Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday 29 July

Of all the fine, warm, sunny Sundays we've had this summer I had to go and pick the wet, windy and cool one for my ride!   Undeterred, I battled the elements (and the Pru Ride) to elevenses at Clandon Park Garden Centre not expecting any company, but was very pleased to be joined there by Bob, Ed, Lilian, Graham, Vic and Lena Clarke.  We lingered over our scones hoping for an improvement in the weather but none came, so we reluctantly decided to commute the lunch destination to Wetherspoons at Guildford.  Wind and rain continued unabated as we rode there but traffic was unusually light at least until Guildford town centre.   We paused briefly and without envy en route to watch the Pru riders turning to ride up to Newlands Corner.  After lunch and mindful of the continuing rain some chose to take an alternative route home, but Vic and I set off to ride towards Ripley.  I left him at Wisley Church and headed off up Muddy Lane where I had to dismount and force my way through the path, which is now heavily overgrown with dripping brambles, timing my arrival at Byfleet perfectly just in time to watch the London-Surrey Classic go past!

Saturday, July 28, 2018


.....has just reopened. Unfortunately THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CAKE at the moment, they only seem to cater for people who want meals. They have had other cyclists visit who pointed out this grave error and are going to rectify it. Opening hours 9am - 9pm 7 day week.


Sunday, July 22, 2018


I was not expecting a large group today as some where on a tour down Southwest. So just 5 for 11's with Alan heading home as we left.

Uneventful ride to lunch apart from Graham having problems with keeping his front wheel secure. A very pleasant lunch in a busy garden at the Flower Pot pub.The food was good and served altogether in a reasonable time.

On leaving and we had the climb up to the main road and about half way up Graham stopped to re-tighten his front wheel only to discover the the axle had completely seized. We had no cone spanners or anything to loosen it. It was decided that Graham would walk back to the pub and we would continue. Ray having parked his car at Old Windsor would return and pick him up.

Now Graham had not bought his mobile phone with him!%^$%*  Hopefully lesson learnt! So we would ring the pub to check his progress.

On to tea at Dorney where we rang the pub and briefly spoke to Graham who agreed to wait for Ray. Graham had borrowed tools and loosened the cones but could only do them finger tight. Well Graham briefly waited then  decided to risk it and ride home!

Ray did drive back and searched for Graham but to no avail. So the moral of this tail is DON'T forget your mobile PHONE!

Still a pleasant day on the bike if somewhat...........


Four for lunch

Only 5 at the garden cafe Windsor, Alan headed home and the rest took the scenic route to the Flower pot at Aston.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

29 July 2018 - Change of Elevenses Venue

Because of a potential clash of routes with the Prudential Ride on 29 July I am going to change the elevenses venue from Squires West Horsley to Clandon Park Garden Centre.   This will also enable you to reach elevenses by train to Clandon if wished and so avoid the Pru Ride altogether!   Lunch venue unchanged.  Please pass this on to anyone without access to the blog.   Apologies and thanks

Dave W

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Pam's group photo


SUNDAY 15th JULY 2018

Twelve guys and gals met at the Garden Centre - David and Alan who didn't join the ride and Bob who took his own route to lunch, Graham, Simon, Vic, Terry, Ray, Paul, Rachel and Ged, plus myself!

We made our way to the Basingstoke canal by an off road route very close to the garden centre.  Wonderful shade all the way to the A332, Bagshot Road.  An enjoyable gradient down to Pirbright along Cemetery Pales, along the A324 turning into Cobbett Hill Road to the T.  a left and right, up the hill and into The Royal Oak for lunch where we sat at a well shaded table for lunch.

Bob joined us very soon after our arrival, Ged left us straight after lunch to get back to watch footie whilst the rest of us took our time getting back onto the was very hot!!   Bob made his own way home, hence rather less people in the 'after lunch' photo.

Very soon after leaving the pub we turned right onto part of the Christmas Pie Trail leading us to Applegarth Avenue. From this estate we cycled into the grounds of Guildford University, exiting onto Walnut Tree Close.  Then through a gap between buildings, almost opposite Guildford station, over the river Wey, past the Crown Court, weaving our way to enter Stoke Park off Nightingale Road.
Leaving the park we crossed the A25, past Spectrum Leisure Complex, under the M3 to join the trail along The Wey which led us to the path along side the A3 to Ripley where we all stopped for tea at Pinnocks.

My thanks to back marker Graham and to all for joining me on such a hot day; plus a day full of sporting events!!

Happy cycling, Pam :) :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday 8th July 2018

The heat may have frazzled my brain but as I recall:

Alan (11s), Bob (11s), Dave, Ed, Graham, Lillian, Pam, Ray, Terry, Vic

so SHOUT if anyone excluded/included!

The route: Upper Halliford - Ashford - Stanwell Moor - Eton - Dorney - M4 Crossing(N) - Maidenhead (via NCN 4) - Bray (via B3028) - M4 Crossing (S) - Jubilee River - Datchet

Did we have a photo shoot? Well not me! But here's one from Pam

And here's a sibling of the horse we encountered in April. It's near Oxshott (TQ146623) and viewable from the A3. Barbed wire and electric fence so not close-up of a horse's head standing on its nose!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Adsum or absum - 8 July 2018


Circumstances beyond my control keep me out of the saddle, out of the pedals and out of circulation.
Having been out of the country at no. 1 son's wedding, I celebrated the event by following a  murky pathway to join the dance, only to plunge into the darkness and break an ankle. No dancing. For those with a morbid interest in such things, the fracture was the common or garden lateral malleolus.

On my return (grateful thanks to the disabled services at Edinburgh and Gatwick airports) and having the fracture diagnosed and booted at our friendly Epsom District Hospital, my second thought was of course to update the C&M attendance record. But what happened on 8 July? A ghost ride, it seems. Who were the spectres to take to the road? Who can put flesh on the bones? Or was this really a ride of Medusa?

Please forgive the lame jokes. I'm not quite myself.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Please note that this weekss ride has been swapped and is now as follows.

11's Bourne GC Rowtown            
Lunch  The Royal Oak, Wood Street   

Tea  is at Pinnocks Ripley

Pam is leading..

Monday, July 02, 2018

July 1 2018 - Tismans Common

Today's destination in West Sussex is perhaps a ride too far so I was surprised that eleven turned up at Effingham's Vineries. Several (Alan, Bob, Maureen, Mike M) went no further as the bunch headed for the all too familiar "Dog Alley" and Green Dene. Just after the Irving church in Albury, Ed, Lilian and Pam continued on the A248 going who knows where. This left five (Graham, Dave, Ian, Simon, Terry) to climb to Winterfold via Farley Green. This is a longtime favourite and we were rewarded with just two passing cars. You know who fell off near the top but at least the landing was soft if prickly.

As usual Cranleigh was busy but not the way to the border and A281. The Mucky Duck was reached just before one for an alfresco lunch. There were two more escapees: Dave heading for his allotment, and Ian for Horsham station (without a map?) so only three enjoyed Capel's cakes. 65 very hot quiet miles door to door. 

Over the last two weeks the road between Downside and Bookham Common has been resurfaced. I do wonder who paid for it?