Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Sunday.........28th February 2016

Due to a mix-up, The Pheasant at Buckland have told me they will be doing breakfasts from Sunday 6th March 2016.
NOT this Sunday as I had originally thought.
Although they will open at will be for tea/coffee only.
As folk arrive we may decide to move to Squires - Buckland instead if people so wish.

Sunday 21st February 2016

Eight at Poppy Cafe,Coulsdon.........a place I haven't visited for probably 20 years or so.
It's certainly in the same spot,overlooking Coulsdon Memorial Park.

The bacon sandwiches looked enticing but sadly my cappuccino wasn't up to my standard (too watery).
I will return no doubt.........I love the view over the park!
Leaving Jeff & Dave we straight away climbed Marlpit Lane to fork left past Coulsdon Common and a swift decent to Whyteleafe.
Across the A22 and the climb of Hillbury Road (B 270) to Warlingham.
Still going east to briefly join NCN 22 (the surfaced bit) past St Leonards church and north on Skid Hill Lane.
Right Sheepbarn Lane into Jewels Hill then the climb of Salt Box Hill.
Left onto the A233 past the Kings  Arms where an eagle eyed rider spotted Ian.
We took lunch in The Crown,Leaves Green.
The landlady offered sandwiches despite them not actually being available on a Sunday.........that's them sorted then I said to myself.
A direct route home for all through Selsdon and Purley past Oaks Park (no takers).

A mainly dull day with (very) occasional brightness pm.
Above 10 degrees.

Monday, February 15, 2016

CTC Tri-ennial Vets 100 Mile Ride

Every three years since 1928, the Cyclists’ Touring Club has organised a challenge ride for members over 50. As many of the Wayfarers would just about squeak over the age limit, on 15th June we will be organising a CTC Tri-Vets ride, starting and finishing at the Cricket Pavilion in Brockham. We will offer a 100 mile ride, which will qualify for the CTC Tri-Vets Badge, and we will offer a 100 km ride, for those who want a good day out but don’t fancy the full distance. We will also be offering a 50 km ride suitable for any member who chooses it. The shorter distance rides do not qualify for the badge.  Of course, if you’re lucky enough to look under 50, as the signs say in pubs, you can still ride 100 miles but you can’t have a badge. Something for the youngsters to look forward to.

All rides will be largely on the Surrey Cycleway, which is a network of pretty lanes with little traffic. It is not flat - Surrey isn’t - but it’s certainly not a hilly route, as none of Surrey’s famous hills is included. 

To earn your badge, which you will have to order from CTC at a cost of £4, you will need to complete your 100 miles in twelve hours. For many Wayfarers eight hours riding and an hour for stops will be plenty; some may choose a slower pace, some may choose a shorter distance. Every finisher, at every distance, will get a Finisher’s Certificate. 
Based on the Cricket Pavilion at Brockham, the first riders will leave at 0800. For each distance, there will be led rides of small groups, with the normal leader/back marker/corner marker arrangements. Times for these led rides are as follows:
0800:  100 miles, 12.5 mph
0830:  100 miles, 13.0 mph
0900:  100 miles, 13.5 mph
0930:  100 kms, 12.0 mph
1000:  100 kms, 12.5 mph
1030:  100 kms,  13.0 mph
1100:  50 kms,  10.0 mph
To join the event you do not have to participate in a led ride - you can ride by yourself, or with a couple of friends, if you prefer. There will be route cards and GPS files for those who want them. Every rider will have an Audax-style ‘Brevet Card’, that is stamped as proof of passage. This will serve as evidence for CTC Badge Claims, but it is not meant to be a rigorous thing. It’s a ride with friends and clubmates - claims are made on trust. 

As an illustration of how it works, here is the 100 mile route. It’s a figure of eight, almost all on the Cycleway, that starts at Brockham, returns to the Pavilion for lunch and then finishes there for tea and cakes. The 100 km and 50 km routes will be similar, taking shorter loops away from Brockham.
The Pavilion will be open from 0730, serving teas, coffees and biscuits to riders before they set off. Sandwich lunches will be available there from 1100 to 1500, with teas starting after that until the last rider is accounted for.

The rules are that twelve hours are allowed for the 100 mile ride. The first riders will leave at 0800, and the finish control will close at about 2030, depending on who’s still out on the course. It may be that for some, the finish control is one of the pubs on Brockham Green ...

The Wayfarers will charge £5 for the CTC Tri-vets ride, which is well below CTC’s recommended charge. For this you get teas and coffees, a sandwich lunch, cake at tea- time, a certificate, the organisation of the event and the use of the hall.
The event will be advertised on the CTC Web Site. As other CTC groups are doing, we plan to cap the number of riders at 80, as we can’t really cope with much more than that. Being close to London, the event may be very popular, so if you are interested you would be well advised to get your name on the list early. Speak to Simon, or drop him an email, to secure your place. 


St Valentines Day - The Herbert Wells Woking

14th of Feb...and 14 of us were ready to leave Squires for Woking at 14 minutes past eleven !!!! (more or less)!  It was the same route as planned for my 2015 lead to Horsell but this Sunday we diverted to Wetherspoons which was not such a bad choice, (Horsell pubs were fully booked), for we all sat together with no complaints about food and service.

OK....the route....towards Cobham station, River Lane (good surface), Downside, Horsley Road, The Drift, East Lane, Ripley Lane to Ripley where there had been a time trial that Mike had hoped to see one or two of the participants but it was all over when we passed the headquarters!  From there we passed Newark Abbey continuing to Maybury then via the canal towpath to Woking.

Alan and Richard had already gone their own way so twelve for lunch. After lunch Dave, Mike and Tony pushed on whilst the rest of us went to Addlestone via the towpath and New Haw.  Terry said goodbye at Byfleet; Nigel, Graham and Rachel - no tea - so five of us stopped at the Golden CafĂ© where we were invited to meander as long as we wished!

I must add that it was 14 miles from elevenses to is that for all the fourteens on the 14th???A very nice day, albeit very chilly - but NO rain!! My thanks to all for coming, particularly to Ray for taking photos and to Graham for back marking.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Sunday 14 February

Irene and I called into The Plough, Horsell today and was told 'no room at the inn' on Sunday - so plan to have lunch at Wetherspoons, Woking instead!   Not sure yet where we shall have tea? 

See you all at Stoke D'Abernon, on the way to lunch by 11.15 !?     Pam :)

Monday, February 08, 2016

Sunday 7 Feb 2016 C&M Lunch Angel

Hearty congratulations to Steve Gordon & Ann for all the arrangements, rides lead, sharing their new lovely  home with delicious home made cakes & aperitifs. The lunch was excellent  and shared by around 34 members (?).
Steve led the ride from North Cheam up through Nork Park and onto the pond at Walton on the Hill where Jeff, Dave and I joined.
The sun was shining as can be seen from the following photo.