across the A30 and through Sunninghill and a brief section of the A329 and into Cheapside road, Watersplash Lane and into Windsor Great Park via Ascot gate and Dukes Lane and a left to take us past the Long Walk and onto Bishops Gate and a nice decent of Crimp Hill and to lunch at the Fox and Castle. At the foot of Crimp Hill Graham was waiting for us as he had stayed with John G, who had called it a day earlier. Terry didn't make lunch but got home safely.

The Pub was reasonably busy and lunch was server rather spasmodicly in fits and starts but we were all eventually fed. The afternoons ride to tea was flat and around 13 miles. A few dropped off on the way to get home in daylight. Lots of cake and tea and the few that remained dispersed to wend their own ways home. Thank you one and all for your company.

Tony H

Sunday, January 25, 2015

25 January 2015

Addlestone - Old Windsor - Upper Halliford
Fox and Castle at Old Windsor

Has the Chancellor added a surreptitious stealth tax to lemonade or is this an example of RoB?

Tony's baker's dozen.  After an hour in a pub they look a very sober bunch!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Horley - Dormansland - Reigate

For Sunday the scribblers and twitterers of press and TV promised flood and permafrost, with birds falling out of the sky. Handicapped by their micro-memory-span, by midnight they had forgotten  their dire prognostications and stumbled on to their next mega-melodrama. In fact, the weather was normal; a faint drizzle with Walton-on-the-Hill  pond carrying a light glaze of ice in the centre and supporting a flock of water fowl. Dave Stott observed with interest. No Scott or Amundsen or Ranulph Fiennes appeared to join us. As Pebble Hill was closed again, we set off via the A217 and decided to forego a circuit of the lanes surrounding Reigate, in favour of a shortened trip to the supermarket. Lonesome Lane soon led us to the bad-lands of Horley and the misty minarets of Waitrose.

We settled in for tea and soon were joined by Terry. Our unanimous decision was: press on. So we did, but not before a swift hail and farewell by the cycle stand with Graham, who had cycled nearly thirty miles to pay his respects, before returning home, no doubt first fortified by a cup of tea on the house, thanks to his Waitrose Card. Beneath grey skies we passed through Smallfield to Effingham Park, through Crawley Down to Felbridge, downhill to Newchapel and N.E. to Lingfield. On the evidence of an earlier recce, however, our destination had been changed. The Cage Inn was boarded up and the Greyhound fodderless, the regulars clearly preferring it that way, with outsiders best kept outside. We therefore continued on to the familiar staging post of the Old House at Home.

We struggled to clear our plates, if not our tankards, and made a prompt departure as the Sunday deadline for last orders at Reigate Garden Centre café is 3.30pm. Do not believe the website. The sky now turned blue and a low sun demanded sunglasses as we rattled along through Blindley Heath and Horne, Outwood and Salfords, to arrive for tea with time in hand. Tea for all, cake for one and a departure still in dwindling sunshine as we made our separate ways home, mileage for the leader falling short of a half century. My thanks to stalwarts Dave and Terry for their welcome company.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

11 January, 2015

Shamley Green
Thanks to Ray Wren for this map of Terry's Shamley Green ride

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Shamley Green - Bricklayers Arms

 Welcome to Chris Jeggo from W. Surrey

 Terry-torial army ready to roll