Thursday, October 28, 2010

The AGM - 24 October

High Spot of the Day
Down to Earth

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday 24th October 2010

That's very strange - I wrote something on Sunday, the day the United Nations reached retirement age. But for some reason I failed to post it!

A bright but chilly start from North Cheam for the five including father and son, Chris and Liam. Ed was at his most devious seeking out Kiln Lane and the City of London school before dropping into Leatherhead on the A24. Then it was up the Bookhams and into Polesdon Lacey, uncrowded when we arrived. Gradually our ranks swelled to fourteen before an exit towards Burford Bridge. We were in for a surprise - a left turn setting up a photoshoot atop Box Hill. After taking the Pebblecombe plunge Leigh was soon in view for an alfresco lunch at The Plough.

The Coach Road and Gap got us back to Leatherhead where this time we used the footbridge into Ashtead for a second school meander. When we reached Ed's, two earlier birds were clamouring for the AGM (or more likely his cakes). At least we'd got there ahead on Steve and Ann. Mapless they'd reached the Seven Stars but after a phone call to Ed couldn't navigate the half mile to The Plough!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday 17th October 2010 (Completist version)

This was a day full of incident: two punctures for Francoise; close encounters for Frank (coathanger kind - entangling), John's rear light (motorcar kind - crunch) and Andy (solid barrier kind - ouch!).

As we set off there was a definite hint of winter but it stayed bright all day and even warm in the sun's rays. We sped towards Chertsey Bridge for a customary stop beside Laleham campsite then on to Staines where two joined. After Eton and Dorney we slithered between Burham and Slough (if that's possible) to reach the Beeches from the southwest. A glance at the computer told me 30+ miles, almost half the day's total.

The autumn tints weren't quite ready as we made the short 5-mile trek to a crowded White Horse in Hedgerley. On the wayback we paused before Fulmer to await a lagging trio: Ed and Andy but no Don so Dave sacrificed the lead and went in search (fruitless as it turned out). After Iver Heath, Iver and a timecheck we halted at Stanwell Moor Farm Shop (a cafe). Continuing through Ashford(Andy's nemesis), Sunbury and Hampton we dispersed in Bushy Park.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday 10th October 2010

I doubt I could have picked a better day for my first C&M lead. Cloudless skies and warm sun made for a perfect days cycling. Seven of us set off from Ashtead Pond to Henfold and our numbers rose to 13 for the run to lunch. Our outward route took us though Newdigate and Ockley and then down Mole Street and Standon Lane to Walliswood. There was some consternation in the ranks when I turned off-road up Lowerhouse Lane but the surface was firm and most signs of the recent monsoon had disappeared. Then along Lower Breache Road to Ewhurst Green and the Little Park Hatch at Cranleigh. A relaxed lunch was enjoyed in the garden before setting off for West Horsley via Shamley Green and Chinthurst Lane, taking the path through Shalford Park to approach Guildford.

Brian Greenwood

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tenth of the Tenth of the Tenth

Henfold - Newdigate - W. Horsley

A most auspicious ride in this season of mellow fruitfulness
The leader's table at the Little Park Hatch

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday October 3 2010

As I headed towards bed, the weather forecast did not bode well. But overnight there was a stay of execuion; it was overcast but with more than a hint of blue and sun. Six went through Ashstead to Leatherhad and up the Lower Road. By Effingham a spot or two of rain could be felt; to make matters worse a puddled Orestan Lane ensured that the unready were rewarded with wet feet. At 11s six eventually became fourteen with more tales of minor flooding and rain getting heavier by the minute. A constant drum on the garden centre roof meant there could be only one verdict : that's enough. For me, it was the right decision as it rained steadily all the way home.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Sunday 26th September 2010

Your correspondent this week is a recovering insomniac (chronic),however as I write,I'm in good spirits..............nearly 6 hours last night!
A cool day but a northerly wind helped me get up to Ranmore and a fast decent (Whitedown) to 11's at Shere and the Lucky Duck........hmmm....... the only lucky one here is the proprietor of this overpriced establishment.
Best value is the unlimited coffee at £2.10..........providing you have at least two cups........& the staff acknowledge your request for refills........grrr.
Simon led 14 to The Haven via the track through Gibbon's Mill where a large group appeared,mostly families on their mtbs.A nice sight on this distinctly autumnal day.
The ride to Capel went past in a flash.The wind had dropped by now and rain was in the air.The discussion inside the church was of that nasty jobsworth lock keeper at Shepperton and his dislike of cyclists.........or just Frank......who knows?
Going home,we all got a soaking...............summer 2010 is definately that I'll remember for different reasons.

60 miles from Ewell.