Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cheam & Morden Post Xmas Lunch

To be held at The Hand in Hand Boxhill 12.30am 11th Feb 2007 £10 tickets from Steve at 02083982775 or Pete at 02083942665

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday 3rd December 2006

Those who woken by the wind and rain had thought better of it missed a fine autumnal day. Only four came (Ed, Graham, Irene, Jake) and they came alone to 11's. Most had tales of fallen branches to which I could add a long flooded section of Plough Lane Cobham. All had started in rain but soon blue skies and gusty winds were the order of the day. Ed had decided to shorten the ride so we headed through Ripley, left at the Seven Stars and through Old Woking to Mayford. The BYOs were in the majority so lunch was taken initially on a log in Mayford Meadows. Before long I espied Pete and Lisa in the distance and a text message from Jake lured them to our hideaway. The nearby garden centre provided soup, tea and cakes; this turned out to be a wise choice as the sign outside the Mayford Arms read 'No Food Today'. Ed now led us on a tour, neither magical nor mystery, past Woking's football ground and town centre and onto the A320 (N, as the Yanks would say). Fortuitously this has a cycle path with obligatory fallen birch. Finding myself at the front, I suggested Brox Road. With no dissenters, we were soon at a tea stop in Tesco’s Addlestone (yet again).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday 26th November 2006

High water everywhere sent in short sharp bursts summed up this day. As the rain lashed down, I pitied those who had far to travel but by 0845 it eased and I had to be off. At the Bridge, Ed, Jake, Steve and I were joined by Stephanie (Sat/Wed rider) on a new Thorn complete with several hundred pounds' worth of Rohloff Speedhub. My intended route (NCN 4) was ruled a non-starter weather-wise. So we went Giggs Hill Green, Esher sewage works (nearby and getting wet), Walton and Weybridge stations before a hailstorm hit us beside the canal. Andy and Bob were ensconsed in Tesco's and soon we were joined by the Squirrels (passing through). The late arriving Pam and Terry meant a delayed restart of 1130. I tried Bittams Lane and Homewood Park to Stonehill Road where once again the heavens opened. Through Mimbridge was awash but at Horsell it was back to suburbia and comparative safety. We climbed onto Hook Heath then down to Mayford and over Pyle Hill and into Jacob's Well. A sprint beside the A3 lead to Potter's Lane where Send Hill was a final obstacle before the Saddler Arms in Send Marsh. The already arrived Bob, Simon and Jen had a spot by the fire and soon set aside garments started to steam gently. We were away by 1430 hours taking the obvious route via a dryish Cobham Tilt to Stoke D'Abernon in only 30 minutes! Here we added Anne to the party. Again we lingered until the bolting of doors and the clearing of tables told us it was time to go our seperate ways, naturally under increasing blue skies. Less than 50 miles but hard won.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bike for sale

Someone rang from:

Cartels Auctioneers
2 Tanners Court
Middle Street
Brockham RH3 7NH
01737 844646

to say they had a "Tifosi Megatube" bike for sale - from the web, a lowish spec racing number so probably not much interest to any of us.

Should we name and shame the "cyclist" on p55 of Cycling Weekly 09/11/06!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday 19th November 2006

What an absolutely beautiful day!
Riding south of Dorking, the morning mist hovering above the fields lit by an ever so bright sun was a picture, if only I had my digital camera. Everywhere you looked, the countryside looked magnificent with a hundred shades of brown on the trees set against a brilliant blue sky. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to be on a bike.
Twelve out today, thirteen if you include Bob, all arriving in dribs and drabs at the Blu Moon cafe in Beare Green. It always amazes me how this out of the way place survives but it does and we are thankful for that. A mug of coffee (instant) 70p and staff that are "easy on the eye"ensures we continue to visit.
Keith took us via Capel and Weare Street to Holmbury St Mary where lunch was consumed on the green. Most indoor eaters had soup but naturally Ian had to go one better with a full size fish of some description. The arrival of a lunch party meant we had nowhere to sit, so we hit the road.
Mrs North, with Mr Hill some way behind, decided the local 1 in 5 needed climbing so after saying farewell we parted company. That left Keith, myself, Pete, Daphne, Mike, Roger, Ian, Terry and the two MTB Petes to climb up to Leith Hill, Coldharbour and the 36mph decent to tea at Denbies.
Six remain and tea/cakes get the Ian "I'll pay for that" treatment. So when he gets dropped in Leatherhead we all show signs of anxiety and a certain amount of guilt but can't help feeling that his generosity is perhaps better spent repairing his clapped out bike.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sunday 12th November 2006

This morning we venture north to a Central London destination but first we make an unscheduled stop at Cafe Nero in Wandsworth which proved popular with coffee junkies but personally I would of been happy with Sainsbury's 85p filter but was closed due to late opening. We left as the place was filling up with late risers and headed over Wandsworth Bridge to ride on the shared path north of the Thames to Lambeth Bridge where we encounted slow moving traffic caused by the Remembrance service on Whitehall. Continuing south of the river to Upper Ground and north over Blackfriars Bridge past Old Bailey to lunch on public seating outside Barts Hospital. In line with the 11's spot the pub was also shut so we settled in the Rising Sun close to Smithfield Meat Market.
After a phone call to Wimbledon Windmill cafe to check closing time, Graham took over leading going west to Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square, The Mall & Victoria to rejoin the earlier route back over Wandsworth Bridge.
The cafe was, perhaps not suprisingly, very busy probably due to the decent weather which meant we were able to sit outside.
The threat of rain and fading light caused us to go our separate ways and sure enough the wet stuff did fall before the Masari reached the dry.
Today's attendees: Pete, Daphne, Graham, Ed, Steve, Anne & Jake with Bob at 11's.
Total miles: 35
Price of a Latte in Cafe Nero: £1.90

The date of the C&M's annual lunch is 11th February 2007. Declare your interest to Steve Gordon ( & 020 8398 2775). More details published shortly.

Website of the week:
Click on home/leisure
4 white LED front lamp £6..20
5 red LED rear lamp £3.99
P&P £5.99

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Golden Beeches Weekend

The Golden Beeches Weekend was attended by Lisa & Pete & Carolyn Beer from the DA.
10:30 on the Saturday found over 100 enthusiastic cyclists at Lacey Green, at the Millennium Hall, having tea & cakes before starting on an assortment of rides to suit all abilities, from families to long-distance riders. We chose the medium level of 47 miles led by leader John and rearguard Sue. Lanes, plus a section of the Phoenix Trail cycle route took us through Thame and on to lunch at Waterperry Gardens. Afterwards we negotiated the hill up to Brill Windmill for a short photo session before wending back to the headquarters for a meal of bangers & mash and bread & butter pudding, all prepared by the South Bucks DA team of helpers. A quiz followed, then to finish a slide show on SW Ireland presented by John Gosnell.
Sunday dawned mild and sunny & at 9:30am 10 groups, including an off-road party for today, moved off. Our group meandered past Chequers, towards 11's at Startops End by the canal. Following the canal past seven locks & reservoirs at Tring, into Tring and past the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum and zig-zag on minor lanes past Lee Gate - with memories of C&M hostel trips past - and back to Lacey Green for 2pm Lunch. Still bright sunshine and then home.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cheam & Morden AGM

From Graham:

Due to a communication breakdown between the Secretary and the Rides' Secretary, details of the AGM were omitted from the latest newsletter. It will be held at Ed's, in West Ewell, starting at 1500hrs on Sunday November 5th, 2006.

To help you prepare, I've written a short report (see below) and included as attachments:
(1) the 2005 AGM minutes
(2) the Treasurer's 2006 report
(3)the Attendance 2006 report. For Excel-less souls, there's a list of the top attendances.

Once again I have to report falling numbers of riders. Since taking over the attendance records in 2002/3, the average per ride has fallen from 16 to 11 and the number of regulars (2 or more rides) has dropped from 50 to 34.
This year’s drops were the most marked (over 30% on last year). This is most worrying as none of us is getting any younger and there have been few enquiries from potential new members. Where possible, I directed enquirers towards the Saturday rides as those who rode probably found our rides too hard and gave up after a few outings.

Ignoring special events (Annual Dinner, Easter tour), the highest attendance was 24 and the lowest, 4. For various reasons, ten rides had not reach the Lunch stop (though one exceeded it).

The provisional competition winners are:

Best Attendance: Ed Sharp 47 (out of 51 or 92%)
Most Punctures: Richard Delamere 2

I can't do much with the attachments at the moment, but will try to make them available from here once I get home.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Surrey Maps

Two of the new cyclist friendly maps now available FREE at Surrey Libraries from a collection of 8

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Ford at Fulmar

Then and now with the Cheam & Morden section

Sunday, October 08, 2006

8th October 2006

The look of disappointment on their faces was all too clear...................... more about that shortly.
The first puncture of the day came after 35yds (Simon) but with a call in at mine's to finish off his 100+ psi with my recently aquired Topeak Joe Blow Sport we were soon descending pebblecombe to new 11's at Buckland(Squires).
All nice new sofas and decent coffee machines. We sat outside, that is Bob, Johnny Mason, Terry, Andrew, Pete, Daphne, Ed & myself with unfinished paperwork (nominating runs leaders) taking up most of the time.
We were still six after Andrew & Simon parted company and soon rode into a head wind to lunch at W'spoons Crawley. Only Terry had a meal and with P&D deciding not to join us we left at two for a short hop to Capel.
Oh dear it's shut. I somehow managed to get the dates wrong.
Still there's always Tanhurst Farm but just don't have the scone, it's awful.

Monday, September 25, 2006

September 24 - Well She Would Wouldnt She

There was plenty of rain about as I awoke but being the leader I couldn't just roll over. However there was a rapid improvement and it stayed fine and warm all day. Surprisingly the ride started from North Cheam but nonetheless we were six (Graham, Ann, Ed, Jake, Richard and Steve) at the start. The route was predictable: back to Kingston Bridge, Hampton Court, Shepperton and Laleham where the towpath was taken to Staines. Here Irene and Pam joined but on restarting Ann’s front tyre exploded just after the bridge. Purchasing and fitting the replacement took the best part of an hour and a quarter. We continued via Wraysbury and the Jubilee River to arrive at the Dorney Court elevenses around 1230!

Through sheer luck no change to the ride was needed, as the lunch stop was only six miles away. I stretched that to eight by switching to the Royal Standard at Wooburn Common (well reviewed on the web). The road past Cliveden was closed to all including cyclists. Here the group showed its true colours by allowing the leader to investigate the advertised guard dogs alone – fortunately there were none. The pub was fine if somewhat crowded and beside a busy road.

The lane after the pub was a delight – narrow and full of farmyard hens, ducks and geese. Later I enjoyed a fleeting glimpse of a water deer (but it might have been a muntjac). The road was flooded at the ford near Fulmer despite its recent conversion to an Irish bridge. And then it was the long straight road past Pinewood studios to Langley, Colnebrook and Poyle before we took the roughly restored bridleway across Staines Moor. Tea was at North’s of Staines (est. 2006) – thoroughly recommended.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday 3rd September 2006

"You're better off by bike" says TFL and today it certainly felt like it.
Today the Tour of Britain came to London for the finale of it's six day road race and we were there.
Simon, Ed, Keith & Steve were waiting for me at NC for the ride to Holland Park via the Wandle Trail and Brompton Cemetery. Graham joined us for tea (a very reasonable 85p pot) and we set off for "Bike Fest 06" in The Mall.
This was a couple of dozen companies promoting their products by, in many cases, giving away free items (like the caravanne publicitaire on the TDF).
This proved a big draw to myself and the others but the usefulness of the giveaways was brought into question when a large pink inflatable hand was picked up from the T-mobile stand.
Better items included 2 TFL "gym bags", TDF London 2007 T-shirt, TFL bike computer, 2 bright red E-On (owner of Powergen) sun hats & a bottle of water.
Loaded up with freebies we headed to "The Man in the Moon "in Whitehall for two for one lunches.
The "racing" arm of the CTC joined us and with the race arrival imminent Ed & myself headed off back to Horse Guards road for a glimpse of the cyclists doing their best to win the stage or just keep up.
Tom Boonen won the stage with Martin Pedersen taking overall victory.
On the way back to our bikes, we somehow got ushered into the corporate hospitality area and found ourselves surrounded by wealthy, tanned and attractive people enjoying food and wine in warm sunshine. Resisting the temptation to join them we picked up complimentary programmes (£5) and left.
Special mention is deserved is for excellent organisation by TFL in particular the secure bike park arrangements (surely a dress rehearsal for next year's Tour).

Today's (Mon) Guardian seems to dwell on the serious collision of two motorbikes (police & race marshall) at the deviation in the final lap. Seven go to hospital but hopefully this will not effect London's start of the TDF next year.

Pictures included in this blog and can you spot Keith in the background?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 20th August 2006

As soon as the alarm sounded I was up. Quite a rarity even on a Sunday but I needed to get to new 11's Rusper Golf Club before the others and check it's credentials.
Actually I was pleasantly suprised with plenty of golfers (and the Downlanders) needing sustenance on this showery but mild day.
Just a (select) few today the names being Daphne (L), Pete, Graham, Matt & Keith with Dee choosing to sit with us rather than the other crowd (Is that 1 point from each section?).
Baynards was reached by going around the houses, not literally you understand. A requirement unless you want to go and come back the same way.
Whilst the others were in the pub (for sale), Graham & myself got talking railways, the merits of First Great Western to be precise. I hadn't realised how much of Baynards station still remains intact and the conversation soon moved to the 1963 Beeching Report or to give it's proper title"The Reshaping of British Railways".
This week I took delivery of "Out of Steam" the Beeching years in hindsight.
The first sentence reads:
"In the last ten years of steam on British Railways, from 1958 to 1968, over 16,000 steam locomotives were scrapped, some only five or six years old, and thousands of miles of main and branch lines were closed and destroyed."
Tea was at Capel.

Monday, August 14, 2006

August 13th

On Saturday afternoon I struggled in a strong headwind back from Hindhead, which is now a cleaner, safer and brighter hostel (my words). This may explain why I locked myself out then forgot the maps before meeting up with Don, Ed and Keith a little after the official start time.

Prospects didn’t look good and the rains duly came twixt Shepperton and Staines. We should have met Mrs Grumpy; instead of staying indoors, she “hid in the bushes” and thus was missed (of course our fault). At Runnymede a major debate was whether or not to continue. “No” said by Don and Keith, so only three (included late arriving Richard) headed off under brightening skies towards Old Windsor; here Ed punctured. It stayed dry as we passed through Windsor, Fifield and onto White Waltham. A quick glance at the watch (12:45) indicated that Aston was a distant prospect (another 7/8 miles). Rejecting many suggestions, I picked out Waltham St Lawrence; The Star being reached just before one. A keen northerly meant we had its extensive gardens to ourselves, handy for the BYO brigade (all of us).

On leaving Richard gave us a second puncture of the day. Back we went through Shurlock Row, Moss End and Irene’s route towards Windsor Great Park. A previously unvisited Cranbourne was visited but I made an error at the roundabout so Legoland had unexpected guests. There was no escape so back it was to Windsor, Old Windsor and Runnymede. Just after three the skies opened and the rain, hail, thunder and lightning lasted for hours - not the fairest of days for cycling.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sunday 6th August 2006

"Pete, I don't think we're going to make it.................................................."
I uttered these words on a untypical day in the saddle which began with 10 at NC.
I chose a main road route to begin then a climb up to join the NDW emerging at Newlands Corner.
Descend to Merrow then a search for Wetherspoons in Guildford.
Eventually we found it, just down from the BR stn on Bridge Street. (I used to favour checking new locations or routes beforehand to avoid wasting time!)
Don Clarke, Dave Ward & Ray Dare had managed OK and were already tucking in to Lloyd's No1 very cheap assortment of breakfast items.
Keith & myself felt the £1.99 cooked was unavoidably GVFM.
Irene & Pete joined us having been sitting in an entirely different part of the pub. (It's a big place)
After a 2nd tea 69p, I led SW to Loseley House and quickly got lost in Farncombe, turning R instead of L to take in Compton & Puttenham to rejoin the intended route through Elstead to Churt.
At the CAMRA pub were Ed, Irene (loaded up for a couple of days at Hindhead YH), Janice, Pete, Daphne, Pete Byers, Keith, Grant, Steve and Graham who had ridden all of 5 miles to join us from his current voluntary warden post at Hindhead.
After hearing the delights of the member's kitchen fridge (2 month old chicken..... yuk). Chinese dentist (2.30) we made for Thursley, Chiddingfold ( where we lost Ed) then Dunsfold. A pretty route but at this point I was beginning to think we perhaps should of stayed north to Cranleigh then the dull B2127.
Somewhere between Alfold Crossways and Baynards I felt I had to confide to Pete B that things weren't going well in the tea and cakes department.
It was 4.40pm and I didn't know what time Capel closed but if it was 5 we've had it.
Thankfully, Steve was able to phone Ann who was already finding somewhere to park and confirmation of 5.30 was received.
Lunch to tea around 31 miles mostly at 15's in 25 degrees heat.
My apologies to Janice (3rd time on a bike this year), Grant, Pete, Keith & Steve for the speed of that "Capel Cake Dash".
In addition, sorry to Ed for losing him earlier (He appeared out of Craddocks Avenue as I was mainroading it).

Sunday, July 30, 2006

July 30th

It was one of those days - one thing led to another so instead of North Cheam, I steered for Reigate via 'The Gap'. My speedo was on its last legs - mph OK but mileage resetting after every 0.04 to 0.006 miles! Spying three red tops ahead, I accelerated and caught first Ed, then Keith and finally Simon in Slipshatch Road. This show of speed was my undoing, as I turned right (rather than left) into Sandcross Lane. Fortunately nobody noticed before I did. Bob was there and shortly Daphne, Pete and Deanna too joined us. Ed's been badly affected by this weather and opted for home so I replaced him as leader.

Off we went down Lonesome Lane into Horley, then east across the A23 into Langshott and so to Smallfields. Here Simon spied a fleeing MTB rider and set off in hot pursuit followed by the rest of us. The quarry turned for Horne (my intended route) but asserting my authority I shouted "Straight on" and on we went past the golf course. The mile of A22 is downhill into Blindley Heath where we turned for Crowhurst Lane End, Crowhurst and the Royal Oak Staffhurst Wood - about 18 miles. I had last visited on a Brian ride - hills aplenty, sewage works, mud. I recalled "restaurant" not "pub" but the garden was perfect. Without approaching recent dizzy temperatures, heads still nodded as we set the world to rights (cyclewise) and decided what's next.

"Tatsfield's up a b*****y great hill" I proclaimed so Warlingham GC became the revised target. To Tandridge we rode then the splendidly named and narrow Jackass Lane, Gangers Hill (a wee bit) and the School. For reasons unknown Keith selected the corrugated bridleway rather than NCN21 but we were soon there. Cakes were devoured but scarcely earned after only 10 miles. Next came Purley where there was the parting of the ways.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sunday 2nd July 2006

A beautiful if rather hot day when traditionally the number of riders on our roads increase with the start of the TDF.
The climb from Effingham towards Shere was afforded with welcome shade by the beech trees that line the road. Several fast men overtook me with aims to get home before the heat of the day ............ and to watch the Tour.
13 of us at "The Lucky Duck" where £1.60 gets you a pot. Leader Simon informed us of his involvement with the 2012 Olympics and the planned? evacuation for spectators and competitors in the event of a terrorist alert.
Factor 30 was liberally applied and we set off for The Haven.
All the regulars plus John Mason, Terry Lowe, Pam Jones, Don Clarke & Roger Mace.
Pint of orange squash 60p but not much shade, one of those days when it's cooler inside.
Capel arrived via Rudgewick,Ellens Green & Weare Street. Cream tea under the churchyard tree, very pleasant.

Website of the week:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

July 2nd Club Run

Pictures from Pam Jones

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June 25th

Despite the early start time, Graham, Daphne, Don C, Ed, John M, Keith, Pete C, Richard and Simon showed for the 4th "nearly 100". Epsom, Leatherhead, Bookham, Effingham and Netley Heath lead onto Shere when Pete B was met by prior arrangement. As luck would have it, this was the chosen route for next week's ride - back to the drawing board, Simon! Farley Heath and Rowley came next before we rolled into Notcutts Cranleigh. Bob had turned up but the tea shop did not open until 1030. A quick decision settled on Bricks, Smithbrook Kilns which many had not visited. This proved far enough for Bob, Daphne, Pete C and Richard. So a motley seven headed for Dunsfold, Plaistow and Kirdford. Trying to outdo Ed, Little Bognor was next but no, he'd been there. The untried Hesworth Common route remained untried and via Coldwaltham and Rackham it was to lunch at the Sportsman, Amberley. There was no KPRC rendezvous due to the England-Ecuador match (can this be true?). After the ups and downs of the morning, a "flat" route home was much appreciated: Nutborne Common, West Chitlington and Barns Green. A Family Mega (Mega Family?) Fun Day in Horsham Park meant an alternative tea was taken at Tanhouse Farm, getting there just ahead of a bunch of Velocette bikers. After that it was each to his own; I totalled 103 miles and was home by 1730. It had been a sultry day, frequently overcast but a late threat of rain never materialised.

Happily last week's victim remains in good health but the perpetrator was buried at sea (more accurately, tossed in the Colne) last Monday. Irene is open to offers on an unopened packet of rat poison.


Monday, June 19, 2006

June 18th

Sunday June 18th found Bob, Grant, John, Leader Irene, Graham, Jake, Pete Mathews, John M, Pam, Terry, Ed, Simon L, Lisa & myself at Fairoaks in warm sunshine soaking up the small airfield experience, Irene led us on a well thought out and executed route past the Ascot Racecourse poised to open in two days time after a massive rebuild. Lunch at a busy Leathern Bottle at Jealott’s Hill followed by a lovely ride through Windsor Park to drop down to Fruit Cake and tea at Irene’s at Staines. Being by the river we were introduced to a friendly water rat living close to the small garden, who upon meeting Graham nibbled his toes – probably due to seeing a preview on the C&M website!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

7th/21st/28th May 2006

Martin from the West Kent Hardriders would be proud of Richard's led ride on the 7/05/06.
I failed to notice the Kingston Bridge start which meant I had to ride like the clappers to meet the only two other riders, Richard & Ed.
A very brisk speed to 11's at Burnham Beeches where Bob was waiting together with about 20 fast men from local clubs.The day was fine so sitting outside was very pleasant but we had to hit the road because lunch was a fair distance away. Bob thought we hadn't been to BB for a considerable number of years which is a shame because it is a delightful location.
With Richard ahead desperate to reach Ibstone, Ed & myself decided to lunch at attractive Fingest. Sitting amongst the blossom in the churchyard munching on our sandwiches with the spring sun beating we were truly enjoying ourselves. Fingest has to be one of the most beautiful of our lunch destinations. A drink in the pub over the road concluded our stop and Wow what a garden with a view down the valley to savour.
The route continued back down the valley to Hambledon across the Thames at Mill End then Cockpole Green and White Waltham,all wonderful traffic free lanes, to tea at Savill Garden.
Richard appeared having been about 20 minutes behind us and we left together taking the normal route home. Total 102.2 (easy) miles.

My run was wet, very wet. (21/05/2006)
Thanks to Keith and tandem couple John & Emma Dixon for sticking with me.
Lunch was The Good Intent at Puttenham and tea was abandoned.
Also thanks to Pete Clarke who on going home at 11's informed us that it was only a 3 hour shower!

I also led the following week (28/05/2006) due to Simon Legg's ill health.
A large number of cyclists from neighbouring clubs were at Henfold lake but the owners seemed to cope quite well with the demands of hungry riders. The Downlanders were there as well (again) just a social visit you understand no actual cycling involved.
I put forward Nuthurst for lunch in preference to Wisborough Green due to our late departure.
We left there after mending Daphne's puncture and took a unreckied route directly opposite the pub to climb up past Sedgewick Castle to rejoin the A281 at the Bird of Prey centre.
The normal fine selection of cakes greeted us at Capel with everybody having two except me.
"You can really taste the Whisky!" says Daphne.
Present: me, Keith, Andrew, Pete, Daphne, Jake & Ed, with Bob at 11's.

Website of the (lots of CyclingLinks)

PS. Please note the following: My Email: andycoxhill @
My land line no. 020 8786 0785

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Volunteer of the year Award

Clive Oxx - Regional Winner for London and runner up as CTC National Volunteer of the Year 2005
Clive has been a cyclist for upwards of sixty years, and a stalwart of CTC for most of that time.
He’s served as District Association Secretary and he’s a tireless organiser of events both large and small. He’s a cycle trainer, and a leader of rides. He edits the Sou’Wester news sheet for the District Association and still works with young riders at the Sutton Cycling group which has brought hundreds of young people into cycling.
He has been nominated this year for an award in particular for his work on behalf of CTC London where he has been the energising force since its formation, stepping down from a role on CTC Council to focus on the regional body.
This award recognises that without him CTC London would probably not exist.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday April 23rd

Ride on April 23
Syon Park Refectory found Lisa and myself awaiting the club, a text message from Jake asked if we were there as she was lost along with Ian and Leader Ed! - Losing their way in Kingston and Richmond. Jake turned for home to pack for Majorca the next day. Lisa punctured on the canal route, I punctured a bit further on fortunately outside The Old Oak Tree Pub near Bulls Bridge. An interesting visit, run by indians not much english spoken, an indian style menu served plate by plate. Highlight for Ed was passing the Art Deco Gillett building and a wonderful double Birthday Tea for Ed and Daphne at Daphne’s place at North Cheam. Steve & Ann, Frank & Francoise & Jake all met us there.
A damp day but not unpleasant.

Friday, April 21, 2006

C&M Attendance up to Easter

Attendance up to Easter:
Ed Sharp 53
Andy Coxhill 44
Graham Hill 38
Keith Rook 38
Pete Clarke 35
Daphne Skingle 32
Jake Dodd 25
Terry Lowe 22
Irene North 21
Bob Eberhard 20
Steve Gordon 19
Andrew Hewett 18
Ann Bath 18
Pete Mitchell 17
Simon Legg 16
John Mason 13
Matt Schutz 13
Pam Jones 13
Michael Fry 12
Richard Delamere 12
Pete Beyer 11
Ian Appleton 10
Pete Foster 10
Grant Pyke 9
Lisa Colombo 9
Peter Matthews 8
Andy Avis 7
Ian Burt 7
Ray Dare 7
Francoise Humphrey 6
Frank Humphrey 6
Gopinath Chandroth 6
Don Clarke 5
Simon Mitchell 5
Amy Robinson 4
Bernard Brantley 4
Jen Mitchell 4
Joan from Balham 4
Rachel Coggan 4
Clive Oxx 3
Ray Harrison 3
Bev Porter 2
Christine from Teddington 2
Chrystal Sheldon 2
David Ward 2
Deanna Bailey 2
Douglas Young 2
Gerry Seager 2
Jackie Morgan-Smith 2
Joanne Fricker 2
Les Johnson 2
Neil Hewett 2
Paul Day 2
Roger Mace 2
Ron Jenkins 2
Doug from Scotland 1
Florence Hallett 1
Ron Powney 1

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

C&M Easter Tour

Easter Tour to Canterbury
Thursday: A Day of Strong Tail Winds.
We met at the Knights garden centre at Godstone. Pete M, Joanne Fricker, Pam Jones, Don Clarke, Jake Dodd and Terry Lowe. One idea was to have a stop at Shoreham Museum but it only opens on a Sunday! Lunch at The Kings Arms went down very well and so onward past Lullingstone Castle (only open at weekends) to cross the busy A20 on to Meopham gently rolling down to the M2 Medway crossing. The cycling track has turned into a fast railway since my map! Fortunately the cycle track is now on the opposite side of the bridge. Rochester for a tea stop & on to a warm friendly welcome from Margaret the manager at Medway YH. Highly recommended for its showers and above average food.
Friday dawned overcast turning to steady rain. Cycle route 4 was diligently followed to Sittingbourne & its steam train providing great interest but no tea bar! Coffee in the town at a nice café & onward still in the rain onto Cycle route 1. A complete disaster to start with – poor signs (none) to start with, dead end in a brick works, Don punctured, through a mucky travellers site complete with rubbish and eventually onto good lanes well signed to lunch at Faversham for a pub feed: 9 of us having sandwiches and coffee! The cycle route & weather improved all the way to icecreams in the warm sun at Whitstable Harbour followed by the undulating "Crab & Winkle" route - 7 miles off road into Canterbury, where finally all 22 of us got together for an Italian meal in the evening.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunday 9th April 2006

The C&M hardriders assembled at the start for "a Richard ride" into the little explored area of Kent east of Trottiscliffe.
Being hardriders, we began with just four (Richard, Ed, Keith& myself) to be joined later by Ian A.
Progress was swift through to West Wickham and as the obligatory toilet stop was reached, Ray Harrison was seen disappearing over the horizon. A few miles up the road we exchanged pleastries and discovered he was on his way to breakfast at a diner? at Polhil. His parting remark reminding me of the inclement weather that was expected to roll in (when he was safe in doors!).
Ian arrived as we were about to leave (as usual) but we of course waited a few minutes whilst he gulped down his tea and then took the main road to Farningham. Shortly after this we lost Keith at a dodgy junction, for him to only to reappear half an hour later just past Fawkham Green.
A number of discussions were had in relation to the chances of making Birling by 1pm, however on reaching the attractive village of Trottiscliffe it was felt that we would only continue to Ryarsh (3/4 mile short).
After lunch,the route took us via Wrotham and the fine track through St Clere, Kemsing and emerging on the footpath at Otford BR.
I managed to influence the choice of route from there and we took the quarry road next to the A21 to bring us out to Knockolt hill.
Evolution 1 is the name of Downe's tea shop and very impressive are the rock cakes (£1.25). Incidentally, the church hall reopens 11 June-8 October inc(Sundays).
Unfortunately, the ride home was in rain and sleet but later in the evening my thoughts moved to the forthcoming Easter Tour at Canterbury, my first club tour for around 10 years.

Website of the week:
All you need to know for the 2006 Dunwich Dynamo (8/9 July). Use Simon's night rides as a warm up to the event.

Have a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

2nd April 2006

Today,I wheeled a bike from my shed that hasn't seen the light of day since my last trip to Mallorca several years ago.On that occasion Britannia Airways took such wonderful care of my machine that on inspection at home,the handlebars had suffered an enormous weight being placed on top and were rendered useless.So when Ed Sharp recently started supplying me with unwanted cycle stuff,I was pleased to find a set of handlebars.
We seemed to take all the spare tables at Runnymede which allows for some descrepancy in numbers but it totals around 14.I made a mental note of the establishment opening New Years Day 11-4.
With Irene cracking the whip 10 set off for Dinton Pastures.With a keen NWesterly bringing a couple of downpours,the destination was moved to Jealott's Hill and a pub with a few farm animals in the yard.It was with some amusement we watched the local children feeding the goats ......................chips from the kitchen!
With Pete M still heading NW,the rest(Graham,Gopi,Joan,Ed,Keith,Terry,Jake,Irene & myself)
made for Irene's place for tea.Still dodging the showers,we came upon the little piece of heaven that is home to Mrs North.After Graham had provided the obligatory tour on three storeys we settled down to drink and eat.I think we all agreed that Irene had bagged a lovely appartment that seemed to good to be true (superb views of the Thames on her doorstep,good shopping within a stones throw,very high standard of fixtures & fittings together with virtually no redecorating required).
With no sign of the "Boat Race" ever getting underway,we returned to our homes(no views of the Thames)via the rather enjoyable Thames cycleway which even after the considerable soaking proved pretty easy riding.

There is now a link that I have set up from "Bicycle Blogs Directory" (Click on "clubs" and see a link to our page)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunday 26th March 2006

A day of ups & downs in more ways than one. Thirteen turned up at Sainsbury's Cobham to find no hot water in the cafe's beverage machines................the day had not started well.
Eventually we got under way with Ed up front for scheduled lunch at The Dolphin at Betchworth. Leaving Bob, Terry, Ray, Pete Mit, Jake & Pete Mat, the peloton headed over the Mole and on to Effingham X roads.
At this point your correspondent would like to inform readers that in my capacity as Rides Secretary, leaders are persuaded to adopt a route that allows the pub to be reached within the window of 12.45-13.15.
I was concerned that Ed's choice of roads kept going up & up..............& up & and some of the group's morale was going down & down.............well you can guess that by the time we had reached Coldharbour, Irene chose to rest with Graham at the tiny pub in the mist,whilst we continued.
Bev Porter scarpered at the first raindrop leaving Pete, Daphne, Keith, Simon, Ed & myself to gain our (well deserved) 2 points each on arrival at the Dolph.
A fine hostelry in a beautiful location made up for the earlier shenanigans and as seems the course of late,tea was abandoned for our own home's comforts.

Each post will now include a cycling associated website for interest,this week go to

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sunday 19th March 2006

Here we are well into March and no sign of shorts weather,I've scarcely seen a daff in bloom although the warmth is apparent in the glorious sunshine we enjoyed today.
New 11's at Wisley RHS and new member Gopi,Pete,Daphne,Ed,Simon & leader Graham joined Bob & myself alfresco.
Two coaches had already arrived so sitting inside the cramped cafe was not an option however the establishment did receive the thumbs up despite the prices (not cheap).
A lengthy delay caused by a Guildford bound driver asking for directions meant our rendezvous with the two Petes in Shere was a shade later than planned.The(hilly)route chosen by Graham was made very ageeable by the sunshine and the fine view from the top of the road climbing out of East Clandon towards Coombe Bottom.After Shere(still with"snow"on the roof tops)the way up continued through Winterfold then dropping speedily to lunch at Cranleigh.
With Gopi still in tow Denbies was reached via Were Street and with a pot of tea at £1.65,I'm tempted to have the local "vin"next time.It might be a little cheaper!!.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sunday 12th March

Exactly 23 years ago to the day,I have attempted to repeat the 11's & lunch from 1983 (South Godstone Little Chef & Colemans Hatch).It has to be said that over recent years L C's have fallen out of fashion,however,with new management they are busy reinventing themselves with reduced prices and better menus.Although my choice of beverage in the morning has seen a modest price increase, I believe £1.59 for a large mug (free refill) is reasonable.
Eight of us (Keith,Graham,Jake,Richard,Ed,new member,leader Pete and myself) rode south east to the amended choice of lunch destination (Ashurstwood).Winter 2006 so it must be a N. Easterly and along way off the 10C it should be.It was 17C this time last year.(Where is the "degrees"sign on the keyboard?)The pub,The Three Crowns had comfy chairs that you sink into but as Graham noted, a fair number of tatooed folk smoking merrily & playing darts.
Tea was billed to be Bannisters at Blindley Heath until Jake caught sight of the dreaded CLOSED sign.On further inspection it is now only OPEN Tues-Sat.
The ride fragmented after this with the leader doing a runner followed by Graham heading for the gap and the rest going over Tilburstow.I chose the semi rough stuff through South Parke emerging just before Bletchingley.Not knowing if I was in front or behind,arrived at Fanny's for a comfort stop then shortly after, caught 3 on the climb to Banstead.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

DA Photographic Comp Result

The DA Photographic competition winners are now up - with pictures - on the SWLDA website


Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday, March 5th 2006

It’s a good job the Rides Secretary wasn’t out today. Before the day, 80 miles in early March seemed too far and by the end felt it. But at least the elements were kind if one ignores the wind and cold so typical of this winter.

The Blu-Moon Café in Beare Green was the morning rendezous; no doubt it will be a more pleasant spot when Anti-Smoking legislation comes into force. Leaving Irene, Pete and Ray to find their own way home, seven (Ed, Graham, Jake, John M, Keith, Richard, Terry) followed Andrew through Newdigate, Rusper and Faygate and up the long drag to Colgate. With time pressing it was down to Pease Pottage, Handcross and thence to Staplefield.

The Victory Inn was the chosen spot. We were “unlucky” and the service tardy - nearly 1½ hours with only one meal. Back through Crawley skipping tea was the verdict. The initial signage was good but instead of leading us into Crawley the cyclepath petered out at the A23/M23 intersection!* Do or die we headed into the town centre and soon spotted another cyclepath which lead to NCN20/21, Gatwick and Horley. Here forces divided: Andrew, Jake and Keith heading for Reigate and the rest for the Gap.

* Ignore the left turn over the M23 at Pease Pottage. Here NCN 20 turns right (Parish Lane) – at least it did when I came this way illegally during Foot and Mouth. Just kidding, it still does (according to the website)!


Monday, February 27, 2006

Sunday 26th February 2006

"The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow..................."
"well it is the coldest winter since 1996" according to Graham who like Bob, Jake and myself arrived at Henfold lake alone. For me it was a good hour before I caught sight of the North Cheam mob and overheard Keith explaining the route (Kingswood????).
The roaring fire and mugs of coffee/tea (60p) meant there was a reluctance to brave the elements particularly the unrelenting north-easterly wind but we set off with Dougie, Bob & Grant going their separate ways.
It has to be said that Keith's choice of lunch spot, Holmbury St Mary, is one of my favourites because as a "lunch carrier", it provides a few decent seats in various locations and I managed to find one with the wind behind and the sun in front.
With half an hour to the off, I joined Mike, Pete, Daphne, Ed, Graham, Jake & Keith inside the pub for a discussion on the merits of White Down v Coldharbour for the return journey.Still undecided the topic moved to Ed who having recently dined at the C&M's expense appears to primarily ride with the Mid-weekers. Question: Is somebody who started riding with another group, considers himself to be a Wednesday rider and is quite well off be allowed to win a prize in another section. Discuss.
The up and down bit around Leith Hill proved too much for my chain which parted company with the rest of my (well maintained) bike. So with no large chainring I was forced to freewheel down from Coldharbour.
We left it to Jake and Graham to race each other up White Down whilst the remainder took tea at Denbies and discussed the sad demise of the............................................. rag & bone man.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Ray's Pic from the Dinner Run

Sunday 19th February 2006

Firstly, thanks to Lisa for setting my blog/post/diary up so speedily after acknowledging my interest.
My contribution is intended to provide a summary of the previous Sunday's ride with the following data: riders present, brief reference to the route, weather and anything else that is worth mentioning.

Sunday 19th February 2006

The day dawned dry but with a keen N/Easterly and we all met at Muffins in Addlestone having previously been warned by Graham via Bill Sq that the Tesco's cafe is non existent until Aug.
With Richard taking the reins Pete M, Lisa, Ed, Irene, Ian A & myself set off due west into a light drizzle with a planned destination of Winkfield Row. (Leaving Bob & Terry)
We made pretty direct progress going across Chobham Common towards Sunninghill, however, the expected north route B383 to Woodside was discarded for the A road going straight through Ascot giving us the opportunity of seeing the new grandstand in construction.
My (helpful) decision in a shortcut, partly off road proved a mistake when after taking directions from a local, we got lost.
Richard's habit of asking anyone in sight for directions is somewhat disconcerting for me and not least the remainder off the clubrun (Ed, Irene & Ian).
With my deadline to Richard of 1pm fast approaching he sensibly turned into first pub we came to in Cranbourne.
With a good portion of soup (£3.25) inside (Ian had Seabass to be different) we headed for home with rain and a (mostly) headwind for company.
Irene very kindly provided tea and biscuits for 4 pretty wet and cold cyclists and as I neared home I could only think of a very hot bath and 6 hours kip to lift my spirits.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hilly 50km

A great success! Simon Legg advertised on all the web sites and the Kingston Phoenix gave out loads of leaflets to racing cyclists at events. Last year was very successful with 42 riders, but today we had 92! We had to have a late start due to the number of people signing on, so everyone left at 10:10.

The mass start stopped cars on both sides of the A24 as everyone surged forward to keep up. Then up past West Humble to Ranmore along narrow lanes. Cars must have wondered what on earth the Critical Mass was doing in Surrey. The riders were all strung out by the top and I lost site of the pack. Joined up with Paul and Ken Day and Terry from Addiscombe and 4 others and passed the Clarencourt train on the A25. Passed quite a few puncture victims and one broken chain. By this point Ray had caught up with us and helped guide us up Hoe lane and on to Whitedown. Near the top Terry could not get his pedals round on his high geared bike, so ended up sitting in the mud still attached to bike! Downhill all the way to Box Hill, then up Zig Zag for a sprint to line. I did 2 hours and 40 min - an improvement on last year. Gary and Dan Duguid did 1:50. Legs ache now!
all the best Jake.

There was a professional photographer out, and pictures can be found here.

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