Wednesday, April 08, 2020

One Less Traveled

Pour encourager les autres

Everything's closed (great!), nobody around (better!), and everything's drying out nicely so all that's needed are a few more off-roaders to flatten out the bumps.

In days gone by I'd noticed a "hole in the fence" at Gaston Bridge and wondered where it led. Well as the map shows to Ash Link nature reserve which straddles the M3 at the end of Nutty Lane (or to the clubhouse opposite the dump).

A number of (dog) walkers, runners and flying golf ball warnings so the public has I assume permissive access. The nature reserve has been tarted up and is next to garden centre which surprisingly was open today (but for how much longer?).

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

May/June issue of The Sou'Wester

The latest issue of The Sou'Wester is available on the website here.  Thanks to Colin, there is a printed version and over the next week or so, Colin and helpers are using their daily exercise to try to deliver to those who are likely not to get to see a digital version.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Solo ride reports

Anyone been out riding?    There are reports of solo rides appearing on the Beginners blog, and the Wayfarers blog: take a look if you are interested.

If you want to post something on this blog and you're not a regular author, just send an email (maybe with a picture or two) to one of the authors, and we'll try to post it for you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Coronavirus - All Rides Cancelled

Rides Cancelled

Look up the MWW website to see the latest Coronavirus Update 3, which notifies members of the cancellation of all forthcoming rides, with immediate effect.

CUK has updated its advice, which is consistent with this decision:

Please pay close attention to the advice in the latest Update 3 on the MWW page.

This is no joke. The doodlebugs didn't get me and and mine, nor will this blooming bug.

Check developing NHS advice here.

Look after yourselves and your closest.


Sunday March 15 2020

Riding into a steady sou'wester I was joined by Paul in Effingham.  There were six of us at 11s (GFH, Bob, Paul, Dave, Terry, Vic). The roads and Squires West Horsley seemed quieter than normal. There was no great enthusiasm for Shamley Green or anywhere else and with afternoon rain forecast, most headed home.

Yesterday evening's advice from the government coupled with our age profile suggests our self isolation period should be 12 weeks rather than the previous two. Should C&M suspend all activities for an indefinite period?

Monday, March 16, 2020

Sunday - 8 March - Attendance

The instincts of a former Rides Sec. are never lost. Bob Eberhard has kindly identified most who attended the ride on 8 March. However one MWW rider has not yet been identified. In the absence of a group photo, will that rider please step forward, so that his name can be added to the roll of honour for 8 March?


P.S. If you are a regular reader of the Attendance Record, you may have noticed that the top line giving the month seems to be missing. It is not but has a wilful mind of its own and keeps moving to the bottom of the sheet, however often I replace it. If anybody has a Google Doc solution, I shall be most grateful to hear it.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coronavirus Update 2

To reflect the latest NHS guidance, the Coronavirus Update that we issued on 10 March has been revised. It is replaced by Coronavirus Update 2, dated Saturday, March 14, 2020 (see below).

Cheam and Morden contacts remain unchanged:

Graham Hill:


Coronavirus Update 2 – March 14th - Please Read

The advance of Coronavirus is an increasing cause of concern.
We have members who are vulnerable if infected, and we also encounter vulnerable people in the day centres we visit. 
As previously announced the committee will post regular updates in the light of our circumstances and based on government advice. 
I hope everyone is keeping well. There are several things we should all do to avoid catching the infection, and spreading it. So, for the foreseeable future could you please:-
·      Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, including when entering a day centre, or use hand sanitiser gel.
     Stay at Home for 7 Days if you believe you have symptoms (high temperature or a new cough) and contact NHS 111 if your symptoms get worse or do not get better after 7 days, or if you cannot cope at home.
      Check developing NHS advice at (
Do not join one of our rides while you have symptoms and inform a member of the committee (Dave Vine or Tim Court). If you need assistance from us tell a committee member and we will do what we can to help.
Monitor this Blog and brief people you think may not read any of our Blogs.
     Ride Leaders, we are in contact with Day Centres but please identify a suitable alternative meeting place for your ride, in case we are barred at short notice.
Further advice is available on the CUK website reinforcing these messages.
Please ask a committee member if you have any questions or concerns.
Dave Vine
Tim Court:

Friday, March 13, 2020

Sunday's Ride (15/03/20)

I experienced little difficulty reaching Shamley Green on Wednesday but if the truth be known I spent Thursday morning thoroughly cleaning my bike.

With the C word growing ever important and the weather conditions staying as they are, I suspect some may not wish to repeat my experience this Sunday.

The Downlink was fine but the path off to Shamley Green was watery! The alternatives are the even hillier routes from Farley Green or Chilworth or the B2128, not a road for us slowcoaches.

So the question is: should we switch the lunch to say Woking Wetherspoons? Chosen as there are no rail services through Guildford (or Kingston, or Staines to Windsor). We can decide when we meet at 11s on Sunday assuming that's still possible.

PS I've received an email from Brunel University seeking views on road cycling. If anyone cares to complete their online questionnaire, just shout and I'll forward the email. Prizes to be won.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Advice to all members

In the light of the rapidly evolving threat of the coronavirus, the MWW Committee has met to consider its possible implications for riders and the venues that we visit. I attended this meeting as Cheam and Morden Rep. The outcome was to develop some straightforward advice for members.

It is therefore recommended that this advice, issued by Dave Vine and Tim Court (Chair and Sec of MWW), already posted on the MWW and Beginners blogs, be available to and adopted by members of Cheam and Morden. See below. 

Our Cheam and Morden contacts to notify will be:

Graham Hill:
David Ward:


Coronavirus Update 

"The advance of Coronavirus remains a cause of concern.
We have members who are vulnerable if infected, and we also encounter vulnerable people in the day centres we visit. 
The committee have discussed a measured response suitable for our circumstances and based on government advice.  We are in touch with day centres and will post regular updates on our Blogs.
There are several things we should all do to avoid catching the infection, and spreading it. So, for the foreseeable future could you please:-
·         Wash your hands thoroughly, including when entering a day centre, or use hand sanitiser gel.
·         Contact NHS 111 if you believe you have symptoms (high temperature, cough or shortness of breath) and be prepared to self-isolate until you have clear NHS advice.
·         Inform a member of the committee (Graham Hill or David Ward) if you have symptoms.
·         Check developing NHS advice at (
·         Continue to monitor our Blogs and brief any members you think may not read our Blogs.
Please ask a committee member if you have any queries".
Dave Vine

Monday, March 02, 2020

Sunday March 1 2020

Just for a change it wasn't raining when we gathered at Wetherspoons, Leatherhead, for elevenses.  There were some complaints about the lively westerly breeze, but the morning sunshine had still tempted quite a few riders out.   Richard, Pam, Ed, Maureen and Bob didn't continue for the rest of the ride, leaving Graham, Ged, Ray, Terry, Keith and me to cycle off for lunch at Redhill, with Mike Morley, still recovering from his recent op, planning to head there  by car.

At about 12 miles, it wasn't a very long ride to lunch, but Mike still beat us fairly and squarely in his car!  In our defence we we did take quite a hilly route up to Headley, then down the dip and back up to Walton-on-the-Hill, before some short, sharp shocks around Mugswell and Upper Gatton.   And Ged got inveigled into helping a horse rider with a loose saddle and an uncooperative horse.   This operation was unsuccessful, but, fortunately, they were heading the opposite way to us! 

We met up with Mike again at The Sun at Redhill.   The service was particularly good at this Wetherspoons despite the busy Sunday lunch trade, and we were ready to leave well before 2.00 pm, just as well with the brisk head wind.  After saying our goodbyes to Mike we headed west via paths and back streets to skirt Reigate, then crossed Reigate Heath towards Brockham.   There was no appetite for either the Coach Road, or for tea, so we took a longer than usual stretch of the A25 to reach Pixham Lane, after which we all soon started to head off our own ways home.

Many thanks to all for your company

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Reminder - Changes to Ride on Sunday 1 March 2020

Elevenses on Sunday 1 March will now be at The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead, and lunch will be at The Sun, Redhill.   As the crow flies, the distance between these two points is only about 10 miles.  Depending on the weather, and the wishes of the group, we will either take a short but quite hilly route through some delightful and little-visited lanes (via Walton-on-the Hill, Mugswell, and Upper Gatton), or else a slightly longer, more familiar route with fewer climbs, although not altogether flat (via Punchbowl Lane and Leigh).   The return route, via Betchworth, Pixham Lane, and Leatherhead, isn't too hilly, and has plenty of tea stop options.

Apologies for this change which is shown on the new rides list.   The ride originally planned for this day has been moved to 29 March.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Windy Ride Westward

Sunday the 23rd.

Having moved to Hampton the cycle ride to Squire's at Upper Haliford for 11's was short and,  considering the wind, welcome. About half mile from Squire's Carolin joined me.

As usual Dave was already there with his cooked breakfast chatting to Vic.   We were soon joined by Graham, Pam, Simon, Gemma, Ed,  Brian Bent, Steve Duffin and Paul Day.

Paul, Carolin, Graham and Ed had decided not to venture further and headed home.

We left 11's around 11.15 into a headwind which at times was gusty. We headed North through Ashford and onto Poyle, Colnbrook and across the M4 and the outskirts of Slough where the rain started and caused a brief stop to don waterproofs. Only another half mile and we reached our lunch stop at the red lion. By now the rain had stopped.

The food was soon delivered to our table ranging from a packet of crisps for some to full blown Sunday roasts along with dessert for others. Brian and Dave left lunch early to head home. Vic Pam and Gemma headed due South while Simon and Steve followed me eastwards.

Now with a tailwind progress was more rapid. At Cranford I turned South and crossed Hounslow Heath then onto the Crane river path. As we got to the Shot Tower it was a surprise to see it open, and so a brief stop to look inside. We were met by a very enthusiastic volunteer who explained the history of the Shot Tower, which in fact is not actually NOT a ShotTower as it is not tall enough for that purpose. We did however climb the spiral staircase to the top, see photo courtesy of Simon.

Just over another miles saw us reach tea at Squire's, Fulwell. Even after a full Sunday roast some still managed cake! After some enjoyable chat we all headed our separate ways home. Only 32 miles for me but very enjoyable and nice to be back cycling after time off the bike through injury and moving house.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday 16 Feb - the ride that wasn't

The two Sundays I've been able to cycle so far this year have been named Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis.    Just my luck.  Here are some pictures from Pete Beyer of braver souls, the Tadworth Fat Boys, showing that they are hardier than myself.
Tadworth Fat Boys, Underwater Section

David Ward and I both made it to elevenses, him on a bike and myself part train, part bike.  The weather wasn't awful, just bad: fairly heavy rain showers, a strong wind and a lot of standing water on the road.   But we both decided that it would be more fun to ride on a different day, and caught the train home.

One point for attendance, minus ten for weather awareness.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sunday's ride - weather contingency

I have been made aware that there could be some weather this Sunday (again!)  The original plan was to ride to Eton, a ride that can be made longer or shorter depending on the weather.   It now seems that "even shorter" might be a better option.    So at least David Ward and I plan to turn up at Laleham (Notcutts) for elevenses.   We can then decide as a group whether do a very short ride, try and get to Eton, or go straight home.

Roll on spring...

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hilly 50 in 2010

I thought you might enjoy this video of the Hilly 50, which was posted on the C&M blog after the 2010 event.   Recognise anyone?

The 2020 event will take place on Saturday 7th March, details here.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Annual lunch 9 Feb

Storm Ciara failed to stop most of us from enjoying a delicious annual lunch, although only one brave soul (Colin Q) cycled to The Angel: the rest of us made our way there by inferior means of transport.  Unfortunately that meant there weren't many there to enjoy the delicious elevenses at Ann and Steve's - if you were there, there was more than enough to go round!   Nice to see everyone - and especially Ian and Lena.  Thank you to Pam for organising so well, to the staff at The Angel for delicious food and good service, and to Ann and Steve for hosting us at elevenses.
Top table, top company

Tony's Two Ronnies impression

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Tomorrow's C&M lunch - weather warning

In view of the gale-force winds expected tomorrow,  Ann has decided not to risk riding to lunch tomorrow, so there won't be a led ride to lunch there unless it's an informal arrangement.    So the arrangements are as follows:

Elevenses still at Steve and Ann's, but Ann will be leaving at 11:30 to go to The Angel by public transport.

Please think carefully about whether to use alternative transport.  All of the royal parks will closed due to the safety risk during the severe weather.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Hilly 50 km - Saturday, March 7th

A sportive challenge. On Saturday 7th March join in the Sou'Westers' well-established Hilly 50 km event: 33 miles of the best of Surrey Hills and 3670ft of ascent, supported by route sheets and maps (available in PDF format), with GPX data for devices such as Garmin.  This is a challenging circuit starting at Ryka’s CafĂ©, Burford Bridge and finishing at the top of Box Hill.

Pre-entry is preferable and can be made by visiting:,
or Cycling UK events page

Follow the instructions to enter, or just turn up on the day.  Entry fee of £7 payable at the start and all proceeds will go to St. Raphael’s Hospice in North Cheam.  Signing on is from 9.30 am with a start time of 10 am to finish by 2 pm.  This is a challenging unsupported event and riders participate at their own risk.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Sunday February 2 2020

The first ride of my 76th year turned out to be unusually warm, overcast and far better than the forecast as the heavy rain ceased just after six. It left plenty of surface water on Ford Bridge Road but traffic was light.

When I arrived at Bourne Valley Garden Centre we were four but eventually ten turned up including three A riders. Terry rang to request a rendezvous: I said Rodboro 1230, Pam said 1245. Anyone familiar with my rides will recognize the route so this map should suffice.

We arrived at the Rodboro at 1231 to find it full (the weekend only Brexit discount?). Later Bob rejoined.

Over a leisurely lunch I suggested we investigate a 1907 murder (google William Whiteley). We headed up the cobbles and along the A3. Pam, Terry and Vic split off as we turned after The Jovial Sailor. An oncoming MTB'er forewarned of floods along Plough Lane so we rode via Downside into Cobham. After Notre Dame and Seven Hills a right into Whiteley Village brought us to the "new" Harvest Cafe which lies in the NE quadrant of the octagon. We trebled the number of visitors at the start of our hour plus stay but when full it probably seats 40/50 in comfort. I can't comment on the cakes as few if any were on view.

About 50 miles door to door.

Two points: Graham, Bob, Brian, Dave W, Ged, Pam, Ray, Steve, Vic,
One point: Terry

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Graham's Ride - Sunday 2 February

Advance notice that Graham's ride from The Bourne Valley Garden Centre may well lead us to Wetherspoons at Guildford, weather etc being favourable!  More follows....

Sunday 26 January 2020 - Effingham & Woking

Not only did the weather forecast promise a wet afternoon, it was also very dull and cheerless first thing, so it was a pleasant surprise to be joined at The Vineries by no less than Bob, Graham, Carolyn, Pete, Terry, Ed and Ann (for elevenses only), as well as Vic, Ged, Pam (who joined me for the ride to lunch).

After elevenses it did brighten up nicely, and there were even a few glimpses of the sun as we made our way to Woking via East Horsley, Ockham, Send and Maybury, but it was beginning to rain a bit as we arrived at Wetherspoons.

After lunch the rain was still with us but not yet too heavy, so we took a fast, direct route back via Sheerwater, Woodham, and New Haw before going our separate ways.

Thanks to all for your company.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunday 19th January 2020 : ADDLESTONE TO WINDLESHAM - (no tea stop)

Wow, what a day to wake up to, bright sunshine with very little wind.  Very cold with icy patches and frozen puddles  I met Gemma at Notcutt's G.C. on my way to elevenses.  Bob, Lena and Dave were already seated and we were shortly joined by John and Carolyn, Ed, Graham, Vic and Terry.     Bob, Lena, Carolyn, John and Terry went their own ways from elevenses whilst t'other five joined me for the ride to lunch. 
A route I have used before, out through Homewood Park to Chobham Common.   Next came Valley End then a detour into Rye Grove to Windlesham approached via Church Road and Pound Lane arriving at The Sun approx.12.45.
A very sociable lunch time - plenty to catch up on before leaving just before 2pm.  Nobody wanted to stop for tea so we all agreed that we would say good bye at Addlestone.  After leaving the pub there was a wee bit of confusion as Vic wanted to show us a road from Chertsey Lane through to Woodlands Lane; not the first right! - it was second right, a little dithering there but ??  So from Valley End we went down Steep Hill, Red Lion Road, Gracious Pond, Stonehill's, Green Lane to Addlestone.   
Thank you all for your company, an enjoyable day...…... Summer is on it's way.... Cheers Pam :) :)