Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sunday December 27 2020 - Another Ride That Never Was

Firstly an apology to anyone who felt formal cancellation of Sunday's ride was needed.

But I couldn't waste a fine cycling day. After Bella and a lengthy call from a blue toothless caller, departure was late (after 11). Via Walton I reached Sainsbury's Cobham (the printed 11s) around 1215; unsurprisingly I didn't recognise any bikes.

Bella had left plenty of wet roads though none deep enough for wet feet. Taking no chances by Downside I went to Ripley (both cafes closed) before turning for home.

Muddy Lane has a new signpost! Its predecessor lay vandalised when last I passed this way.

It's hard to believe that there's a pandemic going on. Town centres may be largely empty but open spaces,  parks, Thames side, Muddy Lane, the Weybridge sewage path, etc etc were crowded as never before!

Roll on spring

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Lockdown Mileages 2020


 How far did you go in the year of covid lockdown 2020?

 The time is fast approaching when you will be invited to submit your mileage totals for the past year. This may not be top of your immediate priority list, but like all good Girl Guides and Boy Scouts: Be Prepared.

This is what I said last year.


 However, having filled this gap between Xmas and the New Year for too long, the time has come for someone more in touch with the membership to take on this cherished and dearly coveted privilege. The Committee has decreed, I understand, that the mantle should now rest on the shoulders of our dear Secretary: Tim Court, who can never resist a challenge. He must learn how to say:No! Perhaps he will delegate!

No doubt, he will soon be inviting you to submit your historically Covid reduced mileages from Jan to Dec 2020. Even with the restrictions of Tier 4, you may be tempted to go that extra mile before midnight on December 31.

Stay alert!


Saturday, December 19, 2020

As you were. Stop!

 Friday is a long time ago. Since then London and Surrey have been promoted to Tier 4 of the  Premier Lockdown League, with all the privileges that lock-down includes. As we can no longer surf the tiers and only cycle with A.N.Other, all rides are now once again suspended. Simon has had to cancel his Sunday ride. Many no doubt will desperately be trying to work out what this means for their Xmas arrangements. Who knows when the next ride will be. Hopefully before December 2021. We can be sure that there will be many changes of direction before then. 

Stay alert.


Friday, December 18, 2020

This Sunday's ride: CANCELLED ride for 20 Dec

Due to the move into Tier 4, we are not allowed to ride in groups of more than two.  Therefore, with regret, I have no choice to cancel the planned ride.   It is a shame that we can't get together but it's more important that we all stay safe.    Even more important than the very upsetting news about not getting together over Christmas.

Eventually, it will be over.   But not until the number of cases comes down to hugely lower numbers, or the outcomes are much improved.    The vaccine will help.   Limiting our contacts, especially indoors, will help.   Warmer weather will help - and it can't come soon enough!

My apologies for the short notice and I look forward to seeing you as soon as we are able.

Sending love and best wishes for whatever Christmas you can salvage, and for a much better 2021.


Further Notice - Rides Resume

 Go, Go, Stop Stop, Go

With effect from 00.01 GMT on Saturday 19 December 2020

 Ged Lawrenson has kindly provided the following advice on the MWW website, which I have tweaked slightly for Cheam and Morden.

" Following the government's announcement of Tier 3 for Surrey, the same Tier 3 Coronavirus restrictions now apply equally to all our riders. This means that we can all now ride in a group of six or fewer, no matter where we live  - so long as we follow all the relevant up-to-date guidelines on the website". 

 I'm sure that Dave Ward will keep us informed about forthcoming rides, eg Polesden Lacey this Sunday, 20 Dec. Keep your eyes peeled on the C&M Whats App group for the latest twists and turns.

 If you have any questions, I understand that Mr B Johnson and Mr M Hancock are available to clarify any ambiguities.

Hope I've got this right!


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

All rides cancelled until further notice.

As all will no doubt have realised, the permafrost of government designation as a Tier 3 Covid19 hotspot has descended on the Great Wen. This will take effect from one second after midnight this Wednesday, 16 December 2020. One of the effects of this is to discourage mingling of members who live in one Tier with those from another Tier, as well as travelling from one Tier into another. To all purposes, this seems to make club rides an indictable offence, subject to I know not what penalties.

Have a look at the succinct guidance posted by Ged Lawrenson, Wayfarers' Ride Sec,  on the MWW blog page.

We will do our best to adapt to these frosty conditions and await guidance from CUK on how to continue group riding within the confines of the law in 2021.

Bah! Humbug!

And oh yes, Have a Merry Xmas!


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Ride Report - Sunday 13 December 2020


It was a pretty foul morning and, unsurprisingly, I savoured my Squires six item breakfast at Stoke d'Abernon in stately splendour (and so it should be with the current restrictions, I hear you say)!  Somewhat to my surprise, Graham arrived just as I was leaving and we had a brief chat outside.   He turned for home, and I headed for Guildford, half thinking the rain might relent (it didn't)!

You get a few Sundays like that most years, but I think this year we have been spared until now!  Anyway, we'll hope for better things next week!

Friday, December 11, 2020

Sunday the 13th

 The weather for Sunday forecasts has a 25% chance of rain and temperatures from 7C up around 10C so the possibility of a ride is promising. 11's however is a problem with not being able to all meet within Squires. I have spoken to Squires and they have 2 outside tables and takeaway coffee, inside seating is available if you are solo or socially distanced.

 Lunch is planned for the Old Moat garden centre, Epsom, which has outside seating. Due to the early onset of twilight no afternoon tea stop is planned.


Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Jeff hangs up his wheels

 This is from Jeff (slightly edited)

"Dear Friends,

I am sure that we are all familiar with the need for succession planning. I’m not so sure that CTCSWL has in the past had such foresight. Which may be why I suddenly found myself with a number of unsought privileges, when our much loved and indefatigable Capo di Capo fell asleep in the night, not to awake.
He had already frightened the life out of me one day at, not now sure if it was Addlestone or Weybridge, to say that he wanted a quiet word with me. As a newbie, I wondered who I might have upset, though in those heady days, I was not overly perturbed. A number of us are now familiar with that innocent tap on the shoulder. At that time, it was an unexpected invitation to take on the mantle of Rides Sec, even though I had no idea where all the elevenses venues were to be found. Not my area. I vividly recall my first lead.
When he sadly left us, I inherited a vacuum for responsibility for monitoring members’ annual mileages.

As I am now to all intents a non-cyclist and unknown to a majority of riders, it seems most inappropriate that I should have any such responsibility at all.  Paul has valiantly and most brilliantly enhanced and expanded the role of Editor of the Sou’Wester. With my duties now minimal, the committee should consider who (or if) it wishes to choose to monitor our members’ annual mileage exploits.

It will be for C&M to decide who and how (in the absence of an AGM) to choose to represent its interests on the CTCSWL Committee. My greatest ambition now is not to lead a sprint up Pebble Hill, but  to get to the front of the queue for a Covid19 vaccination."

Jeff joined C&M/Wayfarers in 2007/8. In the early years he was a keen competitor for C&M's best attendance aka a free meal. Fittingly he became the C&M scorer in 2011 (following on from PM) and the DA Rep in 2015 (after MM).  We won't forget his battles with HQ over charitable status.

Our 2020 autumn AGM will be no earlier than April 2021 due to Covid19 and HQ accountancy changes. If anyone wants to act pro tem, let me know.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Report - Sun 6 Dec 2020


After a four week break we were all keen to get back on the road again!   Six of us were tempted out to elevenses at Walton Bridge but unfortunately spent a bit too long sitting catching up, and despite many layers of clothing, getting very cold!  Most weren't inclined to stay out for a longer ride, but Tony and Pam bravely continued to Shepperton.   We hope for something a bit milder next week!