Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday July 26

Summer still hasn't arrived and the Met Office forecast was spot on - six hours of steady rain so little traffic and few signs of Lycra. It was drizzly as I left home but by Runnymede the waterproofs weren't. Just seven (Irene, Alan, Ed, Graham, Pam, Paul, Vic) braved the conditions. David Leach(?) too came and went as our initial thought was "thus far and no further".

But by 11.30 an improvement persuaded us (not Alan) to carry on though not to Binfield: we settled for five miles and not a pub! After the usual back of Old Windsor we headed along the cycle path beside the A308. A few twists and turns through less salubrious parts of Windsor brought us to lunch at Wyevale Garden Centre Dedworth - crowded but prompt service.

On the restart we were greeted with more drizzle. The ride to Fifield was easy but as we turned east, we faced strengthening headwinds or crosswinds - Bray Marina, Eton boating lake, Datchet and Wraysbury. We were "too wet" for North's so we called it a day at Notcutts Laleham. Dry clothes were most welcome after only 50 miles door to door.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday 19 July

Garsons Farm - Knaphill - Ockham Bites


 Before leaving the garden centre, our numbers had swelled to a 'bakers dozen' !   Angie and Bob left to do their own thing whilst the rest of us headed into the wind for Weybridge, avoiding the High Street by using Portmore Park Road, on to the cycle path alongside the A317.  At Addlestone Moor we crossed over to pick up Green Lane, Bittams Lane, into Homewood Park leading us to Stonehill Road.   Gracious Pond Road next which took us to Burrowhill - straight over the crossroads to take a left turn into Ford Road - then a short ride along a rough path took us over the first ford!   Second ford was in Lovelands Lane and from there it wasn't far to the Garibaldi at Knaphill.      None of the group felt the need to actually cycle through the fords!! 


 Alan had waved us goodbye at Burrowhill which left 10 of us for lunch where we sat in the garden for it was such a lovely day which came as a surprise to me for I thought rain had been forecast!  


Once we had all eaten and drunk our fill we were off to the Basingstoke canal.   I left the canal at Sheerwater to take a shorter ride, (rather than go to West Byfleet), to Pyrford Road.   Lock Lane next, over the A3 at Wisley and onto Ockham Bites where ice creams, as well hot drinks and bites...were very welcome!


Good company and the weather all added up to a lovely trouble free day.    Tony did a grand job as back marker and Terry and Neil were there usual helpful selves!!!   In fact -thanks to everybody for keeping me in touch with all behind me!!


Cheers Pam :) :)


Sunday, 19 July

Garsons Farm - Knaphill - Ockham
The Pub at Knaphill
If you look very hard you might see the ford behind Pam

If you look very hard you might see Irene (Ed, get out of the way!)
As for that cheeky old codger behind Paul, I'm very tempted to drop a turd on his pate!

That's better!   

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday, 12 July

Gomshall - The Haven - Capel

The caprice of mobile technology struck today. My camera app was ousted by a rogue 'WhatsApp' camera app. The photos were there at lunchtime but not to be found when I got home and were invisible to Dropbox. Bring back the Kodak Box Brownie!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday July 12

It was damp and cool when Lilian, Jeff, Paul,Ed, Graham and I left Jordan's of Gomshall, and it didn't change very much all day. Our route was Burrows Cross, Little London and Farley Green to Winterfold Heath. Normally mountain bikers by the dozen are on this road, but not today. After a bumpy descent we soon joined the B2128 to Cranleigh, which we escaped by turning into Knowle Lane. We then enjoyed a nice, quiet run south to cross the A281 then via Tisman's Common back onto the A281, albeit briefly before turning south into Haven Road. Shortly we headed west to approach The Blue Ship from the west. (Approach from the west via bridleway and Gibbon's Mill not recommended). After placing our orders we sat outside under cover, but only briefly.

After a good lunch (a little slow service -- but we weren't in a great rush) we headed north to join the A281 before shortly turning off to Rudgwick. We followed the 'usual'route to Capel ie Cox Green and Ellen's Green but then some chose Oakwood Hill and potholed Weare Street (presumably to have a larger choice of cakes). Jeff and I rode via Walliswood, Standon Lane, Mole Street and Ockley - and there was still some cake left.

Less than fifty miles for me but all will have done much more.

Many thanks for your company.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Daniel Arthur & Helena Wedding 4 July 15

A regular with C&M finally got Wed on Sat, independence day! It was a very grand do with both sides of the families well represented. I was invited along with C&M, KPRC and Epsom CC members to sit on the cyclists table.

Go to KPRC Blog for more photo's.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 28

Conspiracy or C Cup?

Two months off the bike seems to have begat an embryonic inclination to conspiracy theorism. Is C&M trying to tell me something? After a warm welcome within sight of the red hot pokers of the Garden Centre and the still redolent embers of Clandon House, I enjoyed the somewhat damp company of the C&M as far as Guildford High Street. Here  not quite time enough to remove sunglasses and don waterproofs before the peloton was off for North Street. Baulked by red lights and traffic, I did briefly glimpse a luminescent Vic at the bottom of N.St. but that was my last contact with C&M for the day. An anti-clockwise circuit  in the face of horrendous Forces Day traffic got me to JDW.  After an obstacle course of one way traffic and endless barriers, I eventually found my way to the friendly A31 Farnham Rd, where I could cycle once again, even if the only way was up and parallel to the Mount. Down then past the Watts Gallery and up again to Puttenham Heath Road and the Good Intent in Puttenham. I thought I might be the last to arrive, but there were no bicycles.

After a damp wait I fished out the mobile to 'phone Ed and found a voicemail from him to say that the party was going to Hurtmore. This puzzled me as I was sure that Puttenham was the destination. Nonetheless I left a message for Ed (I had no idea that some form of code is necessary),  upped sticks and headed down to Hurtmore. It seems ill-endowed with taverns. I searched high and low but found no sign of cycling life. After another vain 'phone call, I responded to the call of home via Farncombe and Loseley Park.

On the +ve side, I did enjoy some unexpected hills and was not tempted by bacon rolls, beer  or carrot cake, so the calorie and cholesterol count was nil, though without the company of the phantom tiders of the C&M. My roll of Kodak film remained unexposed.

Jeff (Lone Rider)

Sunday June 28 2015

I mentioned Conan Doyle in last week's post and this week we had our very own "Adventure Of The Solitary Cyclist" (more of this later). With three octogenarians, this must ranked first among rides based on highest average age!

On the way to 11s there were plenty of signs and cyclists so at least two sportives. Clandon Park may have lost its no roof, windows, ceilings and floors but the hoardings are up and security guards are in situ so action is imminent . Just nine were gathered at the garden centre with Jeff and Andy making welcome returns. However Andy's stay was short lived - he was unwell. We needed an substitute leader - me.

The A25 saw the six into Guildford. Nothing in BBC's weather forecast had suggested that our passing shower would last from Merrow to Puttenham. So we donned waterproofs on the High Street  and then the fun started! AFAIK there is no east-west cycle route through Guildford centre so my plan was to use pedestrianised Friar Street to reach the town bridge. But that was scuppered when the trailing Vic turned right off North Street towards the bus station. So we advanced to the inner ring road and happily he spotted us. But of Jeff there was no trace. On the bridge Ed made the first of several calls through the day - it went through voicemail. Later on Ed did receive a voicemail but without the passcode, we were none the wiser!

We rode the Loseley road to Farncombe. Charterhouse school was out for summer and in Norney a first right led us through Shackleford and on to Puttenham. The Good Intent had plenty of room for the unbooked - another worrying sign of the times?

By two it was warm and sticky and time for some of Andy's promised roughstuff. The NDW got us to Watts Gallery and the uphill brought us to the start of the trackway. The Mount has been resurfaced so the town bridge soon hoved into view. And it's now possible to ride the cobbles without riding on the pavement - thank you Guildford council.

At lunch we agreed on a teastop change and were delighted to discover that the A3 cyclepath has been gardened. Not so its continuation from Ripley to Ockham Bites. At Vic's insistence we stopped for a second time to admire orchids (bee, in this instance). And did you know the entire building is privately owned by Ockham Bites? After a desultory teastop we went our various ways. Just 56 miles door to door.

No photos so here's a previous visit in 2009.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Paul's Central America video from Feb 2015

Paul Days Central America trip video Feb 2015

Lunch time view Sunday 21st June

Midsummer 2015

It's a couple of years since we headed this way and much has changed. By ten or thereabouts, seven had gathered in Wetherspoons. Leaving Bob behind in Astolat, we headed south to Shalford before quieter roads took over : Bramley, Hascombe, Dunfold and Durfold.

Black Down rears up after Shillinglee but fortunately our route lay along its side. The first change was the re-opened Lickfold Inn (which must hearten the new Top Gear presenter). But it marks the start of the "climb" (Bexleyhill). This year the score was 5-1 with only Dave S wobbling to the top without putting a foot down. The Duke Of Cumberland was bathed in sunshine as we disappear in its vast gardens.

Mindful of our newest octogenarian, we skipped the King Edward VII estate and its 247(!) new houses and apartments by heading north. Since my last visit Fernhurst has gained a one-way system. Seeing no obvious alternative I ignored the signs without consequence; apologies to anyone appalled  by my rule flouting. The standard route was rejoined for the climb to Linchmere. Paul punctured in Hammer Bottom leading to an unscheduled delay of thirty minutes. With the A3 now underground, Hindhead has been transformed with even the old Conan Doyle house (Undershaw) being redeveloped.

Lillian and Ed headed for Haslemere and an early train so just four started the last leg. I can't recall the last time we used Boundless Road so Brook Wormley and Enton Hall were new to most. Another sign of the time: Milford Hospital has sprouted a large housing estate. Terry peeled off in Godalming for Shalford whilst we took the Loseley to Guildford where my day ended. Dave and Paul were last seen tackling the cobbled High Street.

Only 45 miles but b****y hard. Pleasantly warm with plenty of cyclists well off route if they were doing the L2B.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Cycle Safety/HGV

Read more about it on the SWLDABlog. Picture below starts the story.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday, 14 June 2015

W. Horsley - Forest Green - Brockham
A rather mangy Parrot
though very smart inside
 The glorious beef put a smile on their faces (though not the prices)

 In full blossom

 At Brockham - sitting around, eating and drinking once again!

Sunday 14th June

On a cool, damp morning eight of us (including Jeff, welcome back to C and M after sickness, Jeff) set out from Squires, West Horsley, bound for The Parrot, Forest Green. We soon warmed up after ascending Shere Road, with a stop at the top to order 'Six roast beef sandwiches, please' at The Parrot. By turning into Chantry Lane, we avoided the centre of Shere, also chose to avoid the stream by using the footbridge and were able to admire the flourishing allotments. After the climb south we turned into Brook Lane thence via Farley Green (Shophouse Lane) to Smithwood Common Road and Amletts Lane to bypass Cranleigh. As we passed, the refurbished Park Hatch looked very smart but we pressed on to Ewhurst Green along Plough Lane to rejoion the B2127 to Forest Green. Here our pre-ordered sandwiches soon appeared and we were able to sit outside and enjoy them.

After lunch the weather brightened and warmed up a litttle, we followed the 'usual' route to Capel where we ignored the welcoming signs of 'Teas at the Church' - we were heading for Brockham. At Newdigate we turned right and shortly left into Church Lane, soon joining Parkgate Road, then via Parkgate and Shellwood Cross to Brockham. Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see Ruth and Rob already there with their choir friends, but, most importantly, there was still some cake left. After a leisurely tea break we crossed the golf course and after Pixham Lane I left my good companions at Denbie's roundabout. About forty six miles for me, d to d, but I expect others will have done more.


Monday, June 01, 2015

Sunday May 31 2015

Quite by chance all nine meet up in Stoke Poges before continuing to 11s. Thanks to a drizzle never heavy but penetrating, the cafe had few other customers. Alan headed back so the bunch was now:
Irene, Caroline, Janice, Lillian, Maureen, Pam plus Dave S and Graham.

We set off on an amended course: a quick tour of the Beeches, then south through Burnham, past Dorney Court and over the Thames to Bray. Our target was Moneyrow Green but the White Hart had a private party and the Jolly Gardener, a 45 minutes wait for food. So after drinks but feeling hungry we continued to Windsor, Datchet and Wraysbury and into Staines where three enjoyed tea and cakes at North's. Grey until five when blue/sun appeared - naturally we were home by then.

Thanks all for turning out on a miserable last day of May.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday May 31st 2015 - CHANGE OF LUNCH VENUE

I have decided to cut short ride as various people have shown concern about the distance to Dew Drop Inn. After 11s I will make my way to Maidenhead via Cliveden, lunch will hopefully be at The White Hart, Money Row Green, unfortunately no sandwiches but small portions on several meals. Afternoon tea will be at The North Cafe Staines.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday 24th May 2015

I arrived at Oaks Park with my sister Moira who was visiting from Canada in time for a coffee.  Just before 9 we were joined by Matt and a few minutes later by Dave.
The four of us  set off towards Woodmansterne before riding through Coulsdon and across Farthing Downs to Caterham.  This was followed by a quick descent of Burnwood Road and shortly after a not so quick ascent of the hill up to Woldingham Church. Then it was an easy downhill ride to our coffee stop in Westerham where Bob was waiting.
Dave and Bob left us there so three headed up Hosey Hill towards Chartwell then Four Elms and Bough Beech before turning onto country lanes passing through farmland and woods.
Then a climb - Bayleys Hill was the gentlest I could find to get us up to Stone Street although Moira wasn't convinced.  After that it was a gentlish ride through forested roads to our lunch stop at the Padwell Arms.
Matt headed off into Stone Street to find a picnic spot while Moira and I checked out the menu at the Padwell.  On the reconnaissance I chose the small portion of whitebait but was completely defeated.  Moira decided on a cheese and pickle sandwich this time so I chose that as well but had to leave the salad.  The Grumpy Old Git bitter is recommended. 
After lunch it was downhill to Seal then on to Kemsing to pick up the Pilgrim's Way.  A few miles of easy riding then a long slog up Starhill Road.  That put us on more or less the same level as Tatsfield so the remainder of the ride to tea went quickly.
The forecasted shower started while we were having our tea so we moved inside until it finished.  After tea a shortish climb up to the Croydon Road roundabout then downhill through Warlingham to Purley.  Moira and I turned off along Woodcote Valley Road leaving Matt carrying on towards Belmont.
In total about 57 miles.
From Dave S
Pictures here:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

17 May Staines - Littlewick Green - Runnymede

My ride to Staines seemed to have more headwind than expected but I consoled myself with the thought of being blown home later. Ten were already seated in The George when I arrived and a couple more arrived soon after including Peter on his first Sunday ride.

The nine heading for lunch were Vic, Ed, Tony, Paul, Peter, Graham, Ray Wren, Brian G and me. Alan joined us for the first part of  the route while Bob, Don and Dave W headed off for places various.

Departure was interupted by Tony rushing back to recover his helmet but we were soon heading for Egham via the level crossings. Through the backstreets we rode up Malt Hill to warm up the legs before crossing the A30 and up Middle Hill and Barley Mow Road. Then on to Savill Gardens where we entered Windsor Great Park and looped around to Ascot Gate.

Onward to Ascot Racecourse where we entered the centre by the tunnel and rode across to the A322 before cutting across to Forest Road and on to Winkfield Row. Turning right at Hayley Green, past Warfield church, through Moss End and then a mile of bridleway to reach the ford at Wesleymill.

Over the M4 on Drift Road we then headed north to White Waltham before passing west of the airfield on Butchers Lane before turning right at Orchard Farm and approaching Littlewick Green across the fields.

The sun was still shining when we reached The Cricketers so lunch was taken outside overlooking the cricket on the green. The roasts were very popular and by limiting myself to the still very generous "childs" portion I still found room for the treacle sponge and custard.

After lunch we continued across the fields and then around the east of the airfield and back to White Waltham. From there we headed south back to Drift Road for a three mile easterly straight blast. The wind was definitely behind us and good time was made. Heading north through Fifield and over the A308 we passed Bray Marina before crossing the Thames on the wooden bridge to reach Dorney Lake.

After cycling alongside the lake we used the Thames Path to Eton before crossing the old bridge to Windsor. The last hill of the day took us up past the castle and down the High Street before crossing the Long Walk, passing through Old Windsor, and along to tea at The Pleasure Ground in Runnymede.

Here six sat in the sun for a while before heading off home with the wind still behind most.

41.5 miles from 11s to tea.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday May 11 2015

Despite a lively breeze, the improving weather produced a fine crop of riders; many on a sportive (Staple Lane, Ranmore Common and much later Box Hill). Our group at Tillings was more select, just six (Pete B, Bob, David, Janice, Paul, and the author). What - no bacon sandwiches!

For Paul there was a family affair. The three whippets rode by way of Peaslake and Winterfold and a left beside Cranleigh school so bypassing the village itself. Whereas Bob and I separately opted for something less strenuous (for me Shamley Green and the Downslink).  Lunch was at the Park Hatch (note the change of name). And boy has it changed - gone the gloom, the foliage, the enormous portions and much of the garden including that shed! No sandwiches, not much under a tenner,  so fewer visits in future?

With Bob Guildford bound, four sampled the emergent cycle path between Cranleigh and Ewhurst where with time in hand, we checked out the "railway" house. After Walliswood, we added Friday Street (Ockley) and Vann Lake. By Capel they were still too quick for me so the Pilgrim Cycles rendezvous was reached via Newdigate (them), Holmwoods (me). It was warm enough to an alfresco tea where I was shocked to learn that none had heard of Nick Drake.

We'd not been in snapping mood so here's his (and his parents') gravestone taken on the 2005 Easter tour to Warwick and a sample of his music:

About 60 miles door to door.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

South Bucks CTC Ride Report

3rd May: Joint ride with South-West London CTC. A very wet start to the day, perhaps no surprise that only four  at the Holmer Green start – John and Sue I. plus Jack and JC; we were decidedly damp before we even reached Beaconsfield, John I. was wringing out his waterproof gloves and John C had modified the route to avoid the puddle-filled, muddy lanes. 

Even the bluebells looked droopy and forlorn  and it was an early arrival at the cafe in Burnham Beeches, still raining but not so heavy; coffee; more glove-wringing and then we welcomed Ken Bailey, Mac Crombie and David Winterburn, but we were even more pleased to see a line of cyclists coming up the path to the cafe. Nine riders from S-W London (covers an area from Richmond to Sutton, Cheam to Kingston-on-Thames) had met at Hampton Court , ridden via Feltham and Datchett to arrive at precisely 11.00 despite the rain. It was great to see Tony, Pam, Caroline and the others; more coffee and social chat. Some of us knew each other from CTC holidays or the 2014 Golden Beeches, when the arrangements for today’s joint ride had been made.

John & Sue, Mac and David had other commitments, so just three South Bucks and eight visitors departed for lunch at Aston. The weather forecasters had predicted the rain would stop late morning and so it did, as we left the cafe to pursue a route past Dropmore, Cliveden, Bourne End to Cookham Bridge. Cookham had some sort of Bank Holiday Arts-Fest with decorated streets and the Stanley Spencer Gallery open, but we had no time to stop, except to divest ourselves of damp tops as we pressed on to Winter Hill, down the zigzags into Marlow. We had intended to use the lanes through Bisham and Hurley, but the thought of more mud and puddles led to a change of plan and we rode past the Leisure Centre en route for the Hambleden Weir crossing. The Thames was in full spate and two canoeists were having great fun paddling against the surge. Onto lunch at the Flowerpot, sitting outside in full sun.

After lunch, the pace slowed to enable one of our visitors to catch up after a puncture; the route took us  past  Knowl Hill, White Waltham, Holyport and Bray to afternoon tea at Dorney Court, after which we went our separate ways. Home at 6.00, escaping some very heavy showers. A grand day out and many thanks to Tony Hopkins and his colleagues from South West London CTC

John Capell 

Monday, May 04, 2015

Sunday the 3 May

C&M and South Bucks joint ride.

For a change the weather forecast was spot on. Arriving at Hampton Court in a light drizzle just 2 were waiting but by the time to depart numbers had swollen. After setting off only a few miles were covered before we stopped to don waterproofs as the drizzle had turned to rain which continued on and off to 11's. 

Just after Bedfont Neal was spotted about 400 metres ahead and we hauled him in and onto Colnbrook where we picked up Pam. I had planned the route to 11's direct as possible and so this meant many roads uncycled by most of the group.

Arriving at 11's, Burham Beeches, we met South Bucks CTC already tucking into coffee and cake. Sadly as the weather still looked like rain most of the South Bucks contingent were heading home leaving just 3, John, Jack and Ken. Just before setting off Vic arrived to swell our numbers. John Capell from South Bucks had agreed to lead and Ken was nominated as back marker.

With few hills and the rain easing off we went through Cookham and down the zigzag, Quarry Wood Road, to Marlow for a comfort break. The onto the Henley to Mill end and across Hambleden weir where some very enthusiastic canoeists were performing stunts in the weir and then to lunch at the Flower pot Aston.

By now the Sun had come out and we all had our lunch in in the garden. The South Bucks group were keen to also join us for afternoon tea at Windsor farm shop. Just after lunch Neal punctured and told us to go on. On reaching White Waltham Ken had to leave us for his journey home.

As time was not on our side we decided to change venues to the nearer Dorney court GC for our tea. Just as we were about to sit down Neal arrived to join us. After saying our goodbyes to John and Jack we headed off in the direction of Staines and home.

Thanks to the 9 C&M who braved the Weather early on. It was great to hook up with South Bucks and a shame that the weather had kept many away. Many thanks to John Capell for leading a lovely ride and hopefully we can reciprocate a more Southerly route.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

Train assisted ride to Hampshire

As well as the hot, smelly, smoky, polluting (but wonderful!) unrebuilt West Country steam loco at Alton station, we also had ample time to study ALFI's efforts (Alton Local Food Initiative), one of which was this magnificent rhubarb crown. This led to a fascinating detailed description of rhubarb preparation and avoidance of possible pitfalls (thanks, Graham) - the general consensus was that rhubarb is best consumed in a crumble, accompanied by lashings of custard.


Sunday 26th April 2015

Someone at South West Trains has a sense of humour
Reading JT's letter to Terry
The Pub With No Name in literally the middle of nowhere

Spot Lilian?
Jane Austen's House
Steam loco "Wadebridge" taking on water at Alton

There was some confusion when arriving on the station concourse,because our train wasn't shown on the dot matrix information boards.
With the time ticking away,our train appeared as a "change of platform" announcement and we were soon on our way.........the 9.30am Surbiton to Bentley.
Terry joined us at Aldershot and a bit before 10.30am we were riding the quiet lanes to elevenses.
Not wanting to travel on the same road twice, I opted to go via Dockenfield,Frensham & Rushmoor then south to Hindhead on a long drag which seemed to go on forever.
That costly error of judgement was to creep up and bite me later in the day.
Paul having ridden down was about to give up hope when we eventually arrived at the NT cafe,Devils Punchbowl.
Naturally I was keen to keep it short and we were away at 12.20pm.
I'd phoned the pub with an order of food and was sure we'd be there at around 1.30pm.
We headed west to Whitehill on largely flatish roads until a climb past Bradshott Hall was to signify a change in terrain.
A fast descent through Empshott then a succession of three climbs one after the other slowed us considerably.
We were just west of Hawkley and approaching "The Pub With No Name",Priors was 2.10pm.
After taking lunch alfresco,I ventured into the pub to join Lilian,Terry & Ed.
Then began alot of head scratching.
It was clear to both Graham and myself that tea was quite possibly unachievable and the route in the afternoon didn't apppear to offer any easy options.
Trying to think quickly, I decided that we would head north to Alton along the main road and catch the train from there.
But not before taking tea at Jane Austen's House,Chawton.
As we chatted on the train homeward bound,reflecting on the day,I was satisfied that we'd had fun riding along beautifully quiet lanes in a picturesque part of Hampshire.
The weather could of been better, a cool overcast day but the train ride went without a hitch.
And Graham & myself have lots of ideas for future rides using the train.
So why not join us?

My route today:

PS to follow Terry's story..........
1.Chop rhubarb
2.Boil 40mls of water & 48g of sugar
3.Add 400g of Sainsbury's British rhubarb (other makes are available)
4.Return to boil
5.Simmer on medium heat until tender

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Info for train assisted this Sunday (26th)

The runs list is wrong for this Sunday........the train leaves Surbiton at 9.30am.
Please be at the station by 9.15am.
The ticket to Bentley without railcard is £13.20 but if you arrive in time, up to 3 can travel on my ticket for £8.70 return,
The train is direct calling at Woking - Brookwood  - Ash Vale - Aldershot - Farnham - Bentley and takes 50 minutes.
I intend to catch the 17.23 on the return arriving Surbiton  18.09 (46 mins).
I will have my phone turned on from 8am on Sunday :07852599362.
Latest weather:
Light rain shower,13 centigrade,westerly wind 11 mph.

Sunday 19th April 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

19 April Buckland - Walliswood - West Humble

As I arrived at The Jolly Farmers in Buckland I was greeted by a host of bikes lined up by the fence and more by the door. Worries about cycling alone were dispelled.

Inside the gathering throng had commandeered the largest table and were stoking up for the journey ahead. Pam, Irene and Alan arrived for a rare visit this far east but I failed to convince them all that my ride was short and flat. So they tarried, along with those with family duties, while nine of us set off towards Walliswood.

We headed west on the A25 briefly before turning left at Buckland church towards Betchworth. Sandy Lane brought us to Wonham Lane, Wonham Mill and south along Flanchford Road towards Leigh.

The roads were quiet, the sun was shining but there was still a chill to the wind.

Through Leigh we headed for Newdigate, approaching the church via Hogspudding Lane and Old School Lane. Kingsland, Trig Street and Misbrooks Green Road led us to Capel. Across the A24, and past Ockley Station we reached Weare Street.

Notwithstanding the road surface, this is a delightful lane and we stopped by the pond to visit the geese. However they seemed less than pleased to see us and we soon beat a hasty departure before blood was spilt.

Crossing the A29 and through Oakwoodhill we arrived at The Scarlett Arms in Walliswood just before 1.00.

Some used the rustic wooden bicycle rack while others thought better of it and made other arrangements. Inside a large table had been reserved for us in the back room. Most chose from the Starters section of the menu with "Bubble and Squeak with Smoked Salmon and a Fried Egg" a popular choice. I pushed the boat out and went for the full Sunday Roast Lamb.

Leaving about 2.20 we headed north to Forest Green and towards Holmbury St Mary. Andy wanted to ascend Tanhurst Lane to Coldharbour but couldn't find much support so we continued the gentler climb to Holmbury SM. Up Pasture Wood Road and down Hollow Lane brought us back to the A25.

This appeared a little bit quieter than usual but at the bottom of Coast Hill we turned into Balchins Lane to follow the cycle path around the back of Westcott. Briefly back onto the busy roads of Dorking, but with one final detour led by Terry where we cut across the railway and the vineyard to arrive at Pilgrim Cycles for tea.

A sunny spring ride in good company. Thanks for joining me.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Photos from Easter Sunday 2015

Here are some of my photos from my day off the bike in Sherborne.

Pageant Gardens

Country House

Sherborne Abbey

Sherborne Castle

Sherborne Old Castle ruins