Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Night Ride To The Coast(October 2008)

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Sunday 28th September 2008

After a quick change into armwarmers and a jacket, I was off on a foggy morn. Just four (Graham, Ann, Ed, and newbie Dave) at the start of the ultimate ride of the year, we headed up through Cheam, Chipstead, Merstham and finally the school to Godstone. Its garden centre cafe has gone from greasy spoon to all too common Italian; already there were Ian and Jeff. As we prepared to leave, Andy showed after a 15mph average so the restart was delayed.

By now the day was perfect (mid 60s) for cycling. After a taste of A22, Crowhurst led onto the Lingfield backstreets to emerge at the village cage. Then came the drag up to East Grinstead where we turned west onto the A22 (briefly and chock-a-block with coast-bound cars) and A264. Our alfresco and leisurely stop was the reasonably priced Royal Oak Crawley Down.

Over the A264, favourite lanes led past Cheshire Home and Hedgehog to Outwood Hill where the climbs started. After Bletchingley we went halfway up White Hill then down to and up Hilltop Lane to Chaldon Church. Required to sing for our cakes, we declined and backtracking made our way to a crowded Fanny's. And then home to find the World Championship demoted to the red button - around 70 miles for me.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday 21st September 2008

Summer just doesn't want to end - perfect for that annual slow bicycle ride that is the London Freeeeeewheel.This non-charity event is simply a chance to ride on closed roads but not necessarily at speeds above 8mph.
This year,Sky Sports coughed up £100,000 for the lead sponsor(last year Hovis parted company with £300,000).
Ed,Graham,Steve,Frank,Francoise,Jake,Simon and myself arrived via the hidden cycle path behind Colliers Wood Retail Park emerging at Figs Marsh.From there it was across Tooting Bec Common to Clapham Common to join the L F hub going toward the main ride.
Elevenses was a confusing affair with the Teapod at Shad Thames a trifle busy we moved on only to return moments later unsuccessful in finding an's the good weather you see,brings everyone out for the last few decent days of 2008.
Returning from the Weatherspoons,we spotted "an olympic hero",none other than Chris Hoy doing the media stuff.
Boris was also fairly obvious to most people,scruffy light coloured suit and of course the hair.
Dispersal was immediate but Ed & myself still managed a NT tea at Morden.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sunday September 7th

Some sad news: Pam had a fall on the way from her home to elevenses and has a broken collarbone as well as some heavy bruising and grazing. She had managed to soldier on to Tower Hill where we were watching the Tour of Britain but she was deteriorating and was eventually advised by a St John's Ambulanceman to go in an ambulance to Whitechapel hospital for a check-up. Last we heard was Pam's niece was coming up by car to take Pam and her bike home.
From Steve

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sunday, 31 August '08

Donner und Blitzen!
Shamefaced apologies to leader Ed and others for Sunday's faint-hearted non-appearance.
Kitted up and ready to go, then: Donner und Blitzen! The Gods were really disgruntled about something! Thunder and lightning - no problem. But the torrential rain! By the time I had waited, caped up, improvised flippers and a makeshift lightning conductor, vital time had passed. With a sinking feeling I ventured out, but with no hope of reaching the starting line in time. If the North Cheam sub-aqua group had not been swept away in the torrent, which tributary would they take? Upstream or downstream? I guessed they would head for high ground and paddled my way to Epsom Downs, where I moored and kept a watery eye on the misty horizon. Wrong choice. Wrong number also in the mobile. After some time, waterlogged, I weighed the options in the balance: Westerham, but where? Would anybody be there? Or a dejected skulk back home?
I am ashamed to confess that the mangy, whining dogs of darkness howled down the voice of boldness and endeavour. It was Faintheart, not Braveheart who all too soon was stabling his dripping steed in the garden shed.
Congratulations to that stout trio who persevered and put the rest to shame!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pams Party

I (Pam) would love you all to come to THE RAILWAY pub (next to Build Centre with orange coloured sign), in EGHAM, 40 STATION RD. TW20 9LF Saturday 27th September, 6pm onwards for my house warming! Also to celebrate becoming a Great Grandmother! And yes - it's true, I do have a birthday, but PLEASE no gifts, just your selves! Lot's of grub prepared by my niece and music mostly 60's - 80's. NOW, if one feels inclined, PLEASE - dress up!!!!! Dig deep into your wardrobes! Car parking is large car park opposite the station just a few shops from the pub which has not got a car park but has parking for Bicycles!! My phone number 01784 436389 mobile 07900335256 See you there :) :) :)