Monday, October 30, 2017


Another Squires, another elevenses!  This week we were at Hersham.  Fourteen gathered for elevenses, eleven stayed out for the day.   For the register....Alan, Don and Bob went their own way, albeit Alan did ride into Cobham with us.  Irene, Tony, Ed, Chris, Graham, Mick, Ray, Vic, Niall and Michi stayed with me.

Out to Severn Hills Road, past Notre Dame school into Cobham.  Then via much travelled lanes to Hungry Hill, turning into  Tithebarnes Lane traversing around Send via Woodhill and Potters Lane. Then Old Woking Road which led us to Maybury Hill and on to Wetherspoons  arriving not much after 12.30.   This gave us plenty of time to chat, also time to look at the 'road art', in the memory of H.G.Wells.

From Woking our route to Shepperton took us through more lanes to Horsell, skirting Chobham via Horsell Common Road, Philpot Lane, Stonehill Road to Chertsey.  Across Chertsey Bridge into Shepperton for tea at CafĂ© Mocha which has moved a little further along the High Street.  
Niall and Mitchi opted out of the tea stop, great having you both along on the ride today..... My thanks to Tony for offering to be back marker and for the photo....and, of course, to all for being there nd making it such an enjoyable day
Pam :) :) :)

Monday, October 23, 2017

October 22 2017

I feared worse but Storm Brian left us with blustery but bright weather, so no chance we would be emulating Sir Cloudesley Shovel on this day (OS) in 1707 .

Fourteen reached the Vineries; by 11.15 ten were ready more or less to continue on an obvious route along Orestan and Calvert Roads to the A246. Green Dene was officially closed but seemingly not to anyone who wanted to use it; something important - a rough surface and men in orange close to the sawmill turn-off. Down Coombe Bottom, through busy Shere and up the other side brought us to the railway bridge where we joined the Hilly 50 route. Thankfully there was only one car in Hoe Lane and it waited at the top of the climb. Leaving the course close to the Volunteer we reached The Royal Oak Holmbury St Mary spot on 1230. After initial confusion (loads of walkers) most settled for something substantial if I include child's portions.

After lunch our force divided with seven taking the official route along Sutton, Donkey and Hollow Lanes to the A25. Here Terry took over to lead us via NCN 22 to his abode in Dorking for tea and cake. A rather modest 48 miles door to door.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

15 October - Waifs and Strays at Effingham

An Inadvertent Alternative Ride

The alert among those convening at the Pheasantry on 15 October will have noticed a discrepancy in the attendance recorded. Numbers seem to have been swelled by a quintet of ghost riders, for whom the lure of Effingham, if not of the C&M blog,  proved irresistible.  Fearing that some calamity might have befallen their comrades, their investigation on the w.w.w revealed the gulf between Teddington and Effingham. Never mind. We shall make up for it . If you have overlooked the attendance record, do not forget to click on the newly minted 2018 tab.

I have done my best to divine the attendance status of the Pheasanteers from Tony's report and Dave's snap. Please let me know if my deductions may be found in any way wanting.

So it is Effingham on the 22nd. Don't get blown off course.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The ride is changed from that published in the paper version of Sou'Wester.

11's is Effingham Vineries, Lunch is at Holmbury St Mary and tea at Pilgrims cycles West Humble.

Sunday the 15th October   

A new 11’s venue this Sunday, the Pheasantry Bushy Park. A pleasant setting, they have and indoor/out and a separate outdoor cafe, when I arrived Graham was already sitting in the outdoor cafe. Gradually numbers increased to around 12. It was nice to see Frank and Francoise out with us. A nice surprise was that Simon and Lis joined us for 11’s but alas were not able to come to lunch.

On leaving the car park to take an off road track to the Hampton court main gate we bumped into Alan Anderson who had gone to the indoor cafe all alone, my fault for not checking, sorry Alan.

Skirting the the A309 and  the A307as much as I could to turn left at Cobham into Fairmile Lane and a left into Miles lane, Knipp hill and a roundabout way Blundel lane and across the A245 into the Tilt, then across Cobham park to Downside and into Horsley rd and a right turn at the Drift and onto Ockham. Missin Hungry Hill and a left up Grove Heath road , Portsmouth road to lunch at the Saddlers arms where Dave Ward was already seated outside. John and Carolyn didn't stop for lunch.

Ray had had a mechanical and a arrived a touch later, also Alan had departed for home as usual. The food arrived very intermittently and was basic but welcome.  Dave made his own way from here. Off now to tea at Squires Upper Halliford via Send, Pyrford, West Byfleet, where Terry left us, and Woodham, Row Town and Adlestone and across the moor to Chertsey bridge and the short ride to tea.

It was very pleasant sitting outside in the warm even if there was no Sun. A pleasant Sundays cycling thank you all who joined me.

Photo Courtesy Dave Ward


Thursday, October 12, 2017

I M P O R T A N T--R I D E --C H A N G E

The ride on Sunday the 15th October will now be the ride that was billed for the 22nd October and vica versa.

11's at the Pheasantry Bush Park.
Lunch at the Saddlers Arms Send Marsh.
Tea at Squires Upper Haliford, this is a change from that listed.
The Leader is Tony Hopkins.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sunday October 8 2017

As an official ride It's best I document it! but a short ride (<15 miles) merits no more than a short report.

Ed was the official leader but his mind was on other matters so I deputised. The eighteen at Sainsburys Cobham showed no inclination to leave but leave we did sometime after 11. Our ride headed for Downside and Bookham Common. For a change we exited in Little Bookham. The general store was closed (permanently?) but Ye Olde Windsor Castle appeared open for business. Further south are hills so next we turned left for the long downhill through Fetcham and past the pond. The short rise from the Leatherhead Pumping Station got us to lunch in The Edmund Tylney aka Wetherspoon's.

Once again there was reluctance to leave. I jettisoned plans of offroading and settled for the obvious : Ashtead, A24, left towards the Wells, Stamford Green and Horton Park. We were 10 minutes late for the AGM; no matter as this proved to be the quietest in a long while.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

C&M AGM Sun 8 Oct 2017

Prior to Ed hosting the AGM and providing the usual delicious homemade cakes lunch was taken at Wetherspoons Leatherhead with a large turnout having had elevenses at Cobham. Photo below shows a number of dinners prior to setting off for Ed's lead by Graham who will issue the MOM.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

It is a dead heat

A Result
In the light of nuggets now mined from the deepest recesses of the C&M collective memory, we have a result. It is a dead heat between Ed and Graham. I cannot remember this having happened before, at least not in my time. It takes a lot to compete with Ed on this front. It should also be noted that, although Graham posted the ride report for 16 April, 2017, the leader was Dave Ward.
So congratulations to Ed and Graham.

This result will no doubt be formally presented to Sunday's AGM, which I am sure that you will all be attending. The main item on the agenda may be: how to apportion the winning lunch to the Siamese gold medal winners? We may need Herr Junker or M. Michel Barnier to adjudicate. This might need referral to the supranational authority of the European Court of Justice, unless Boris Johnson objects. Otherwise, we shall decide for ourselves.



Random cycle touring image for test purposes.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Attendance - Urgent - Who was there on Easter Sunday, 16 April 2017?

Dear All,

Please ransack your memories. 

Our attendance record is blank for 16 April 2017. There was a ride, led by Graham Dave Ward, from Polesden Lacey to Godalming and Ripley. I have copied the ride report and map below, from which we can identify Graham and Keith as riders on that day. We know that there were 8 at Polesden Lacey and 5 at Godalming. Who else was on that ride? The report and map should jog your memory (though there is nothing like a photo).

This is of some significance, as if Ed was on that ride, he pips the attendance competition by two points. If he was not there, we have a dead heat between Graham and Ed, both on 81 points. This might mean they have to share the free lunch: mains course for one, dessert for the other. We want to avoid this at all costs.

 We need to know this before the AGM next Sunday, so please rack your brains.


P.S. Perhaps Graham could copy and circulate this request to those on his circulation list.

Sunday April 16 2017

Sunday dawned sunny but with a biting wind which plagued us all day.  Eight members gathered at Polesden Lacey for elevenses and five hardy souls continued to Godalming. The ride to lunch took us along five off road sections including a long section of the North Downs Way.   Given the recent dry spell, there was no problem with mud and our road bikes coped admirably, although Keith was taking no chances on his mountain bike!   The ascent of Shere Road was slipped in to give a bit of relief from all the rough stuff!
Lunch was served with the usual efficiency at Godalming Wetherspoons and we then set off  via Mount Browne and the towpath to the Wooden Horse, eventually ending up at Ripley for tea after a quirky route to Jacobs Well and the A3 path.   With another two off road sections from lunch to tea and the two I also rode to 11's and from tea, that makes nine in one club ride (including two sewage works paths). Is this a record?

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sunday 1st October

Irene, Lilian, Alan, David W, Ed, Graham, Paul, Terry and Vic met at West Clandon Garden Centre in unpromising weather conditions. Alan and Graham came no further. To avoid a muddy track and wrath of party I chose to go to the outskirts of Guildford, then turned south into Tangier Road. This led to One Tree Hill Road and a duplication of last week’s route to Chilwoth. Irene left us here. A fairly quiet run through Wonersh and Bramley brought us to the A3100 until we could turn onto the B3000 to Compton and Puttenham. After crossing the A31 another decision had to be made – Christmas Pie Trail or main road ? I opted for main road and a happy party. We had lunch at The Royal Oak, Wood Street which was good and generous. The landlord apologised for delay (not that bad) and hoped to see us again.

The weather was still fine when we left. Our homeward route was fairly straightforward – Aldershot Road, Gravetts Lane, Keens Lane and Cumberland Avenue led to Saltbox Road and Jacobs Well, then alongside the A3. A brief discussion unanimously decided Pinnock’s at Ripley would be ideal for tea, and so it proved, after which we made our separate ways home.

Thanks to all for company and tec (assorted), hope you all got home dry (better than we were led to believe).


Attendance Record - 1 Oct 2016 to 30 Sept 2017

Present or Absent?

The Cheam and Morden Attendance Year has now run its full course There are now no more points to be gained, however hard you try. Except of course that the record is still subject to audit and it is very tight at the top. There are gaps. For example, the scorekeeper was unable to identify the rider in a yellow top in the bottom right corner of the photo at Great Cockrow on 17 September. Stand up please and be identified. As the scorekeeper is no longer the diligent attender on every ride that he used to be, he now relies on a combination of ride reports and photographic evidence to fill in the blanks. He has in the past asked for help by posting comments at the end of ride reports. These are ignored. For some reason, the photographer rarely appears in the photo.

You are therefore exhorted to click on the C&M attendance tab on the blog and carry out your own audit, to ensure that no attendance of yours has been omitted. The responsibility is yours, even though that is unlikely to affect the final outcome. But let us be accurate. 

If there is any omission or inaccuracy please speak now or forever hold your peace. Today's ride (1st October) is the first of the new attendance year, so now is your chance to ride for glory - and a free lunch at the C&M annual beanfeast in the New Year.

The Scorekeeper.