Saturday, November 30, 2019

A Chance to See the Last of the Autumn Leaves....

It should be fine but cold for Sunday's ride from Polesden Lacey to Epsom.    I'll decide the route from 11's to lunch depending on who is out, but there's always an option for an easy ride to lunch anyway, and you're also welcome to join us just for lunch (please save us a table if you get there before us)!

I'm not promising, but, if anyone is interested, we could try the higher Norbury Park route (from Crabtree Lane), but there won't be any unsurfaced, off-road riding whatever happens!

This would make a nice, long morning ride if you don't want lunch, or want an early bath, but I don't plan to be out late into the afternoon anyway!

If you'd like to meet me at Cobham or Leatherhead to ride to elevenses at Poleseden Lacey then let me know.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sunday 17 November - Whiteout?

I cannot believe that this ghost ride to Stoke D'Abernon, Holmbury St Mary and Pilgrim Cycles was a white-out.

Can somebody please provide some snippets of information and an identity parade?

Gone, alas, are the days when I was on every ride. Four score years of determined and unremitting abuse do take a toll on the knees. I do now rely on leaders' ride reports.


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday 24 Nov - Addlestone - Windlesham - Shepperton

The manifesto for the ride said "Autumn Extravaganza" - who could resist?   Well, quite a few, as it turned out.   Autumn was firmly in charge, with a dank and misty ride to elevenses.   Despite my glowing advert for the ride, only four had gathered at Addlestone by 10.30, but this doubled by the time we left to a respectable, if not massive, peloton.   We were pleased to be joined by Gemma, who rode with the C&M a few times in May prior to a charity ride from Brussels to Frankfurt.

It started simply enough via Ottershaw and down Stonehills road.   By now it was bright but cloudy.  The sun came out briefly but didn't make much of an impression.  After that the  route plan was simple: avoid the direct route.   A zigzag circuit through the lanes led us almost a complete circuit around Chobham, back to the main road at Burrowhill before attempting the not-very Steep Hill, and another loop through more lanes, decidedly less leafy than a week ago, led us eventually to Windlesham and lunch.   We were served quickly with good food, and we were on our way before 2pm.

The Magnificent Eight
(Vic & Simon not pictured)
I had a nice bit of off-road lined up to start the afternoon, but in view of the heavy rain last night, I saved it for another day, so it was avenues of mansions leading through Sunninghill and into Windsor Great Park, where we took our chances with walkers and dogs around Virginia Water for some more autumnal views.  Pretty straightforward riding back from there to Chertsey and to the Ferry Cafe at Shepperton for tea and cake.   A nice day out with good company, no rain, and very few potholes.  Thank you all for your company, and especially to David W and Graham for back-marking.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Autumn Extravaganza - next Sunday 24 Nov

A Tree
Well, all our rides are extravaganzas in a way, but the Autumn colours are particularly good at the moment, so next week's ride is designed to visit some of Surrey's finest (lanes that is, not hills).  If the sun comes out it will be extra-special!

The peloton gathers for Elevenses at Addlestone - the Golden Cafe, and leaves (geddit?) at 11, proceeding at our usual steady pace (about 13mph on the flat) to The Sun at Windlesham.   About 18 miles via a series of leafy lanes to lunch, and then another 15 miles back to tea at Shepperton (Ferry Cafe).  Bring some lights if you're riding home from tea.

You're invited - hope you can join us:

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Capel Teas 2020

Out yesterday morning I was musing how nice it would be if Capel had a cafe (because Henfold was really too far past halfway on my ride) when I spotted the Coffee Morning sign outside Capel church. As well as a warm welcome, good coffee and cake I was also given a copy of next years tea dates.

Monday, November 11, 2019

C&M Sunday the 10th Nov

C&M Sunday the 10th Nov, 11's at Chertsey.. Leading the ride we set off along Guildford street, just after the roundabout we turned right onto NCN4 and a bit of off road, within 3 metres a stick caught in my rear derailleur sending it up into my wheel and splitting the rear derailleur hanger, see pic. Luckily we were only 3 minutes walk from Chertsey station. Dave W kindly took over as ride leader.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday 10 Nov 2019 - Chertsey & Windlesham

A funny old day in more ways than one!   For a start, it wasn't raining when I set off for elevenses, and it stayed fine and sunny all day!   Secondly,  all tables in our chosen elevenses venue in Chertsey were already taken by 10.00 am when I arrived, and we had to quickly find an alternative.   Just down the road I came across Revive, to all appearances a normal coffee shop, and Tony quickly sent out a Whatsapp message to advise everyone.    It turned out Revive does open as a coffee shop from Monday to Saturday, but holds a church service on Sunday mornings!    Nevertheless, they welcomed us in and provided coffee at no charge (we did make donations).   If you're ever in the area, I strongly recommend you give the Revive cafe a try.   The church community do many good works and deserve our support.

The third bizarre event of the day was a freak accident to Tony's rear mech as we were taking the Goggins Farm shared path alongside the River Bourne in Chertsey.  A twig apparently got caught in it and Tony's ride was over for the day!   Fortunately, there did appear to be a convenient train service.

That left me to take over as leader, and I quickly came up with a route via St Ann's Hill, Lyne, Staple Hill and Chestnut Lane to Windlesham.   The autumn trees were at their best in the glorious  sunshine, but I can't take any credit for carefully planning a scenic ride!

As usual, The Sun offered us a warm welcome, good menu choices and prices, and friendly service, and everyone was very satisfied.   That should have set us up nicely for an easy ride home via Sparrow Row, Gracious Pond and Addlestone, but the fickle finger of fate intervened once more, with Graham having to return to the pub for forgotten items, and Ray Wren's front wheel developing 'issues'!   We still got to Addlestone in time for some to stop for tea, while Graham and and I rode Ray back to a bike shop in Walton.

Graham, Ray, Ed, Ray, Vic, Maureen and I did the whole ride, and Bob, Terry and David Vine joined us for elevenses only.   I hope you all enjoyed the ride despite the surfeit of 'incident's!

Monday, November 04, 2019