Monday, June 30, 2008

29 June 08

Planning the next move at Buckland, Squires
Rustic fare at the Plough, Rusper
Ease up a bit, guys! This is supposed to be fun!

Tea and cake at the Church of St John, N. Holmwood
I have compressed these photos so I hope that they do not take too long to download. Please let me know if any problem. I liked the tea so much that I decided to go back, with the added incentive of having left my shoulder bag behind under the chair. St John was looking after it as was the vicar, to whom most grateful thanks!
Ride report to follow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brockham Church 4 T N Cake

To go with the tea and cake enjoyed by the few and to complement the hew and radiance of the party one picture of Raasay and his crew,

Sunday 22nd June 2008

Some days are action packed and some are not; this one sat firmly in the latter camp. On a breezy and initially overcast day Ed led semi-regulars (Daphne, Pete, Frank, Francoise, and Stephanie) down Pebblecombe and through Brockham, Leigh and Norwood Hill to Hookwood Tesco - a mistake soon rectified. At Horley Waitrose they joined the newly arrived Graham. Only Ed and Graham were out for the day so next it was down NCN 21 to the world marbles capital, left around Crawley and up to Turners Hill. Less then three miles further on lay the lunch stop, The Cat, West Hoathly. More accurately lunch was eaten in the churchyard with drinks afterwards at the Cat. The only memorable incident of the day was a buzzard flying in the valley behind the church. Back it was to Turners Hill then straight on to Crawley Down. We took the back road to the Hedgehog followed by Downlands Lane to Smallfield. Offroading along the Surrey Cycleway led us back to Horley and Leigh. Tea was at Brockham Church where Irene, Pam and Mike Morley were already enjoying the fare in the ever improving though still windy conditions. Around 75 miles.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swans at L'Head

Picture from Pam

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday 15th June 2008

Back to moi for our annual trip to W'spoons Godalming.
6 at NC including Rachel C last seen on my (other) run two weeks ago. A convoluted route avoiding Epsom brought us to the Malden Rushett road and a favourite of mine - the track through Oxshott Woods and the private roads leading to Cobham.
Just after the still boarded up Hautboy, Tony turned back complaining of feeling unwell.
We were soon climbing up Staple Lane and the NDW to Newlands Corner. There waiting for us - Graham, Pete M, Ray and Keith.
Once described as "a red-bricked surbuban building" by Jonathan Glancey writing a piece for The Guardian.,,670901,00.html
My recollection goes back to at least 1985 when it was a wooden shack with cycling pictures on the walls.
A sunny morning up to now, but the cloud gradually began filling the sky making it decidedly chilly for mid-June.
More NDW to Pewley Down and a steep descent to Shalford Park, across the Wey, Ferry Lane and the minor road to Littleton.
Everybody got their wallets/purses out - including me! - at The Jack Phillips, except GH. An enjoyable tuna ciabatta - an affordable £2.99.
A delightful ride to Abinger via Thorncombe Street, Gatestreet, Stroud Common and Farley Heath.
Tea and Victoria Sponge a pricey £3.70 but probably worth it.

The only photo opportunity of the day was provided at a brief stop, to admire the cygnets by the pond on the cyclepath leading into Leatherhead.

However, Picasa has produced severely overexposed pictures due to the very bright sun reflecting off the adult swans' plumage.

In place, see your CTC Councillor Simon L4 taking a break from leadership duties -Tatsfield Church, 11th May this year.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday 8 June 08

Mid-morning tea at Christmas Tree Farm, Downe
Aaagh! - Andy and friend - Rheally took a shine to him!

Twitton lunch at the Rising Sun
Tea at Farleigh Church - getting away from it all.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday 8th June 2008

After a search conducted on hands and knees, Hunt My Contact Lens at North Cheam was won by Keith. As replacement leader his route took us (Andrew, Graham, Tony) through Sutton, Carshalton and South Croydon to West Wickham where we met up with Jeff. Via Jackass Lane we reached Leaves Green and Downe where Christmas Tree Farm was an open second choice. After making a shrewd guess, Andy arrived to replace the departing Andrew while we were entertained by two inquisitive rheas, and a show by two mallards which left the female limping. Thanks to the Biggin Hill Airshow, High Elms Road was temporarily one way(against us) and choked with stationary traffic. We detoured to Chelsfield and Well Hill before descending to Twitton where lunch was at The Rising Sun - clearly a cyclists' haunt but no food.

Eventually we were off only to halt before the M25 for a puncture - Andy! We headed up the hill into Knockholt and along the flat to The Spinning Wheel. Here we split only to rejoin near Tatsfield Church; winners - the off-roaders using Chestnut Avenue. For a change a crowded Farleigh Church was reached via the Croydon Road. After another leisurely break, we left around five - well four of us did. Naturally Andy was the one left fixing a puncture. South Croydon saw the parting of our ways. Not far but in high temperatures, enough.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday 1st June 2008

I know there were 18 at 11's including the infrequent - Mike Fry, Janice Dawes, both Petes and Ray Dare. Rachel who I have only ever seen at the club lunch was also present at the spacious Rusper Golf Club where most golfers were still hitting a ball somewhere.
Still with 13 following, I took a direct route - Colgate, St Leonards Forest, Hammer Ponds to lunch at .
Ciabatta seemed to be the choice of the hungry while I had a go at repairing/adjusting/servicing Richard's front derailleur. Metal fatigue had caused the component to split in half. Low end Campag, probably mass produced in China, combined with Richard's lack of basic maintenence skills meant the problem remained undetected for a number of months.
A short puncture (Jeff) delay and we were away along the B road then NE to Staplefield. Still NE and more quiet B road to Turners Hill, left to Tulleys Farm (pot of tea for two-£2.25).
Home via Horley, NCN 22 to Redhill, Wray Lane, A217 and an Epsom Downs preparing for Saturday's Derby.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday 1 June '08

11's at Rusper Golf Club

Lunch at Warninglid

How many does it take to....
Ride report to follow.