Monday, February 24, 2014

Clive Oxx

I visited Clive today and he was very well though no longer cycling but has kept his Brompton in the vain hope that he will ride again. Many people have offered to buy the Brompton including me!
Clive welcome's any contact by visit, phone or email to:
Flat 18, Churchfield Court, Roebuck Rd (Opposite Cinema), Riegate.
Tel: 01737247231, mob:07821 689980. email: 

More pics Sunday 23 Feb

 Afternoon Tea with an interesting aray of bikes including old tandem!

Chapel lane prior to turning left up Ranmore still flooded and road closed. The abandoned Smart car (not so smart) still there. The level of water has dropped to ankle depth and can  be ridden through by keeping to the left. Still not recommended for the Hilly 50 on 8 March but we will see. Ed has agreed to help out at start! I am also looking for a marshal to help supervise "U" Turn at top of Ranmore if the alternate route to bypass flood is chosen. See SWL  Blog

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday 23 February

    The King's Head, Holmbury St Mary

Nine hardy souls left Henfold to tackle the steep hill, with strong headwind, en route to Newdigate. A brief stop to re-rail a derailed chain enabled one member to quickly devour a cold hot cross bun. Lunch was to be at Holmbury St Mary so I chose the 'usual' route initially, but turned off the B2126 at Cox Corner into Mole Street, having just left new C and M-er Mick with a puncture but with assistants Mike and Dave. This was a very quiet road taking us past the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden to the north end of Walliswood. Here we turned right, ie heading north with the wind BEHIND us. A time check when passing The Parrot at Forest Green meant changing to a new Plan C, going direct to HSM. A table had been reserved for us but we were warned when ordering 'There will be a forty minute wait'. He underestimated the delay, but when the food came it was good. Meanwhile we had cooled down but Lilian found a heater somewhere and we soon warmed up !

After lunch we headed northish UP Pasturewood Road, turning right into Leith Hill Lane where we were mostly sheltered from the wind, soon turning into Abinger Road to Coldharbour. No stopping to admire the view today, our planned 'threes' usually closes at four ! After a rapid descent of Coldharbour Lane we were soon in Dorking, where a diversion into Calvert Road (off Ashcombe Road) led to the only off-road today (guess who didn't like it ?) then via the cycle track to Pilgrim Cycles and Cafe at Boxhill and Westhumble Station booking hall, arriving at 3.55. Despite the late lunch most seemed to find room for the delicious cake on offer, after which we made our separate ways home.

Only about twenty-five miles from Henfold to the station but that was quite enough in the dry but windy conditions. We saw many snowdrops and much damage caused by the recent storms, but nothing that delayed us.

Good to see Graham at Henfold with his relocated shoulder.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday 16 Feb 2014 More pics of happy C&M..ers

 Andy (Tartan socks) seems to be disappointing in  his camera. Like him I have problems with mine but it usually strong light sources that confuse the camera like sunshine through windows! It was great to have such a turnout yesterday on a bright sunny day. Especially welcome was Lynda? who came all the way from Swindon. Jeff lead a good ride and when it became apparent that we would be early for lunch did an extra loop. Lets hope that the weather has turned the corner but I doubt we will see the water table subside for a long time! Don't forget to sign on & turn up for the Hilly 50 on Sat 8 March 9.30am for 10am start! Any help with signing on will be most appreciated!

Sunday 16th February 2014

I've come to conclusion my camera is rubbish at indoor shots...............oh and btw ........the wall lamp hadn't spontaneously caught fire.

I visited The London Bike Show at the weekend and saw some very nice kit much so quite a large chunk was nicked in the early hours of Monday morning (17/02/14).

Courtesy of

Sunday, 16th February 2014

Horley - Bletchingley - Reigate

 William IV Bletchingley

With the evidence of last Sunday in mind, preparations for this ride included the provision of navigation charts, emergency flotation aids, flares and entonox for Graham. I was not prepared for a cloudless, blue sky, warm sunshine and a balmy breeze. Instead of adventure on the high seas, we had a gentle pootle in the Surrey countryside, with nary a flood or fallen tree to impede our leisurely progress.

Ray and Geoff
The first navigational challenge for some was to pinpoint Reigate Old Town Hall as the meeting point. Geoff was there, as was Ray, with his spanking new Pinnacle on proud display. Others managed to mislay their sense of orientation, with or without the help of sat-navs, and made their separate ways to Horley. Waitrose was teeming with lycra, not all fortunately adorning riders of C&M; some belonged to Anerley Bicycle Club, present in great number. Thus, fifteen set forth for Bletchingley, more than the half dozen I had warned William IV to expect, with our Rides Sec. Andy left behind still chatting to ABC

With conditions so clement we made far more rapid progress than I had anticipated through Smallfield and Blindley Heath and strove to rein in the pace. However, by Tilburstow Hill Road it was clear that some circumambulation was required; we therefore spurned the hill and headed east towards Crowhurst, before tacking to head north towards Godstone and approach Tilburstow Hill from the opposite direction. With energy to spare some sprinted up the hill to overshoot the only right turn, Rabies Heath Road, to Bletchingley.  A duo went ahead and warned the pub of our impending arrival with numbers greater than predicted.

This very attractive low-beamed Victorian pub is cosy with just two small bars. We filled the vacant tables and were given a warm welcome. The food was of excellent quality and value, served promptly with the landlord attentive to our needs. Good beer well kept, the Cornish Tribute proving popular. The pub was bought by Youngs in 2006 and nearly sold by them for residential conversion in 2012. The application was thankfully rejected by Tandridge District Council. Shame on Youngs!
After a relaxed lunch, some decided to head for home in sunlight, while others chose the very short downhill ride through Merstham to the Reigate Garden Centre. It was very early for tea, with our lunch still a recent memory, but with time to spare, a fair few were prepared to face trial by tea and cake. Inside we found Matt, for whom the lure of the quilt had proved too great to join us on our ride. Then it was time to go our separate ways. The Cateye told me that I had done 42 miles, though others will have notched up more than a half century, modest perhaps but not too bad for a jet-stream dominated mid-February.


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday February 9 2014 - The Ride

"Gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not there". Here's Paul's description of what you missed.

Thanks to Dave for filling in as the leader and using his Satnav to get us to Dorney Court Café. So four of us rode off and a few miles later the Hampton man left us. The route took us through Sunbury-On-Thames, Laleham, Staines-Upon-Thames and out to the first of the floods at Welley Road. The first one was only a short distance so we were able to ride on the pavement through the edge of the water. The end of this road and our left turn was under quite a bit of water. A few cars ploughed through the water and once the traffic had stopped we were able to walk round the edge of the road on the soggy grass and continue on our journey. It looks like the silver car in the picture had stopped in the water with its hazard lights on. We came from the right where the cyclists are heading. Further down the road it was flooded again but there was no stopping us as we lined up with the middle of the road and ploughed through. Pococks Lane was the last flooded road we came across. It was more like a river and we were on the towpath than a road so I thought another picture was in order. It was fairly straight forward from here past Eton College and across the very windy Dorney Common to a warm drink and cake at the café.

The group were happy to head for home after this stop, but just before we left we met another, I think Cheam and Morden rider, but I don’t know his name. He rode with us for most of the way back to Heathrow. The return leg sent us back across Dorney Common, past Eton College and over the river up towards Slough to avoid the floods. From there we headed down to Datchet, round the north side of the Queen Mother Reservoir, past Colnbrook and past Heathrow airport. When we got to Feltham I parted company with Dave and Helene, turned right and headed for Walton Bridge and home, while Dave and Helene turned left.

Door to door was 53 miles for me.

Sunday February 9 2014 - The Shortest Ride?

This tale is mainly for the four hardy souls (Dave, Helene, Paul, and Hampton Man) who turned up at Hampton Court expecting a ride and were left wondering what the hell happened.

Within 20 yards of starting, a strong gust of wind caused me to hit some street furniture. I didn't fall when my right arm took the brute of the collision. Across the road outside the Mitre, I told the others to carry on. The towpath was six inches under and the cause of a second tumble so I retreated back to the pavements. Having no means of stopping and not much of steering, I deemed it safest to walk from Kingston centre to home.

Nevada June 19 2001 come to mind as the pain intensified Fortunately nobody else in A&E looked remotely sick so I was fasttracked. Same shoulder, Same complete dislocation. After arm wrestling which left me in agony, they applied a KO and I woke up feeling a whole lot better. Full marks to NHS as it only took three hours. If you get a chance, try Entonox (?, gas/air mix) - it doesn't do much for pain, but far better anything I tried back in the 60s and 70s.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Tomorrow' Ride

Dave is indisposed. It's possible that he won't be able to lead tomorrow's ride.

I'm happy to lead from the start to Dorney. My bit of string tells me that's 20 miles, and perhaps 55 miles were we to return Hampton Court via Hedgerley. So big mileages for this time of year.

Roads may be impassible but the weatherman says after overnight rain it'll be a dry but windy (gusts over 40mph). I propose a council of war at Dorney. Come equip with ideas; I'll bring the maps.

It's only 10 minutes away on foot so I'll pop along to this

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sunday, 2nd February 2014

 Addlestone - Winkfield Row - Upper Halliford

 The Cricketers, Hayley Green
 The team  ready for the afternoon session outside the new pavilion after lunch at the Cricketers.

 A guest appearance from Lisa as the Cheam & Morden take to the table
Sunday 2nd February 2014 - a wonderful sunny day!!

The Golden Cafe in Addlestone must have had quite a shock to see such a large gathering of cyclists this morning, I did!   Not all eating breakfasts; tea or coffee only for some!   By the time we left I had counted 21 C+M'ers, some leaving for home or? and 16 of us for the Cricketers pub in Hayley Green!   My apologies if I cannot count!!

Once outside I called the pub to let them know how many of us to expect and then we were on our way.   A direct route via Ottershaw, Chobham and Windlesham.  Across the A30  into Sunninghill Road to Ascot where we turned right and then left along A330, over the twin roundabouts, into Winkfield Road before turning left into Forest Road leading us to the pub in Cricketers Lane.  It was great to see Lisa, another C+M member, already waiting to join us for lunch. 

We were looked after well by the staff and was back on the road by 2.15.  Would have been sooner if the leader had remembered she was leading !!   I guess the route to tea was no surprise to the regular Sunday riders!    It was via Ascot race course, Windsor Great Park, Egham, Thorpe, Chertsey, Shepperton to Halliford Squires.   It was with fingers crossed upon our arrival at Squires for the time had raced on to 4pm....due to the fact that Richard had punctured as we left Windsor Great Park!    There was no need to be concerned after all for the tea shop was open until  4.30pm :)

At least nine of us stopped for tea and cakes.....a very pleasant end to a very pleasant day!  Thanks to all who joined me, and my special thanks to Tony for being back marker.

Pam :) :)