Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday 31st May 2009

On the way to Occasionally Yours,I spotted "SKS Camping" on the A22.I wasn't interested in the tents but the advertised coffee shop appeared suitable for a future 11's stop.
It was Ed's annual jaunt to Horsted Keynes with Pam,Brian G,John G,Keith,Steve,and myself in tow.Returnees included Terry & Alan.
After the environs of East Grinstead,the lanes were a delight,past Saint Hill's Church of Scientology and the slow climb to Tyes Cross.
After a suggestion by yours truly,we continued south downhill to a bridleway past Broadhurst Manor and fishing lakes to the church at HK.
The Green Man was busy with a large walking group so some had a 25 min wait,while others sat across the road,watching the swifts screeching overhead.(Pint of OS - 40p)
My intention was to take a movie of the 14.20 from HK - Kingscote.Don't forget to turn your speakers on!
Tea was at Haskins,Domewood.A gargantuan "garden centre" west of Felbridge.
Evening drink was at The White Hart,Chipstead.........thanks Ed.

Sunny and warm.........76 miles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday 24th May 2009

The regulars returned this week to be joined by "old" friends Pete & Daphne and new member Lawrence Ying from Tooting.
A bog-standard route to Leatherhead where Andrew made contact with the tarmac and Daphne did the first aid stuff. Simon L kindly escorted the shaken rider home and we continued to Clandon Park Garden Centre but not before a narrow escape when a motorist decided to pass so close as to cause my handlebars to be knocked by his chassis.
A plethora of cyclists were enjoying the sunshine but on leaving we were down to 9. My decision to take the "private" road to Merrow was misjudged as two gates had to be negotiated (see pic).
It was across the golf course to One tree Hill Road and the NDW to Pewley Down. Across the River Wey, Ferry Lane, Littleton to The Cricketers, Farncombe.
According to BITE, Hurtmore's Squirrel closed unexpectedly last November and hasn't been open since.
A fine Fullers pub (I picked), pint of squash - 70p. Up to double figures now thanks to Bob and MM.
Off by 13:55 and the climb known as Holloway Hill. The reward was the delightful descent from Busbridge to Thorncombe Street where Pam overtook me.....weeeeeeeeee!
Slow climb to the top again and the road drops down to Gate Street Farm and the little used road that comes out on the A281.
Whilst we regrouped at the top of Farley Heath I dropped a bombshell....................Capel was clearly a cake too far on this hottest day of the year. Most appeared reticent on the management decision as Abinger is a poor substitute (not enough seating and pricey).
However, Shere's Antique and Collectors fair in the village hall came to our rescue and we were all smiles after homemade cake and cup of tea - £1.80.

Very warm, first time in shorts this year.
Ripley's summer cycle jumble - Saturday 20th June............thanks to Pam for info.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday 17 May 09

The Green Dragon, Flaunden
Ride Leader Richard with pint of ESB - and Rides Sec Andy with price list

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 17th May 2009

Those waiting for a "eventful" ride report will be disappointed as Richard appears trying very hard to shake off his capricious reputation.
This time, I together with Jeff and Stephanie were thankful for his delayed start as we all arrived well after the 8:30 start.
It was already raining when we set off due north, St Margarets, Osterley Park and the GUC as far as Hayes.
It was at this point I observed a worrying bulge in my front tyre.
Within half an hour and an ear blasting blowout I was forced to, with the help of Ed, attempt a emergency repair to an an already knackered front tyre.
Halfords was found and soon we were all happy again. Denham Visitors Centre couldn't come sooner as by now we were wet/hungry/cold/thirsty (delete or add as required).
Bob was there, together with Alan & Pam.
Richard was keen to get going which on reflection, was a good sign so we became six (Richard, Pam, Stephanie, Ed, Jeff, Dave W and myself).
He chose the GUC to Harefield which to be honest I didn't enjoy in the wet conditions. Things improved from West Hyde and the lanes to Little Chalfont passing a nice looking Freehouse at Chenies. Up a BGH and onto the Luton OS and lunch (Green Dragon-Flaunden).
A walkers pub on account of the boots filled with flowers (see pic), good well priced food - £3.95 sandwich inc crisps and salad.
Richard called time and we were off by 14:10.
The ride to Black Park (no shelter at BB) was notable because of a nasty bit of road rage by a frustrated driver who got impatient stuck behind our snaking line down a narrow lane. I really thought he was going to knock my block off but he somehow composed himself and sped off clearly very angry....... ......and all because I dare knock on his car door to let him know how close he was.
We were outside at Black Park (cafe renovations) tea - £1.20 (paper cup).
Jeff punctured on the lane to Colnbrook and Richard surrended his ride at Hampton..... .....something about a church service.

Just short of 80 miles, 11 hours door to door and sunshine at a premium.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday 10th May 2009

From Keith:

I was running a little late & just made it to the start as the group were leaving!
We headed out to Henfold via Headley, Pebblecombe, Brockham with a bit of off-road from Shellwood Manor to Blackbrook Pond.
The group had just about doubled in size by the time we set off for Nuthurst via Rusper, Colgate & Mannings Heath. Unfortunately Andy managed to break his inner chain ring on the short steep climb from Henfold so had a tough day climbing the rest of the hills on his big ring.
After lunch an off road shortcut was agreed, which proved to be a pleasant excursion though there was no clear right of way shown on the map.
Tea and cakes at Capel where we met up with Bob & Les (Starey) and Mike Morley (who also managed to put in an appearance at Henfold).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday 10 May 09

At The Black Horse, Nuthurst
eBay bargain. With legs like these, who needs a small chainring anyway?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday 3rd May 2009

Lands End CharvilOnly six were at the start with Richard catching up before Hampton Court. Naturally we could have followed the A308 to 11s but didnt! Turning off at the waterworks we headed along the river to Chertsey and then onto Thorpe. After discovering what lay at the end of Clockhouse Lane East (a footpath), Prune Hill provided a route to the Park which was entered near Savill Gardens. From the Ranger's Gate the descent of NCN 4 and a tour of Windsor's suburbs delivered us back onto the A308 opposite Squires Garden Centre. The earlycomers had nabbed inside tables but the terrace was by now bathed in sunshine after a cloudy start. Surprisingly on the restart Don and David W were in the bunch (surely some sort of record?). We headed for and along the Drift Road into a steady westerly which was to persist all day. After passing a boarded up Royal Oak in Shurlock Row we veered southwest into Hurst and northwest to The Land's End at Charvil. Despite my warning, four tested the ford and got wet feet. Already wringing out his socks was Pete Matthews. The food was quite expensive at a pub with signs for every eventuality (ignored by Richard munching on a supermarket pack).Ford at Charvil
Conversation turned to twitching as first red kite then heron and swift glided past to a background of Brunel's GWR. On the return only David W (again) and Pam (bare feet) used the ford with the usual result; the wimps once again took to the fields. Those familiar with Dinton Pastures rides would recognised the return via Billingbear, Binfield FC, Moss End and Nuptown to Maiden's Green. This time we entered the Park at Forest Gate and exited at Bishopgate before Tite Hill delivered us into Egham for an impromptu alfresco session at Pam's. Just over 65 miles door to door