Monday, October 31, 2016

Lamb Inn, Lambs Green

Six happy eaters


Upside-up leader Neil with upside-down pudding 


Four horsepower vehicle outside The Lamb 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

30 October. Buckland - Lamb's Green - Denbies

Despite the misty morning and the allure of another Squires Garden Centre further west, ten made it to Buckland. From Bob, who arrived so early he had time for an extra coffee in The Pheasant before moving on to the Garden Centre, through to Graham who arrived just as we were leaving with claims that Buckland had been moved further from Kingston.

We had to start with a short climb along a very busy A25 but soon turned across Reigate Heath, through Trumpets Hill and over to Doversgreen to reach Lonesome Lane. Turning right in Meath Green we crossed back over the A217 to go via Norwood Hill, Charlwood and Ifield Green before heading west towards Lamb's Green.

We had left Bob and Maureen in Buckland, Graham had left us en route to Lamb's Green, and Janice left us as we arrived at The Lamb. Leaving Lilian, Rachel, Ed, Terry, Jeff and me to have a very pleasant lunch in a proper country pub. The majority went for small roasts but I did also manage a pineapple upside-down cake and custard to fuel up for the return journey.

While lunching, four horse-drawn carriages arrived at the pub for what appears to have been a Halloween pubcrawl with riders in various fancy dress. Hopefully others will be providing the photographic evidence.

The afternoon's route was more direct, taking us through Rusper and Newdigate and down Root Hill to Brockham. Here we admired the large bonfire, almost ready for next weekend, before heading on to Denbies for tea and cake as the sun went down.

Lambs Green

The Lamb Inn
Should be called the Nags' Head. Batman seems to have flown

Notice for 2016 AGM

The AGM for CTC South West London will commence at 11:00 in the Hersham Amenity Hall on Wednesday 9th November.

Signing in sheets will circulate once you are sitting down. The Agenda, Minutes of the 2015 AGM, Treasurer's Report and our Annual Report will be available for you to read.

Please be considerate about where you park your bikes.

Tim Court

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunday the 30th October

Dave is organising a second ride this Sunday, 11's  at Squires West Horsley then the Sun pub at Windlesham for Lunch.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Cheam and Morden 23rd October...

                           The Wheatsheaf, Woking

                                    Photo by Maureen

Claygate to Woking to Addlestone 23rd October

A new venue for me, Capitol Café in Claygate. The staff were very patient for we almost filled the café!  Bob, Alan and Graham, (testing his injury from previous week),  returned or did their own thing.  Irene, Rachel, Lilian, Maureen, Ed, Mick, Dave W. Brian, Simon (was that a first with the C+M?), and Ray W.  Terry met us at lunch as he had only returned from his holiday 11pm night before!  All this information for your records Jeff!

Bright and sunny after the morning mist with a cool breeze.  We headed for Church Rd which led us to the path, named New Road to Fairoak Lane. We turned right to Princess Drive (which I almost missed), Birds Hill Ride, straight over A244 down to Stoke D'Abernon where I almost missed a right turn but fortunately there was a service road which helped get me back on track! The track being River Lane to Downside Common. From here we followed well known lanes to Ripley, Pyrford, then to Sheerwater to ride along the canal to Woking where our lunch stop, The Wheatsheaf pub is just up on the left in Chobham Road.

Our table was set, the food was very good as was the service - a must for another visit :)

Some weeks ago a Wednesday ride had passed The Plough, Horsell and news got back to me that there had been a fire at the pub (17th July according to the web), hence another pub had to be found in the area for my ride.   As I was curious to see the pub and what was going on, our return went past it.  It is completely shrouded in plastic and I only hope it will be back in business soon.

I had thought of tea at Walton Bridge but as there was quite a chill in the air we all favoured the Golden Café, Addlestone.  Our route from Horsell was almost direct to tea........Philpot Lane, Old Chertsey Road, Stonehill Road where I thought I would - maybe - introduce Homewood Park to one or two in the group.  Arriving at the café we saw it shut at three and it was now just approaching that hour...but... due to the kindness/thoughtfulness/common sense...of the staff, we were invited in to have our tea etc.

Many thanks to all who were out, special thanks to Rachel for back marking and those who kindly cornered. Also thank you Maureen for taking the photo -  a most enjoyable day - Cheers, Pam.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 16 2016 - The case of the missing leader

Many apologies to any who reached the Vineries expecting a leader. During rain that fell near Malden Rushett, I managed to skid on something slippery; result:- a posterior dislocation of  my right shoulder for the third time and  "rouging" of my upper lip.

And it doesn't stop there: Wednesday sees my first physio session. And my slow heart rate requires a chat with my GP.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday 2nd October

                               80% of today's ride at The Sussex Oak

Fortunately today's forecast was good, roads had mostly dried out from yesterday giving fine, if rather cool riding conditions. After leaving Jordan's caravans and noting the extensive (and expensive?) new footbridge at Gomshall station we briefly headed west on the A25 before turning left into Goose Green. Peaslake was soon reached via Burrows Lane, Jesses Lane and Pond Lane. A pleasant run then to Ewhurst via Ewhurst and Peaslake Roads, then south eastish to Rowhook, crossing the A29 onto the one-way stretch of Rowhook Road. This led to the A281 which we left at the first opportunity, turning into Strood Lane and shortly arriving at Warnham.

Catering at The Sussex Oak was up to its usual high standard, and after a very leisurely lunch we followed the 'usual' route to Capel, noting the former café at Langhurstwood Road has been replaced by Max's Diner (ie Jo Jo's is now a no no). The choice of cakes at Capel, as usual, was huge - it's always difficult making a decision there. After another leisurely break we headed home, having enjoyed mostly quiet roads, pleasant scenery and good company.  Thanks all.

Attendees were: elevens only - Janice, Irene, Pam, David, Donald, Keith, Vic and Alan.
Full day - Lilian, Jeff, Ed, Graham, Terry.