Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday 13th April 2014

Black Park main cafe

Littleworth Common

Approaching Windsor from Dorney

North's of Staines


Amazing moving figures on these model boats (Black Park)

For those interested........... Paris - Roubaix 13/04/14 - last 2 and a half hours from British EurosportHD.

For those out and about over Easter here's the weather ..........just move the arrow to the required day/days and play animation............Sunday looks pants!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday, 13th April

 Black Park - Littleworth Common - Staines Manor

Right then left? Or left then right? Every picture tells a story.

Cycle-free zone

I love it when a plan comes together!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday April 13 2014

A fine sunny day produced a fine crop of riders at Kingston Bridge - thirteen in all! Bushy Park, the Feltham wheat belt, Ashford and Stanwell got us to a rendezvous with Irene and Pam in the middle of Colnbrook. The fun and games had already started - Tony (puncture in Poyle), Chris (slow puncture), and Andy (AWOL). As special treats I tossed in the Lakeside Road Incinerator and off-road sections  of NCN 61. Most (including the missing Andy) were in the cafe overlooking the lake but 11s for four stragglers was at the other (and unknown to me) cafe in Black Park.

The restart was protracted as the four had to be rounded up whilst others stood transfixed by the manoeuvrings of model boats on the lake. Roads still showed signs of the recent floods but what really caught the eye were the innumerable potholes. Near to Fulmer and near to Hedgerley got us to Littleworth Common (nearly). But instead of right then left I went left then right meaning a long descent was followed by a long ascent up the same hill albeit on different roads. Nevertheless we were at The Jolly Woodman before one. Taking the landlady's advice we removed our bikes from the garden to the car park. It didn't deter us from sampling the menu.

To avoid a repeat of last week's ride we headed for Taplow but not before dispatching Chris towards Burnham (he'd finally given up on his slow puncture). Our numbers were further diminished as Vic and Jeff left for differing reasons. The Olympic rowing lake (for anyone who'd never been there), Eton Wick, Horton and Poyle led us to tea at North's of Staines. To my surprise all three runaways turned up so only Tony missed for family reasons. About 60 (plus 2 extra) miles door to door. 

PS Due to the incompetence of  Virgin Media, I've been unable to update the website for the last two weeks. I'm on my fifth round of communication! 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Sunday, 6th April, 2014

Egham Manor - Burnham - Laleham
The Three Hams Ride

Two young belles with  five old reprobates  at the Old Five Bells  
The early morning rain was most unfortunate for it  deterred some riders from starting on their journey to Egham for elevenses!    I was spared a soaking for instead of cycling  I was cooking sausages and onions in preparation for their elevenses.   In the mean time, Irene and Alan very kindly cycled to Weybridge station to meet Lillian who does not know this area.   
Bill and Margaret were the first to arrive, just as I was returning from the shops with the necessary rolls - and then Graham arrived with Mike, and very shortly Ed, Vic, Irene, Lillian and Neil and Jeff!    Four more cyclists phoned to apologise for not coming to elevenses as had been arranged.
Inside the church of St Mary, Hitcham
 We were on our way to Burnham by 11.30 -ish first of all crossing Runnymede meadow to pick up the A308 to Old Windsor.... (whoops, Irene punctured as we approached Old Windsor so she walked home at least 3 miles, repaired the puncture, then cycled out to meet us at Dorney on our way to tea!  Well done Irene).   The group continued to Datchet, across Eton Bridge to Eton Wick.  Here I took a bridle path route away from the main road, to avoid the strong head wind and to show others a route that Irene and I favour!    From Dorney we continued in the direction of  Taplow, taking a right into Hitcham Lane where there is a dear little church that appeared to be open, which would have been a first according to Vic!  Anyway, we stopped, found the door locked but a chap appeared who unlocked the door for Vic and others!   I did not go in myself but half the group did and I'm sure Jeff would have taken several photos!  Lillian was in wonder of the amazing old stained glass windows!
St Peter's Burnham
How many bells can you see?
It was but a mile or so to The Five Bells pub for lunch where we were cosseted with laid up tables etc.   Food didn't take long to arrive and it was very good.  A group of Uxbridge Loiterers (CTC) were already eating when we arrived - they say hello Tony!
Now homeward bound - via Huntercombe Lane to Dorney where we joined the Jubilee River, exiting on to the  Eton Road which led us to Datchet, Horton, Wraysbury,  Staines and so to tea at Notcutts, Staines Road, Laleham.
As usual, we  went our separate ways after tea....Irene and I escorted Lillian back to Weybridge station for which she was very grateful - at least it gave me a few more miles towards the days total - which was not very much by comparison!!
Thanks to all for being there, good day, good company...and I hope you all got home before it rained again.
Pam :) :)

Fans of 'Carry On' films may recognise the church of St Mary as the location for 'Carry on Dick', in which Sid James played the part of the Reverend Flasher, alias Dick Turpin. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sunday March 30 2014

Once again I find myself in the role of amanuensis; once again a largely uneventful ride on officially the warmest day of the year so far. Certainly there were hordes of cyclists; most of whom overtook us with something to spare.

At the top of Staple Lane were the signs of the Cycling Weekly Cyclone; later on we met competitors close by Walliswood. At a cyclists' cafe recently featured in Cycle magazine, Dave opined that "most expensive" rather than "favourite" was more accurate as £20 bought him two breakfasts and not much small change. Leaving eight behind for various reasons, Ed settled on a flat route via Peaslake, Ewhurst and Rowhook to Warnham. As befits Mothers' Day, most lunched in the churchyard before crossing to The Sussex Oak for liquid refreshment. In time seven became eleven as Terry, then Chris and finally the two Petes joined us.

Balfour Beatty were hard at work on the Warnham station crossing so bikes had to be carried. But there was no real delay and 25 minutes before Capel church's official opening hour we were making our selection of cakes. Roger put in an appearance; he was leading a KCC ride from Horsham station(!) to The Haven and Capel and Kingston. About 60 miles door to door.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, 30th March 2014

Shere - Warnham - Capel
First Day of Summertime
Seen on the tracks at Warnham Station

 On the one hand....
 ....on the other

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

23rd March

 Seen beside the pedestrian railway crossing at North Farnborough

I have been reprimanded by Vic, quite rightly, for not posting this photo of a vehicle abandoned beside the railway at North Farnborough. If you know who this belongs to, please inform the Farnborough Constabulary as soon as possibe, before the vehicle is taken to the knacker's yard and crushed.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday 23 March 2014

This is for comple(a)tists so I'll be brief.

The day turned out to be better than forecast. Afternoon rain never materialized so the only downers were a chilly westerly from start and two hailstorms during stage two. From the off at Hampton Court, Dave took a direct route (Molesey, Poets' Corner, Longcross) to Bagshot though a brief detour onto Walton's towpath guarantees that several bikes will be cleaned before Mothers' Day. Stage two was again direct, A30 to the Jolly Farmer roundabout, B3015 to Deepcut and Lakeside, then across the tracks to Farnborough North. We were settled in the "Tilly Shilling" Farnborough early, around 1220. With no votes for Squires Knaphill, stage three reversed to Deepcut then took the road to Pirbright. Next we headed north through Bisley and West End to Chobham and Burrowhill; our target was the Farm Shop, Lyne. A new stop, this proved to be smallish with toilet keys available on request!

Around 55 miles door to door.

23 March - Spring has Sprung - or has it?

Bagshot - Farnborough - Lyne

Leader Dave
If you go down to the woods tonight

After lunch in Farnborough, leader Dave takes it easy  while Vic is more interested in the flora and fauna. Graham is engrossed with his new Croix de Fer and the rest are keen to experience the new afternoon tea stop at the Farm Shop Lyne
C&M canal side
Proud father with an addition to the family
On the Wey to tea

New tea stop :The Farm Shop Lyne

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dave's ride to Bagshot - This Sunday - 23rd March 2014

Because of this : Dave's ride will now start at Hampton Court Main Gate at 9am.
In addition,due to a pub closure, the lunch venue will be different to the one published.
Most likely Wetherspoons in Farnborough. 
Please inform one and all.
Many Thanks.

Sunday 16th March 2014

My new bike:

Cycling Weekly's review from November 2012 (now £50 cheaper)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hookwood - Staplefield - Tanhouse Farm
 After lunch at the Jolly Tanners, Staplefield

Andy's new mean machine
The day started in bright but cool sunshine with a period of quiet contemplation beside the pond at Walton-on-the Hill. The gnarled old hands were joined by a young lady, Geraldine, keen to try out the C&M. After a swoop down Pebble Hill our route was benign and pretty direct, via Betchworth, Leigh and Norwood Hill to Hookwood Tesco, where others awaited our arrival. On departure, our contingent was reduced by four, including Geraldine, who had decided that a mountain bike + knobbly tyres might be rather hard work. However, one lady was replaced by another, Helen, who would ride her 'new' Scott under the guidance of TFB Simon. As we kitted up to leave, great was our shock to see Andy preparing to mount a bright red, stripped down mean machine - 650c wheels, no panniers or mudguards, and unbelievably good value bought from Decathlon. An epiphany. Can this really be Andy?

Outside Worth Abbey
Cruising down Grouse Rd
Our destination had been changed from the rather cyclist hostile Wheatsheaf at Ashfold Crossways to the cycle-friendly Jolly Tanners at Staplefield. Part of our route would mirror some of Wednesday's ride to Balcombe. We passed quickly through Horley to Copthorne and not quite so quickly up Turners Hill. At the top we paused to realign, as best we could, the rear wheel of Helen's Scott. Our advice: Get Evans to inspect and service. Then onwards, with no more hills, along the B2110, past Worth Abbey on our left. The photos were disappointing. At Brantridge Lane a long downhill took us past Wings Museum into Staplefield and the Jolly Tanners.

Simon keeping an eye on Helen
With good food and beer (Sussex Gold), we dined in sunshine, while Simon tinkered with the tension of Helen's pedals. As we gathered ourselves for the off, an enthusiastic lady in the garden took possession of the leader's camera and captured a full complement for posterity. Our return was halted within a few hundred yards for a bit more fettling of Helen's pedal tension, then off again via Slaugham to pass Ashfold Crossways and along Hammerpond Road and Grouse Road to Colgate and Faygate, where the TFBs branched off with Helen to head for Gatwick, while the rest continued on via Rusper to the now extended Tanhouse Farm tea shop, where cars occupied the field formerly full of gambolling lambs. We were joined by Chris D, who unfortunately had missed the warning on the blog and gone to the Wheatsheaf for lunch.

With the sun still shining, we returned together to Dorking, where we parted. Those with some way still to go may have been overtaken by dusk before reaching home. For me it was a round trip of 60 miles, on what may have been the warmest ride of the year.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tomorrow's lunch venue

 Tomorrow's watering hole will be the Jolly Tanners at Staplefield, 2½ miles east of Ashfold Crossways. It would be a great shame to cycle past a lovely pub only to end up at the Wheatsheaf, which on Mothers' Day last year was far from welcoming to a small group of cyclists. Here is a link with details of the Jolly Tanners.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday 9th March 2014

20° highest temperature today! 

In 2013, the 20C mark was not passed until 14 April, according to weather service provider MeteoGroup. 
The 20C landmark was last reached on 8 October last year.

Kingston is to become "a mini-holland"........ 

Sunday, 9th March


After Lunch at the Good Intent
 Contemplation at the Watts Cemetery Chapel