Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ride Report - Sunday 28 Nov 2021 (Woodham & Windlesham)


It was the coldest start for some time and temperatures were not expected to rise much during the day, so it was not entirely surprising that only Simon, Graham, Keith, Pam and I were tempted out to elevenses at the Bourne Valley Garden Centre.    We have had better experiences at Bourne Valley GC, perhaps they were having a bad day!

When we eventually re-emerged it felt almost pleasant in the sunshine and shelter outside the garden centre, but the wind chill hit us as soon we set off for Windlesham (Keith made his own way home).   The stiff climb up to Row Town soon got us warmed up again, and we kept up a steady pace on yet another quirky route of mine!    The piece de resistance this time was a back roads route we have not ridden before between Bisley and Donkey Town.  I say 'roads' but one stretch turned out to be rather less than fully surfaced, although it was just about possible to avoid any mud.

We arrived at The Sun at Windlesham at 1.00 pm and spent a pleasant hour over lunch.  Then it was a straightforward route home towards Addlestone.   By now it was distinctly cooler and the first signs of dusk were appearing, so no one wanted to stop for tea and we all made our separate ways home from Stonehill.   Thanks to all for your company. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Plans for Sunday 28 November

Elevenses will be at the Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Woodham (as published), with lunch provisionally at The Sun, Windlesham.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Ride Report - Sunday 21 Nov 2021


Several of our regular riders were away today, but an elevenses meet at The Vineries, Effingham always seems to attract a good crowd, and today was no exception.   Bob, Ed, Terry, Robert, Keith, Graham, Richard and I met and had a good chat and got far too comfortable!   Unsurprisingly, my intention of setting off not later than 11.00 am wasn't fulfilled!   

When we did eventually venture back out into the open air, we were met with a blast of cold air, the lovely bright sunshine of earlier had vanished, and it was trying to rain!   Undeterred, Graham, Robert, Terry and I pressed on towards lunch at Woking, crossing Wisley Airfield on the way.   Keith rode with us for a bit and then set off for his own ride.   It did brighten up again on the way to lunch and the autumn leaves looked at their best.

Wetherspoons at Woking was busier than usual but we still managed to find a table and enjoyed lunches at the usual unbelievably low prices.   Service was a bit slower than it can be, but we were still on the road for home by 1.30 pm.   Terry rode his own way home and I left Graham and Robert in sunshine at Walton Bridge.  with plenty of time to get home before nightfall.

Thanks all for your company and to Graham for navigating us across Wisley Airfield.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Remembrance Sunday 2021

My hoped for early start was not to be as Robert was over from Canada to collect two cycle tops, an order placed with Pam over two years ago! He arrived around 1045 in Staines just as the crowds were assembling across the road from the George.

In contrast the crowds were dispersing as we rode through Datchet and Eton so little time was lost. The route was an obvious choice - a clockwise circuit of Slough(see map). There was plenty of autumnal colours on the western edge of Burnham Beeches but few other visitors. The en route lunch stop was the Fox and Pheasant just ahead of a small group of Uxbridge Loiterers who knew Tony. Here Dave left for home. Pinewood came next followed by the Ivers. We reversed last week's route past the sewage works and incinerator and into Colnbrook. Don't be surprised if more concrete blocks appear around junction 14 as the "bikers" were out in force. 

In Stanwell Moor Pam headed off south to inspect the "improved" Crooked Billet roundabout where the underpass has disappeared! Robert and I went southeast; our ways separating in Bushy Park. Home around four and after 60 miles.  So two points for me, Dave, Pam and Robert, one for Ed, Lillian and Tony.

The North West Frontier (Of Burnham Beeches) courtesy of Pam and Robert.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Sunday the 7th November



 3 for tea, or not

A new venue for 11's, or 10.30 departure now with the clock change, for C&M, the Sunrise cafe at Upper Haliford, very much like a golden cafe.

A reasonable turnout of Dave, Simon, Graham, Ed(but only to 11's), Mark, Gemma (Gemma's partner started out for 11's but punctured on his very brand new bike and had some issues so never made it) and Pam. A no frills ride to Bedfont and onto Colbrook and across the M4 on the Old Slade lane (new) bridge, although the gate on the South side is still locked, but there is a suitable get round.

On to Thorney and a left past Thorney golf club and off road next to the Colne Brook and the nice track over the Slough arm of the Grand union upto Little Brtiain lake, past Brunel Uni to Uxbridge and lunch at the Good Yarn, a Wetherspoons pub no less.


Service is always quick at Spoons and we were lucky enough to grab the only outside seating. After lunch Mark had decided to let the train take the strain home. The rest of us headed back past the Uni and past Hillingdon Hospital down to Sipson, Harlington and through Heathrow along the way Dave took his leave and soon after Pam and Gemma headed west while Simon, Graham and I decided to head for tea at the Adrian Hall garden centre, locking our bikes we took the Covid route round the store, probably adding half a mile to my Strava, only to find the cafe closed for refurbishment, so to the loos, no they were closed as well. But a nice member of staff on the tills lets use them, arghhh.

So no tea and we headed back to the roundabout by the old Jobs dairy where we parted company, I took the long way home from there to get my 40 miles in. A nice day on the bike apart from the headwind most of the way to lunch.



November 14 2020

As Dave has already announced this Sunday's ride will start at 1030 sharp! from The George Staines aka Wetherspoons. It'll be a clockwise circuit round Slough taking in Eton Wick, Burnham, Burnham Beeches, Fulmer and Iver.

For lunch my first thoughts were The Blackwood Arms or Jolly Woodman but as they're slightly off route The Fox and Pheasant might be a better choice. I don't expect to stop for tea but notionally it'll be The George.

BUT I'm conscious that we could encounter a memorial service around 1100 just about anywhere so an anticlockwise route and a start (Stanwell Moor, Poyle, Colnbrook and Iver) like last Sunday might be the best option. 


Plans for the Rest of November

Sunday 14 November - Elevenses at The George, Staines as planned.   Graham intends to lead us to Burnham Beeches area for a look at the autumn leaves.

Sunday 21 November - Elevenses at The Vineries Garden Centre, Effingham as planned.   At the time of writing there are no definite plans for lunch, but Brockham is a place in easy reach which we haven't visited for some time, unless there are any other suggestions?

Sunday 21 November - Elevenses at Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Woodham as planned.   As we haven't visited The Sun at Windlesham for several months, this would seem to be a likely lunch stop.

Ride Report - Sunday 7 November


Led by Tony, we had an excellent day out, and the weather was very good as well!   We met at The Sunrise Cafe, Upper Halliford,  a new venue for us, which proved to offer speedier service and a less crowded environment than other local garden centres!   Ed returned home after elevenses, but Tony, Mark, Graham, Simon, Pam, Gemma and I set off into the unknown!    Until Colnbrook it was relatively straightforward, but we then followed a maze of paths and tracks, crossed a newly-reopened bridge across the M4, and negotiated umpteen, fiendish 'metal-puzzle' stiles before ending up in a quiet alleyway just off Uxbridge High Street for a very enjoyable lunch!

On the way home we followed a cycle route and mainly quiet back roads to Heathrow where traffic was noticeably busier than it has been for months.   I left the group there soon after that as they set off down yet another mysterious path towards tea....

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Sunday the 7th November

This ride will be what should have taken place last Sunday. So, as the clocks have gone back and dusk is now just gone 5pm.

11's will change to a 10.30 departure from the Sunrise Cafe Upper Haliford, please be prompt and early if you require coffee, bacon butties etc. 

 Lunch will be at Wetherspoons Uxbridge and tea at the Pheasantry in Bushy park or by referendum on the day. Please bring LIGHTS just to be safe.