Monday, June 29, 2020

June 28 2020 Before It's Too Late

Pleasantly warm, and the all day lively wind threatened much but delivered little until Old Malden when I was almost home.

I arrived at Claygate, neither first nor last, to discover no leader so volunteered my services. Among the other arrivals were Dave, Ed, Lillian, Pam, Ray, Simon, Terry, Tony, and most surprisingly Lisa and Mike M. Simon and Lisa had plans elsewhere.

I tried but a marked lack of interest in Claygate's attractions (two Edward VIII pillarboaxes, a horse's head balanced on its nose)  meant the first three miles were more or less offroad. We were soon well spread out starting in New Road. Before lockdown it was rare to meet or see anyone in Prince's Coverts not anymore! Nobody cared for Jessop's Well so onward we rode to the Star. A busy A243  was followed to the M25, Leatherhead's station and leisure centre. By now Ed, Pam and Tony were away which left six.

The A24 led to Pixham Lne, and the Coach Road to Brockham. Glancing at the watch I noticed it was already 1240 so we headed up Root Hill and down to the all services Henfold Lakes. With just one other cycling group, there were plenty of empty benches for lunch. Refreshed we headed back to Dorking. I've no idea what was happening on the A24; gawkers watched over by three patrol cars and one police motorbike. By Leatherhead I was on my own so Ashtead Common, Horton Park and Bonesgate stream saw me pass. Just under 45 miles door to door.

PS For those in the conversation at Claygate: In the 90s Bob devised eight routes for inclusion in the Goldeneye Sussex and South Surrey map, one of a dozen or more covering areas of England. The maps still seem to be available. I've no idea if Bob's contribution is in the latest edition       

Photos from Ride on 28 June 2020 (Claygate & Henfold)

Good to see so many at elevenses (including Lisa and Mike), and thanks to Graham for a good ride. Pity it once again rained just as I was getting near to home, which seems to be the new norm for club rides!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Plans for Sunday 28 June 2020

Our experimental meeting place this week will be Claygate Recreation Ground.  The entrance from Dalmore Avenue, off Hare Lane, is a short distance from the local shops (The Parade), where there are no less than four coffee shops/cafes  and a bakers in a very short distance!  Hopefully, at least one will be open on Sunday morning.

The other entrance to the rec, from Church Road, has public toilets (open).

I suggest we gather somewhere near the Dalmore Avenue (cricket pavilion) entrance to avoid spilling too much coffee!   An obvious start to our onward route will be to exit via the Church Rd gate then head off via New Road and Princes Coverts towards Leatherhead.   Any ideas for an eventual lunch stop/offers to lead more than welcome, otherwise I expect we'll think of something!

Monday, June 22, 2020

July 21 2020 Sitting In The Park

Midsummer Day didn't start well with rain from 6 to 8 but later on there was plenty of sunshine as compensation. There were nine at Weybridge (G, Dave, Ed, Lilian, Pam, Ray, Simon, Terry and Tony). Simon and Terry had other plans and Dave volunteered to be a distant back marker solving any grouping problems.

There was nothing elaborate about the route: Addlestone, Liberty Lane bridge and its new and much heightened anti-vandal fence, Brox Road. the A320 cyclepath to Woking and the canal to Pirbright. We paused at the McLaren sign so (1) Lilian could snap it (2) Tony could replace a lost shoe cleat and (3) I could search in vain for a (nonexistent according to OpenStreetMap) path into the Park. However two unsigned paths show promise.

To my horror Pirbright was a sea of humanity - a sight which was to be repeated elsewhere eg Woking Park and Gigs Hill Green. But the green is vast and was mostly dry and The Cricketers was doing good business but not from us. Dave left us when we headed south to Fox Corner, Mayford and the Leisure Centre where toilets were much appreciated. Finally Sheerwater, West Byfleet and past Vic's brought us back to our outward path where we went our separate ways. Just under 50 miles door to door.

Link to GPX file of Woking toilets in case you need to visit.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Tomorrow's Ride

Currently it looks like we'll escape the rain tomorrow but just in case the course will feature a lot of Woking!

AFAIK there's no facility at Pirbright but below are a dozen alternatives taken from the council's website.

Queen Elizabeth Gardens High Street Horsell
Wheatsheaf Recreation Ground Chobham Road Horsell
High Street Knaphill near to junction with Anchor Hill
Waterers Park Anchor Hill Knaphill
St Johns Lye St Johns near to car park
Sheerwater Recreation Ground Blackmore Crescent
Woking Park Kingfield Road at rear of Pool in the Park
High Road Byfleet (near to junction with Hopfield Avenue
Lavender Park Road, West Byfleet (near to junction with Parvis Road)
Victoria Way Car Park Woking town centre
Heathside Car Park Heathside Crescent
Lock Way Woking

Friday, June 19, 2020

Sunday 21 June 2020 - Plan

Sunday's ride will depart from Churchfields Recreation Ground, Weybridge (behind the day centre).  There are public toilets (open) on site, and plenty of coffee shops open for take-aways in the High Street nearby.

Graham will has very kindly offered to lead us to Pirbright, where The Cricketers has recently been refurbished as a pub and cafe (which we hope to find open).    It's still advisable to bring your own refreshments, however.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

14 June 2020 - Cobham & Guildford

Nine of us gathered at Leg O'Mutton Field, Cobham for elevenses.   Not the best of venues for seating, but there is plenty of space, toilets across the road, and a couple of coffee shops open a short walk away.   As we enjoyed our refreshments a steady, human tide of cyclists passed in both directions along the road behind us.

Maureen, Pam and Lynda and Christina returned home, leaving Simon, Graham, Terry, Lilian and me to continue to Guildford.   Mindful of the large numbers out and about on two wheels, we took a quiet, flattish route with a couple of long stretches of off-road, way off the beat of the segment chasers!   Terry punctured at the start of one of these tracks and we left him planning to fix the flat then ride straight home.  Lunch was at Stoke Park, Guildford.   Toilets were open and good, but the 'refreshment kiosk' tantalisingly promised by Google did not materialise!   Never mind, we had come prepared!

We took the standard route back to Ripley, hoping to find Pinnocks open.   Alas it was not, although the car park toilets were, and we had passed an open refreshment stall at Luff's farm shop near The
Jovial Sailor, where we had been tempted to stop, and which is noted for future reference!    At the A3 junction the others headed for Ockham Bites (photo courtesy of Simon), while I headed for Wisley and home, noting as I passed the Wisley RHS gardens that they have now re-opened for pre-booked visits.   It looked a bit busy, so a check on whether the cafe and toilets are also back in service will have to wait!

Next week's ride will be from Churchfields Rec, Weybridge.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sunday 14 June 2020

Sunday's ride will convene at Leg of Mutton Rec, Cobham (west side of Downside Bridge Rd, across the road from the car park and RBL).  Toilets are available across the road, by the RBL, and take-away drinks are a short walk away in the High St.

The provisional lunch stop is Shalford Park, Guildford.   There are toilets there, but no handy cafe, so far as I know, so bring your own lunch.   If you have a better idea, I'm always open to suggestions!    (There is apparently a refreshment kiosk in Stoke Park, Guildford, and the park has toilets also.  I'm happy to change to this as a lunch stop if you prefer, but I haven't tried it myself).


Monday, June 08, 2020

Elevenses at Walton Bridge

Keeping our distances

June 7 2020 Starting All Over Again

To "But what if there's less than two metres?", we can now add "but what if 6+ turn up?".  Answers cannot be expected soon! It was the best of times, it was the worst of time. The best was a group ride, the first since March 15. The worst, the obvious:  no shelter, no toilets, no fitness, and no short term solutions. Fortunately it was summer, cooler than recently so no seas of sun worshipers.

I wasn't surprised when nine arrived which I assigned to two imaginary groups using my version of a Chinese wall. Five (Graham, Dave, Ed, Pam and Tony) opted to continue whereas four (Maureen, Ray, Simon, Terry) headed home.

The short circular ride was : Nutty Lane, Ashford, Stanwell Moor(large group in breach of the rules), Wraysbury (seats so much better than damp grass!), Staines and Shepperton (take away in rain).

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

C & M are back...

Hooray, C & M Sunday rides will begin again from Sunday 7 June!   The meeting place on that day will be Walton Bridge (Cowey Sale).   Please keep in groups of no more than six at the meeting place and remain two metres apart within groups, with groups well separated.   It is advisable to bring your own refreshments. 

Wraysbury Green has been tentatively suggested as the lunch stop for an onward ride on Sunday for any who wish to continue.   We will ride in groups of no more than six with separate leaders, keeping ten metres apart within groups where possible.   Groups will set off separately, either taking different routes or else leaving a ten minute gap.   Again bring your own refreshments, if required.

We will be developing our own, detailed guidance for rides under the new regime, but, for now, the Midweek Wayfarers' blog has much more detail about the protocols to follow.   As we in the C & M have much smaller numbers and less complex rides, I do not think we will be posting routes in advance, or formally booking places in groups.

Rides programme from 14 June onwards available in due course.

I look forward to seeing you again soon!