Monday, November 28, 2016

Sunday November 27 2016

It wasn't the brightest of days; nevertheless thirteen of us descended on the Golden Cafe Addlestone. By 11 we were ready to roll. Ed then claimed a senior moment so I found myself leading at short time!

Like last week Liberty Lane got us over the motorway into Rowtown but here we diverged. A sharp descent past the garden centre and the subsequent climb brought to us to the canal at Woodham lock. It was now a case of following the Ceres Trail signs (more or less) into the centre of Woking. For fans of Paul Weller, we descended Stanley Road after which a left brought us to HG Wells (Wetherspoons) at an embarassing early 1140! There was no obvious way of extend the ride so looking on the bright side we concluded that an early lunch merited an early tea. We settled on Wetherspoons Walton, or so I thought!

Ed was now back in charge. He left the canal at Scotland Bridge and continued on familar ways (B385/A318) into Addlestone and Weybridge and along the river to Walton bridge. Here I stopped briefly. Passing the Riverhouse cafe I noted it was open (1400). Not long afterwards I met Ed et al coming in the opposite direction! Others were missing so a vigil outside Wetherspoons was needed. In time I was rescued by Irene and we returned to Riverhouse. In the confusion only Ray was lost.

Not even 40 miles (but all in the light), and three "meals" in just over three hours.

2 points (Ed, Bob, Dave W, Don, GFH, Irene, Maureen, Pam, Ray, Simon, Terry, Tony, Vic)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Change of lunch venue

P L E A S E   N O T E

Next Sunday the lunch venue has changed to Wetherspoons Woking.


Upper Haliford-Send Marsh-Esher

Sunday the 20/11/16

Not sure if the ride would take place according to the weather forecast, heavy rain all night and blustery wind but by 9.00am the wind was moderate and the rain barely a drizzle. I met Dave Ward going through Lower Sunbury and we cycled the last mile or two together, I had been sitting in a group from Chiswick cycling club on their way to Chobham and sheltering from the headwind.

Not expecting many at 11‘s I arrived early as did Alan but not before Bob. Soon to be joined by Pam and Irene. Graham joined us as did Simon, Ed and Vic. We left 11‘s around 11.15 and headed over Walton Bridge to Weybridge, Adlestone, Ottershaw, West Byfleet to Pyrford and through Send to Lunch at the Saddlers Arms Send Marsh. Terry was already there and had cycled direct to lunch.

It was great to get inside in the warmth as we all had felt the cold. A good hour spent eating and chatting before we reluctantly headed outdoors to continue to tea. Most though had opted to head directly home. We said our goodbyes to Pam, Irene and Vic and headed to Ripley and a right into Rose lane and the road to Cobham.

At the Black Swan, Terry and Ed turned right for home while Simon, Graham me continued to Cobham and the Portsmouth road to Esher, Graham continued towards Kingston and Simon and me to Hampton court through Bushy Park to Twickenham and home for Simon. Another 4 miles for me in the dusk and home to thaw out with a mug of tea.  A very cold but nice, if short, day on the bike. Thank you all for your company and Simon for back marking.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Remembrance Day, 13 November


Memorial at Rusper
One minute's silence
Church of St Mary Magdalene

Many thanks to Rachel for these photographs.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cheam and Morden - November 13th

Lunch - minus Terry

Lunch - minus Maureen

With the sun shining and roads and leaves almost dried out from yesterday's rain seven of us (including guest Chris Jeggo) set off south from Beare Green, soon turning left into Newdigate Road. Passing through Capel (too early for cakes) we soon saw the A24 again but left it for the pleasures of Rusper Road, Friday Street and Green Lane where, after months of leaking, the water pipe has been repaired. Not wishing to arrive too early for lunch I followed Plan B which meant turning into Wimland Road then Wimland Lane, Faygate Lane and East Street to arrive at The Plough and Attic Rooms, Rusper at 1300 hrs. Here we placed our orders at the bar and were promptly banished to an Attic Room (see photos above). Our delicious food arrived quite soon.

After lunch we headed north from Rusper to Newdigate, turning right into Church Road which led to Parkgate. I noted the telephone box there saved by the pub landlord now houses a defibrillator, and his car park was full. We then continued northish but turned into Brockhamhurst Road to have another whizz down Root Hill. This week however we forked left into Parkpale then Tilehurst Lane, Punchbowl Lane to tea at Pilgrim Cycles. We then went our separate ways in the daylight (I expect some needed lights later) having had a pleasant dry ride in good company. Thanks, Rachel for keeping an eye at the back.


Eight went to 11s and lunch, Ray joined us for 11s.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Second Sunday Ride

Sunday the 13th November

For those living Northwest of the catchment area Vic White will be leading a ride.

We start at 11's from Addlestone, Golden Cafe,if its not open the Olive Tree,near Addlestone Cycles,11 o’clock. Then Green Lane,Lyne Lane,Trumps Green, Chobham Common,Valley End,Lightwater, Red Road Hill,through a posh estate to Church Hill,Camberley, past the station to Wetherspoons nearby. After lunch across the A30 to College Ride, up through the common estate ,a bit of off-road to Church Road, Bagshot the quiet way, probably Windlesham, Valley End again, briefly,Burrow Hill,Red Lion Road, Stonehills, Holloway Hill, where people will probably want to peel off or back to Addlestone for tea.


Monday, November 07, 2016

November 6 2016

For completeness though no photos

A bright but cold and windy start (with worse forecast) did not deter the dozen who made it to 11s at Bourne Valley GC. Four (Alan, Richard, Steff and Terry) went no further; the rest carried on past Ottershaw, Burrowhill, Broomhall, Blacknest, Ascot Gate, Jubilee Statue, Rangers Gate, NCN 4  to lunch at the Windlesora (Wetherspoons) in Windsor.

With a darkening sky and increasing wind after lunch, the vote was no tea. The wind was now at our backs as we powered past Windsor and Eton Riverside, Datchet, Poyle to Ashford. Minutes after I've arrived home the promised rain arrived. Out all day: Dave, Brian, Graham, Irene, Pam, Paul, Simon, Vic.