Sunday, October 28, 2007

Info from the AGM

A big thanks to Ed for hosting the meeting again.

Simon's proposal of Colchester as the destination for the Easter Tour was accepted by the meeting, so that will be 3 night's B&B in somewhere in Colchester.

The question of somewhere to stay on the way there, and on the way back was mentioned.
If someone would like to come up with a suitable destination, depending on which way you want to go to get there (Lee Valley, or Epping Forest hostels being two possibilities) I am sure that something can be arranged - or do you all want to make your own plans/arrangements to get there and back?


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sunday 21st October 2007

Wow!!! fourteen riders at NC, it must be a special event.
Well actually just the normal hill climb weekend in Kent but I was taken aback with the turnout.
"Are we going to leave?" muttered one of the KP crowd "but it's only 8 minutes past", I said.
The route: Croham Valley, Featherbed Lane, Fickleshole, Beddlestead Lane then Pilgrims Way, Brasted & Ide Hill to Yorks Hill and a massive queue for 11's which Ed, Ian and myself felt the need to join.
As Pete has mentioned, the results can be found elsewhere.
Unsuprisingly, we all split up and the Fox and Hounds at Toys Hill was my destination joined by Andrew, Pete, Daphne, Keith, Mick & Ian.
Retracing back to White Lane, Titsey and Gary's defence of his joint win last year. (He lost)
I really liked the knowledgeable and drama inducing p.a man and the brioche as provided by the Bec ladies.
C & M members gaining a point not already mentioned (for what it's worth):
Steve, Ann, Jake, Pete & Lisa.
The weather all day was quite beautiful with barely a cloud in sight.

Bec hill climb

The Bec Hill climb winner full result and pictures on this link

Monday, October 22, 2007

Catford & Bec Hill Climbs

Catford & Bec Hill Climbs

Glorious weather and a fantastic day out by all. I trekked out on my own to York's Hill and there I met Andy and his merry band of men. Catford had 101 riders and Bec 95. The hills were alive with the sound of grunting and gasping and that was just the spectators. Lunch was partaken at Toys Hill. I was very grateful to Ian for sharing his Rolls (cotton wool jobs) and cheese with me as the pub only did cooked lunches. See photo.

Unfortunately for Gary (Dodd), his old Bec record was just beaten!
Mike Morley

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday 7th October 2007

There was an element of doubt that the NT tea rooms at Runnymede would be open, given it's proximity to the latest foot and mouth restrictions. After all, the surrounding countryside is currently out of bounds to all but residents.
I arrived to find leader Pete attending a puncture. Inside gaining a point: Jake, Neil G, Steve, Bob, Frank, Terry, John, Ed, Daphne & Stephanie.
With WGP off limits, Pete had to take an unconventional route through Windsor to join the B road (B3024) going west to lunch at The Beehive (White Waltham).
Arriving early (12:20) we seemed to have the pub to ourselves sitting outside enjoying the watery sunshine.
Pete & Lisa soon appeared swelling numbers to a dizzy 13.
Pete's insistance of changing the tea venue paid off as we enjoyed a pleasant stop at Shepperton Lock where Ann found us.
The subject of the annual dinner arose and it was disclosed by Steve that we were charged extra for drinks (in the hired room) compared to the saloon bar in the main pub.
Time for change I feel.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Burnham Beeches Cafe

A Picture of the recently opened cafe 'The Beeches'