Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday July 31 2017

Flooded roads and the threat of rain have jinxed this ride in the past two years so I did hope for better this time, but the very large puddles I had to dodge after risking life and limb to cross the Pru Ride London route did not bode well!   Nevertheless, Tony, Ray Wren and Graham were not deterred and joined me in the sunshine at Sunbury.    We took a quirky route close to the western perimeter of Heathrow, and Tony helped us cut off a corner into Harmondsworth, from where it was a straight road to Uxbridge.  Several members were missing with cast iron excuses, but Pam, Irene, Lillian were already ensconced in Wetherspoons when we arrived.

The route to Hedgerley was not a long one but the clouds were gathering all the while and we had to to struggle through undergrowth on the Denham roundabout and minor floods at Tatling Lane.  Despite this, we made it to the shelter of the White Horse just in time to miss two very heavy showers.

After a good lunch we toiled up Hedgerley Hill where Ray detected bottom bracket trouble.   He bravely soldiered on with us past the Genevieve ford and many splendored Pinewood and through the eastern outskirts of Slough.  Tea was not possible at Vermeulens, the obvious stop, as it was closed for the day, so we soldiered on to Shepperton's Cafe Mocha, avoiding the centre of Ashford thanks to Graham this time.   Rain threatened again but we made it to tea in the dry.   Thanks to all for good company and we'll hope for better weather next year!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday the 30th July Changes

This Sunday the 30th is Ride London so meeting at Hampton Court is now NOT viable. So the new meeting point is the Walled Garden Sunbury at 8.45am.

11's is still the Good Yarn Uxbridge and lunch at The White Horse Hedgerley. Vermuelens will be closed all day on the 30th so tea will be at Walton Bridge.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fingest or.....

I arrived at Windsor garden cafe and some had already arrived. The first time C&M have used this venue, I have been here a few time.  Pam, Irene, Lillian, Ed and Graham were already enjoying beverages. Dave then turned up, late for him, but he had already been to Wetherspoons for breakfast. Vic and Paul also arrived.
Because of the weather forecast for rain around lunchtime I asked for opinions on a change of lunch venue, somewhere nearer so home would be easier in the impending rain, all agreed. With no real destination we set off, following my original route towards Marlow. Maidenhead, (Dave left us here) Cookham and into Terry's lane and onto Winter Hill then Grubwood lane and Winter Hill road to Pinkneys Green and through Maidenhead to Bray and Monkey Island to Dorney and lunch alfresco, but undercover, (no tables inside) at the Palmer Arms pub. Service was good and the majority had child's portion Sunday roasts!

A suggestion by Ed for tea at Vermeulens (now apparently Stanwell Moor Farm Shop And Cafe) was agreed by all and off we set. Tea outside in the warm Sun (b&$£% weather forecasts) and dispersal for home, still 58 miles for me and home early. Thank you all for you company and sorry we didn't get to Fingest.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sunday 16th July 2017


There was a  nice manageable number at Bourne G.C. for todays ride.  Bill, Margaret, Don, Alan and Bob made their own way from elevenses whilst Irene, Graham, Ed, Vic, Terry, Dave Ward and John Bellamy continued to lunch where Chris joined us.

My intention was to turn right out of the garden centre, over the hill to Woodham Park Road thence along the A247 to Monument Road to join the Basingstoke canal.  Vic came up with a good suggestion, hence we took the off road track on the right at the bottom of the hill leading us to join my route on the A247, with cycle lane.   Thanks Vic, nice one!

Upon leaving the canal at Brookwood we turned right into Cemetery Pales to Pirbright; A324, Cobbett Hill Road, Frog Grove Lane, into The Royal Oak for lunch where we were well looked after.  

We departed some time later, turning right out of the pub then another right onto a  bridle path taking us to Applegarth Avenue.  After a couple of roundabouts it was into Guildford University, exiting on to Walnut Tree Close.  Here one has to look out for a gap between the buildings, opposite the station, which took us over the River Wey into Guildford next to the cinema.  One or two lefts and rights, a walk across the A322, then a couple more lefts and rights lead us into Nightingales Lane where we turned into Stoke Park.

Yes.....we did go along the River Wey to the A3 cycle route!   Not so bad when one is looking forward to stopping for tea at Pinnocks in Ripley!   Lot's to chat about - as well as the Tour de France!!!

A very enjoyable day, thanks all for joining me and especially for back markers and corner markers. The only photo I am aware of is the one Dave took and put on his Strava!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sunday July 16

Rather belatedly!

Another glorious day, so good that Alan and I were ten minutes early at Runnymede. Ten arrived but only eight departed. The outward journey needed to be stretched so Ed took in Windsor, Eton, Dorney and Maidenhead before turning south to Bray. The White Hart in Moneyrow Green had plenty of beer (festival) but no food. On their advice we retreated to The George On Th Green in nearby Holyport. With no trenchermen present we settled for starters from the limited menu.

A change of teastop was debated. We headed along B3024, passedthe  Liz and Phil looking distinctly aged to Dedworth and Clewer. Here we used the road bridge (only climb of the day) to reach the towpath on the north side of the Thames. And then the very familiar: Eton, Datchet, Wraysbury, Staines, Laleham for a final stop at Cafe Mocha in Shepperton. Just under 60 miles door to door.

Two points: Ed, Graham, Irene,Lillian,Pam,Terry,Tony, Vic
One point: Alan,Bob

Monday, July 03, 2017

Sunday July 2 2017

This was a perfect day for cycling, not too hot, not too cold. All (most?) made it to the revised 11s (Elm Nursery), a smallish venue made more crowded by a Food and Craft Fair. We bade farewell to Bob and Don on the restart, and to Alan and Tony shortly afterwards at Jacobs Well. Beside the Wooden Bridge we crossed over Guildford's two "bypasses"  (A3 and A25) and continued to the station where Ed and Lilian were standing with backs to the traffic! Short use of NCN22 was ended besides the waterworks/church in Shalford and a direct route (Peasmarsh / crematorium) found us in Farncombe and amongst hills. Behind Godalming station we were urged on by descending traffic despite this being a footpath (though tarmaced). Business must be good for The Supervet and another Channel 4 series in prospect as a massive extension is under way. With time to spare, Eashing's Grade 1 listed double bridge came next. To the surprise of all (except perhaps Irene) - just before A3, we took a "hidden" bridleway to The Squirrel with raised voices being heard on the short sandy section. All that remained was the swift descent from Norney to Elstead. Within a minute of our arrival at The Golden Fleece we were joined by Terry (family duties) making eight for lunch.

A quick drink and a packet of crisps and Dave was off; the rest lingered alfresco for a further hour before leaving. The Wey was crossed for a sixth(! but not final) time. Cut Mill and Shackleford and the familiar route via Charterhouse, Farncombe (Chris disappears!), Loseley, Guildford (Chris reappears!!) and the A3 led to a leisurely tea stop at Pinnocks in Ripley. 65+ miles door to door.

2 points : GFH, Dave W, Chris, Ed, Irene, Lillian, Pam, Vic
1 point  : Alan, Bob, Don, Terry, Tony