Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday 29 December 2019

A mild and sunny morning saw a good crowd meet for elevenses at Stoke d'Abernon.  Sunday regulars Bob, Graham, Ed, Lilian, Maureen, Vic, Keith, Terry, Pam, Ray and me were joined by occasional Sunday rider Daniel, and by Grant, Neil,  Tim and Pat from the Wayfarers.

As our last group ride of 2019, this was always going to be more of a social occasion than a mile-bashing one, and, by popular demand, I chose a short, flat route across Bookham Common and through the back-doubles of Fetcham.   Vic, Ray, Graham, Neil, Keith, Terry and Daniel rode with me, while Pam who had found a flat tyre awaiting her on leaving elevenses, made her own way to lunch with Lillian and Maureen.   We all reached Leatherhead Wetherspoons, where Colin joined us, soon after noon, and were able to linger over lunch on what was more !

After lunch Ray, Pam, Vic and I headed towards home via Cobham while the others went their separate ways.   Everyone had plenty of time, I hope, to reach home before dark.

Many thanks to all, especially the Wayfarers contingent, for your company, and best wishes for a happy cycling New Year!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

How far did you go in 2019?

Annual Mileages 2019

Dear All,
As I said last year and as I now repeat almost verbatim, (yawn), old hands will know that, at this time of year, we request members to submit their mileage record for the past 12 months: that is, from 1st Jan to 31 Dec 2019. We keep an annual running total on the MWW blog under the tab 'mileage'. Perhaps you have never noticed it.

It is of personal, though sometimes perhaps sobering interest, to see one's annual and cumulative mileage and it is of value to the Group to be able to report how many miles our members have ridden.
Please therefore take the trouble to remind yourself to take note of your annual mileage for 2019 before the witching hour of 23.59.59 on 31 December and then to send it to me by whatever communication method you feel most comfortable with. Apologies to W. Churchill for ending that sentence with a preposition, up with which he would not put. Pigeon post or snail mail welcome.
Otherwise, a grubby piece of paper will suffice, if identifiable.
For the male and female member (those are at present still the only categories that we recognise), who clocks up the greatest annual mileage, your achievement will be recognised at our annual lunch. There will also be recognition for the member who has cycled more miles in 2018 than any other member, and for the greatest personal increase in mileage over the previous year.

Please note that entries will only be eligible for a prize from members who are regular riders with at least one section of the club. 
I look forward to receiving your mileage, however modest. It is most unlikely to be less than mine. Make the most of every opportunity to tuck in those extra few miles. You may be closer to that target than you realised.
Seasons greetings to all,

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2019 The Shortest Day

I'd promised the pub that we'd arrive around noon so the shortest day demanded the shortest (well almost) route of the year.

Wisely Bob had arrived early at Squires Upper Halliford. The rest faced long queues but nine were almost ready at 11 for more. After Shepperton station we turned left at the chip shop into Sheepwalk and right onto Chertsey Road. It was too fine a day to ignore the towpath so I turned right at the Kingfisher and waited. Unfortunately some continued over the bridge but quickly rejoined. The beach beside the Laleham campsite was under water and a full width puddle was our intro to the muddy towpath. There were plenty of walkers so progress was slow until Staines railway bridge where I switched to the roads thinking it would be quicker. Bt it wasn't! Once past Two Rivers the last three miles were stress free and only ten minutes late we arrived at an empty Perseverance.

After much discussion the ladies had soup, the men roasts. Following the Trencherman's example, Pat and Ray elected to share a rather small Christmas pudding, a source of great merriment.

After a visit to the "windmill" we headed north to Horton and Poyle. Kids were go-karting on the Junction 14 cycle path so we opted to stay on the bridleway only to discover a very muddy exit onto Horton Road!. We shed Pam, Gemma and later Dave and Daniel before continuing to Hanworth and Hampton Hill where our ways parted. After a quick wipe off we were off for a Christmas in Kings Lynn

The 9: GFH, Daniel Dave Gemma Pam Ray Simon Steve Vic

Monday, December 16, 2019


Fabulous.....A dry and bright morning for today's planned ride from our elevenses venue, Squires at Hersham with lunch at Pashas in Chobham.  Four of the folks gathered around our table joined me on the ride, Vic, Ed, Terry and Graham, whilst Lena, Maureen, Lilian, Bob, Tony and Dave Vine stayed for awhile or left with us for their preferred destinations.    

We started by turning left on Burwood Road, right right onto Seven Hills Road.  Left, left again to pick up my usual route to Weybridge via Ellesmere and Gower Roads, Weybridge station, down the hill, Heath Road, turning left to go along the canal taking our usual route into Addlestone and New Haw - where we joined the Basingstoke canal to Woking.  Along Brewery Road, through Horsell to  Carthouse Lane where a right into Castle Grove Road took us into Chobham for lunch - arriving approximately 12.45. 

A table had been set for us, including crackers!  After spending sometime reminiscing and talking of current affairs which makes the time fly by - we were on our way at two o'clock after receiving good service and enjoyable food.

It was doubtful anybody would be stopping for tea albeit it was agreed to stop in Addlestone if a tea stop was required.  Terry left us and returned to Dorking via the route we had arrived in Chobham whilst the rest of us traversed the well used route to Addlestone by taking the road towards Fairoaks Airport then turning into Old Chertsey Road, Stonehill Road, Green Lane to Addlestone High Street.  Ed was keen to keep going in the hopes of getting home before dark, Graham also, so Vic and I continued to our respective homes!

Thank you guys for joining me - not a long ride - made up for with good company and a fine day with plenty of sunshine! 

Cheers, Happy Xmas - Pam :) :)

Friday, December 13, 2019

Sunday 8th December. Ride to Brockham Green

A very good attendance at Squires Garden Centre at Stoke D'Abernon for elevenses. Seven of us made our way via Bookham and Effingham to the top of Ranmore Common where we turned left along the top. We then made our way down through the Denbies Wine Estate up Pixham lane and across the A25 to Punchbowl Lane and Root Hill Lane into the Royal Oak at Brockham Green. After lunch just three of us ventured up Little Switzerland to Headley Tea Room for a cream tea.

Unfortunately Ged suffered a broken chain just fifty yards from the tea room. Once the tea and cake had been consumed Julie the owner of the tea room very kindly gave me the use of her vehicle to convey Ged and bicycle down to Epsom where he could catch the train home. Three cheers for Julie.
Another very enjoyable day.


Sunday, 17 November - Holmbury St Mary

 A good attendance at Squires Garden Centre Stoke D'Abernon for elevenses, I think somewhere in the order of a dozen or so.
After coffee and buns six of us made our way over to Ranmore via Bookham and Effingham and onto The Royal Oak at Holmbury St Mary where we tucked into a piping hot bowl of soup and crusty bread followed by a glass of ale, very nice too.
After lunch we headed around the back of Leith Hill into Coldharbour and down into Dorking.
Lots of moaning from Ray about all the blooming hills, but that is Surrey for you.
Afternoon tea was abandoned due to shortage of daylight hours.
A most enjoyable ride.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 22 Change Of Venues

This is a short ride with the high point probably being one of the roads over the M25! We'll go out via Chertsey, Staines to Wraysbury and back via Stanwell Moor, Ashford, BP, Hanworth to Hampton Hill.

Lunch - Wraysbury The Perseverance

Table reserved; I said we'd arrive around noon as they have music on Sunday afternoons.

Tea -  Hampton Hill (Paws For Coffee or Thyme In The Park)

I don't anticipate many for tea with a choice of two almost adjacent cafes open until 1700. Probably I won't stop as (provisionally) I'm off to see you know who.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday 1 December 2019

A cold, but promising start and seven of us (me, Ed, Pam, Terry, Vic, Graham and Steve Duffin) toiled up the hill to Polesden Lacey for elevenses, dodging the heavy traffic already queuing to get into the car park.  Once refreshed all seven set off rather tentatively with me down Bagden Hill (there had been ice about earlier), then on towards Westhumble and Juniper Hall.  Ed then made his own way to lunch, while the rest of us continued to Epsom via Little Switzerland and Headley.  A brisk cold wind had got up, and it was disappointingly cloudy at times, but there were sunny spells when the scenery was at its best.

Vic left us before lunch, but Bob and Ann joined us at Wetherspoons, and Ed rejoined us, and we had a good natter over our meals before making our separate ways home.   Somehow I hadn't expected the overcast sky and light rain which quickly set in on the ride home, but at least it had stayed dry in the morning!   Thanks to all for your company,  to Pam for making the long trip from Egham, and to Steve for joining us (I think) for the first time on a Sunday.   We have welcomed many other Midweek Wayfarers into our fold over the years and they are always more than welcome!