Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where We Went On Our Easter Holiday

More Or Less!

More Lechlade Easter Pics

You may wonder why Steve was seen stalking on all fours in a Cotswold meadow? Yes you have guessed it he was looking for his Fritillary! Meanwhile Jake and Ian were expressing much happiness after a great weekend made even better by the fantastic weather and the view of the Thames from the towpath opposite our hotel was idyllic.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Lechlade

Most of the Easter group out side The New Inn where we stayed for 3 nights
picture from Pam

Easter Pics

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, 24 April

Burnham Beeches and Hedgerley
The Alternative Ride

After 35 miles of solo sweat and grunt, I arrived at Burnham Beeches just in time for Bob to tell me: "You've missed them". Never mind. It is only a couple of miles from 11's to lunch at Hedgerley. I'll have a cake and cuppa and see them at the White Horse - or shall I? No sign of them! They must have gone elsewhere. Time to see the parish church, then a gentle spin for an early tea back home. I wonder where they went.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, 17 April

Brooklands - Er? - Ripley

Today, machine took over from man and decided where we should go. Windlesham? Computer say: 'No'. Paul, who understands these things, will explain in his report. Suffice it to say that we were magnetically drawn to cycling's Pole Star, the Anchor at Ripley.

Today's ride went well....for a few miles. Steph, Geoffrey, Jeff, Don, Dave, Graham, John G and myself left Tesco Brooklands and headed up to Addlestone, then on to Ottershaw and into Chobham as planned. My Satnav then decided to try and help me by ignoring the route I had loaded and directing me in the wrong direction and away from Windlesham and the planned route to lunch. This, with a helping of dodgy map reading, sent us down to Woking and followed my planned afternoon route, which would have taken us to Ockham Bites. I didn't realise that I had taken a wrong turn until it was far too late, by which time Don and Dave had decided to follow a different compass heading. When I finally did stop, we were very close to the Anchor, so we lunched there.

When I create the routes in Memory Map and load them into my Satnav, if the route does not line up with the road exactly, it tries to take a different route, which I normally ignore. Lesson learned. Be more careful in creating my routes and do not just follow what it says. This is the first time this has happened and hopefully the last!


Note from Jeff:
Another supermarket café to tick off today: Brooklands Tesco Extra. Even Barnes Wallis would have got lost in a hangar that size! A shock for Terry on arrival - bumbag missing. Retrace cycle tracks back home to Effingham - no sign. But a call to Mrs L solved all: bag (with mobile) had been found in Byfleet by a good Samaritan and was reclaimed later with all present and correct. Three cheers!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday, 10 April

Gomshall - Rudgwick & Buck's Green - Tanhurst Farm

Sunday April 10 2011

Evidence (daffs, bluebells, lambs) that spring had arrived was all around on a glorious sunny day; its warmth gently tempered by a visit from Eurus or maybe Kaikias.

We took the (Epsom/Ashtead) Commons route. Descending level crossing gates forced us south but there was no delay when the trains crossed just as we reached the foot crossing. Familiar ways (the Bookhams, Dirtham Lane, etc) brought us the top of Coombe Bottom with hordes of cyclists going in the opposite direction. I opted for Shere village rather than its bypass and we soon were joining the early comers in Jordans Caravans making 18.

Thirteen turned left at Gomshall Mill to begin an obvious line to Pitch Hill, Ewhurst, Ellens Green and The Queen's Head in Rudgwick. Here a minor international misunderstanding sent three onto The Fox. Food was quickly served with Frank well pleased with his £5 two courses.

An hour later the rats returned and a much travelled route brought us to Newdigate where Irene and Pam turned left and the rest turned right for Tanhouse Farm. A good 45 minutes in the company of CQ was spent showing up our lack of knowledge sheepwise. 70 miles door to door.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charity Vote - John Meudell resigns from CTC National Council

Dear All,

In the light of the voting papers that you will have just received, you may be interested to read the following letter of resignation from John Meudell, who represents members in SE England on the CTC National Council. I share his concerns.

Your District Committee opposes the proposed conversion of the CTC into a full charity. You can still oppose the conversion by voting against Motion 1 on the voting form. Do not forget to put your signature in box 2a (beneath your membership number) and put a X in the appropriate box for Motion 1 in section 3, headed Charity Vote - Direct your proxy how to vote. The other blank columns are for family members, who may wish to vote differently from you.

Don't forget to vote on Motions 2 - 9 on the back of the page - and don't throw it away!

Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

Comment to follow.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunday, 3 April

Rusper - Ashfold Crossways - Denbies
Photo from Pam

Sunday April 3 2011

Memo to ride secretaries and leaders: Never rely on family run enterprises in Mother’s Day! Arriving at the Blue Moon café it seemed that Michelle was probably having her breakfast cooked for her on Mother’s Day and the café was closed. A few phone calls and miles later everyone was assembled at Rusper Golf Club. Pam, Irene and a few others having already ridden 30 miles decided on a shorter loop to Charlwood and rejoin us for tea. So 9 of us set of to rejoin the original route at Wimlands Lane and make our way via Faygate and Grouse Lane to the Wheatsheaf at Ashfold Crossways. Most if not all had brought sandwiches forewarned of the likely difficulty of getting food promptly. Fortunately it was bright and fairly sunny so an enjoyable hour was spent in the garden. From there we went via Coos Lane to Handcross and then through Pease Pottage and up the drive to Cottesmore School. A short stretch of bridleway, new to most, including a tunnel under the A264 led us into the edge of Crawley. Then through Bewbush to the path over the railway at Waterfield which leads to Ifield Mill. From there its only 100m to Rusper Road and a straightforward run to Parkgate via Langhurst Lane and Partridge Lane. Then a phone call from Pam to say that tea at Brockham had also fallen victim to MD and they were off to Denbies where we regrouped for tea. A very pleasant day even with a bit of adhoc rescheduling.

Brian Greenwood

Friday, April 01, 2011

Forthcoming 03/04/11 ride........

Now is the time to try out that breadmaker that someone bought you many years ago................
Food at the published lunch spot is let's to do with a certain (heavily promoted commercial) annual event.

Btw.........HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY mum!