Sunday, January 31, 2016

31 January - Neil's Mystery Tour

All week the forecast for Sunday had been bad. Some days a little bit bad, some days dire. So when I woke today and it wasn't raining I thought we may be lucky.

But by the time I left home it was already raining. Not heavily but that light drizzly rain that hangs in the air and soaks you. I was certainly soaked and miserable by the time I got to Morrisons, Reigate.

However there were seven happy souls inside, drying out and eating and drinking. We took our time in the hope that the rain would abate but finally we had to leave with it still raining.

Bob, Mike and Dave W left for places various. Janice toyed with riding on but finally decided she was too wet and went home. That left a quartet of Lilian, Dave S, Jeff and me to cycle on to lunch. No-one had any appetite for a long ride so any thoughts of Tandridge were abandoned and we agreed to see how the weather went and make it up as we went along.

Heading south we took Lonesome Lane to Meath Green, then past Hookwood to Norwood Hill where The Fox Revived was closed, fenced off and looking very unloved. Whether it will ever be revived again remains to be seen.

We headed for Newdigate before turning north to Leigh. By this time the rain had finally relented and there were even brief glimpses of  blue sky and the sun! Zig-zagging to Brockham we then took the A25 and Pixham Lane to reach Pilgrim Cycles at Westhumble.

Whether this was lunch or afternoon tea no-one knew but we sat in front of the open fire, eat, drank, and discussed bikes and accessories. There was even a book about Frank Patterson with a copy of his drawing of "The Angel at Thames Ditton" on the cover.

See you there next week!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24 2106

Just on nine, Ed phoned with a p-fairy tale so four delayed for 15+ minutes allowing Neil also to join. The fairy must have been busy as we soon passed faster looking but stationary riders. We stayed north of the Thames to Walton Bridge then took NCN4 to Weybridge. As is often the case the Addlestone level crossing was closed. The leader was crossing the bridge when it reopened (much to his chagrin) after only a minute or so. Via Common Lane we inspected the New Haw viaduct (underside thereof) before continuing parallel to the canal to Scotland Bridge. Now south of the canal West Byfleet and Sheerwater led on to Maybury. From here we climbed through a more salubrious Woking before dropping down through Woking Park to the Kingfield stadium. And so after 20 miles and two hours the Mayford garden centre hoved into view.

Half a hour later Alan went one way and a dozen went t'other - over Pyle Hill, through Sutton Green and down to Jacob's Well. Just after passing Sutton Place on the A3, the p-fairy struck again. This  victim was Lillian so Ed's skills were called upon for a second time. After turning east at Burnt Common,  the farm road between Sussex and Jury farms meant just 100 feet of climbing separated us from lunch at the King William IV. Here Bob joined us. Most settled for starters but Neil's roast  appeared before he'd even taken his seat! An almost unaminous vote was for tea at Sainsburys Cobham which was reached via Ockham and Martyr's Green. Nine then spent a good hour setting the world to rights before heading home

After the recent cold snap, it was back to dull but very mild though we were treated to bright sunshine on the farm road. 50 miles door to door.

1 point  : Alan, Bob
2 points : Graham, Ed, Lillian, Neil, Paul, Tony, Irene, Pam, Vic, Terry, Dave, Ray

Post Christmas Lunch 7 Feb 2016 - Final Reminder

The Angel, Angel Rd, Thames Ditton KT7 0AU

Cost          : £10 for two courses:
Main          : Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Veg Risotto

Dessert     : Apple pie & custard, or Lemon Tart & Cream
Start time  : 12.30 in pub. Food served from 1.15 pm in function room.

Final date for payment is January 30th. Preferred payment is by bank transfer; email if you don't have Steve's details.

After paying, email Steve( with your choice.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Last call for mileages for 2015

If you haven't yet sent me your mileages for 2015, the sands of time are fast running out!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday the 17th Jan

A very cold and wet morning, a smattering of snow overnight left the roads slushy in places and the air temperature chilly. I got to Hampton court and still felt cold, Dave arrived just after me. We waited to just gone 9.00am and no other soul turned up. So off we set, Dave plumped for South of the river to Walton and in places the pace dropped due to slush on the roads. Wadebridge and onto the Golden Cafe at Addlestone. Dave said it was the shortest ride to 11's he had done. No one else had arrived, no surprises there! A nice hot coffee and I began to thaw out. Irene and Alan were next to turn their noses up at the cold weather shortly after followed by Pam and Vic. Tea/Coffee and plenty of chat followed and a debate as to the lunch destination. 

We soon departed and I took the easy route home with Alan. Roll on warmer Sundays. The rest off to lunch at..............


Sunday, January 17 - Part 2

Vic completes the spine-chilling tale:

On our coldest day this winter I muffled up and did the mile into Addlestone, hoping no-one else would turn up, but five hardy souls had braved the early snow so a ride was on. For Tony and Alan the ride out and back home was enough, so Dave had just Irene, Pam and Vic to lead on the ride to Windsor. After crossing Chobham Common, bleak at the best of times, the plan was amended and we descended to Valley End and Windlesham and the Sun Inn for thick hot soup in plates deep enough to lose the spoon in. Then back to the cold, Valley End again, Sparrow Row, Steep, Gracious Pond and Stonehills before dispersing at Holloway Hill for home with the  glow of achievement.


17 January, 2016

Only fools and Englishmen/women .....

When I opened the curtains and saw this the decision was easy, back to bed!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

A sunny ride to Wood End with a nip in the air

A cold Sunny Winters ride

Chilly but Sunny morning but a group of 5 (Ken, Janice, Ed, Rachel, and myself) left Hampton Court for 11's at Notcutts GC at Laleham. We arrived just on opening time with Irene arriving  just behind us. We were soon joined by Dave and Bob and eventually Graham, Vic and Jeff.  We left the GC just gone 11 and headed along the river to Chertsey bridge and through the outskirts and onto the Thorpe road and Virginia water. Just past the station and opposite a parade of shops we turned right through a private estate and a short off road section to bring us out at the top of Callow hill.

On into Englefield green and a shortcut through an alley to bring us onto Brays lane and into the Wick road. A right into Wick lane and onto Bishopsgate and a small clockwise loop before exiting the park at Cranbourne Gate and onto the Peanut roundabout and to lunch at the Rose & Crown, a table had been set for 8, I had pre-booked, and most had the soup. 

Service was fine and we left just before 2.00pm in glorious Sunshine. Back past the Loch Fyne restaurant and right into Sunninghill road, Mill lane and a left onto the London road to Virginia Water. A tea stop was not required as all wanted home in day light . From this point on  the group gradually dwindled down as people went their own way home, I said my goodbyes to Janice and Jeff, the last of the group, at Shepperton and got home in perfect daylight with a decent 54 miles under my belt. Thank you all for your company and a very pleasurable ride in, mostly, Sun.


Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

This fine quorum quickly unanimously decided that elevenses at Squires, West Horsley, was quite far enough due to the apparently unending precipitation.

Happy New Year to all.


Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year's Day 2016

Ed's (courtesy of Rachel)

Over time I recognised 20 or more faces at the Roehampton cafe in Richmond Park, a minority being C&M regulars. The outward ride from the Spring took the best part of two hours due to a puncture. And folks were still arriving as (and after) we departed in a rush to make up for lost time!

The return started with fifteen but shed several on a route taking in: White Lodge, Ham Gate, Kingston Barracks, Norbiton station, New and Old Malden. Thus Ed's was reached at 1300 and after ten miles but not by the route I'd intended. The usual feast awaited us and there was (and probably is) plenty left over for latecomers (of which there were many).

Once again thanks to Ed for his hospitality and to Maureen for her assistance. The regulars: Ed, Graham, Terry, Daniel, Rachel, Mike (2 points), Paul, Ken, Irene, Pam, Ray, Steve, Keith (1 point). Hope I haven't forgotten anyone in all the mayhem. Colder than of late and drizzle from 1500.

Friday, January 01, 2016

How far did you go in 2015?

Mileages for 2015

For those ladies and gentlemen of C&M who do not tune in to the MWW wavelength : your time is up!

The hooter has sounded and it is now too late to cram in those last miles for the period 1st January - 31st December 2015. Now is the time to reset your Cateye/Garmin to zero for 2016 and send me the result for the 12 months ending at midnight on 31 December 2015.

There will be a New Year's Honour for the Lady and Gentleman who, riding regularly with a Section of the DA, have pushed themselves further than the rest and for the member with the greatest increase in mileage over 2014.  These honours cannot be bought and are not for hacks or time-servers. They have to be earned. This is a true meritocracy.

Whatever the figure, please let me have your achievement to record on our Honours Board.

A Very Happy New Year to all.