Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday 25th February

Having thawed out and refreshed themselves at The Vineries, Lilian, Maureen, Ed, Alan and Bob promptly went home/in search of lunch leaving Dave, Jeff and I to pedal off to occupy the booked table for eight at The Plough, Leigh. We passed the string of shops in Effingham, noting the long since closed Post Office has now become The Coffee Cup (open on Sundays). Proceeding up Beech Avenue (High Barn Lane apparently closed but don't know about bikes) we soon turned left at the crossroads heading into the wind to cross Ranmore, forked left passing Ranmore Church, for a roughish descent. Crossing under the A24 we used the cycle track to Pixham Lane then had to briefly join the A25. We enjoyed a few minutes' peace and quiet by using the Old Reigate Road, then straight through Brockham and Strood Green to arrive at The Plough just before 1300 to our table for three, having revised our requirements en route. Jeff went straight home, Dave and I went in for warmth and refreshments, then returned home.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Sunday 25th February

Elevenses unchanged but lunch is booked at The Plough, Leigh.


Monday, February 19, 2018

18 February 2018, West End - Epsom

Irene's last ride with Cheam and Morden? I don't believe it!

I bet she will soon get tired of the windy potato and turnip fields of Norfolk and come racing back for some sunny CTCSWLondon cycling. Good luck Irene and hope to see you soon!

What on earth are they looking at?

That's better

Sunday February 18

The Year Of The Dog started in spring like conditions and for once I had company on the way to 11s when I joined JB at the Assembly Rooms (Surbiton). Of our route all I'll say is the Edward VIII letterbox in Littleworth Road.

At a much expanded Garsons Farm the clamour at the doors abated when they swung open just after 1030. We numbered a dozen with Tony and Don in mufti. I'd less than 48 hours to prepare and Friday's mini survey revealed that off-road wouldn't be an option so "the road not taken" approach it would be.

We left the Portsmouth Road (and much younger, much fitter cyclists) at Fairmile and wiggled via Ashcroft Park and Knipp Hill to Little Heath and the Diggers' signboard. Next came Chelsea and the long drag up and beside Yehudi. We crossed beside Fetcham's pond to the waterworks. On my survey I'd entered the one-way system but thought better of it today so up the High Street and an illegal right into Linden Road saw us over the motorway into Ashtead. The A24 was crossed into Ashtead Park and later recrossed into Castle Road (foreknowledge of town centre roadworks). Thus we descended beside the railway to the Assembly Rooms (Epsom) where Terry and Bob were waiting.

After an extended lunch Ed peeled off in West Ewell and the last six continued to Chessington South railway station and the A3 Travellers' site. In Long Ditton (the unused tea stop) we went our various ways. Home at 3 and only 30 miles.

As Wednesday is Redhill, this was Irene's final ride after 20+ years' regular attendance. We wish her well; with everything crossed the King's Lynn move should be this coming Friday.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tony Is Unwell

Unless he makes an miraculous recovery, he won't be leading tomorrow(18/02). As some will know, I made a quick recce yesterday - less than 30 miles door-to-door so if you want to build up your mileage, there'll be plenty of time before 11s and/or after tea.

11s and lunch are unchanged. On the way back we'll be passing Squires Long Ditton (where I'm hoping to leave you) but note: it's less than six miles from lunch. Roads and bumpy tarmac so you shouldn't get too muddy.  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Cheam and Morden New Year Lunch

 Our warmest appreciation to the man who made it happen, Steve, showing what he is made of, while the lady behind the throne, Ann, entertains the guests.

 The two Tadworth Fat Boys, Pete Beyer and Pete Foster plus Terry, sunning themselves beside an ice-free Walton pond, before being swept up and away by Steve's North Cheam peloton.

 A select elevenses chez Ann and Steve, with tea, coffee and amuse-bouches, followed by:

a mind-numbing selection of highly spiritual and therapeutic beverages, concocted by Ann from a portfolio of arcane recipes, in her secret distillery. Warmly fortified, the flock set off for the Angel. Tony has ably illustrated the whole congregation at table.

Putting it all together.

More from the Annual lunch

It would be nice to see more of these members on Sunday rides.

Very well attended annual lunch

A big thank you to Steve for organising.

Tucking in to the C&M annual lunch

Friday, February 09, 2018

Sunday 11/02/18 Ride Details

Message from Steve

Sunday’s ride will be a short ride starting from North Cheam A24/A2043 Crossroads at 9. Alternative pick-up at the pond on Walton-on-the-hill about 10.15, getting to 52 Whitehorse Drive at 11.

The lunch at The Angel Thames Ditton is booked to be served at 1.15.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Ed's ride to the Bear Maidenhead

A very cold day to be on the bike but none the less a good group gathered at Squires Upper Haliford.

Dave cycled to 11's only as he has had a touch of the flu (takes a lot to keep Dave off the bike), Bob, Irene, Pam, Graham were enjoying a warming beverage when I arrived. Soon followed by Vic, Ed, Liz, Gill and Ray.

Leaving 11's we noticed Alan's bike, he had only just arrived having gone to Bourne Valley GC by mistake, oops.

So off to lunch were Ed, Pam, Liz, Gill, Irene, Graham, Vic and me. As usual in a Wetherspoons food was soon being consumed and warming us through.

A quick group photo outside and off back via the Jubilee river to Datchet and past Liquid leisure with the group turning right for Wraysbury and me heading towards Horton and home. At Poyle the rain started but was only a very light shower, so home in the daylight and dry, 53 very cold but sometimes sunny miles.

Thank all for a very pleasant but cold day on the bike and many thanks to Ed for leading.