Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday 23rd December 2012

Flooding was evident in the fields north of Givons Grove today on this traditionally short ride to Walton's Chequers pub where the conversation covered the closing of Kingston's pubs (Graham),the  northerly extension of the Bluebell Railway (me),Jeff's remarkable weight loss........he now weighs little more than a new born baby (Jake) and the difference between stalactites and stalagmites..........tights (tites) come down......geddit?(Pete).
But little was known of Bob's involvement in a website dedicated to the recording of stained glass windows in the churches of South and East of England. 

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Eve........Eve ride 2012

Long shadows........shortest day on Friday :-(

Sunday 23rd December 2012
I would like to take a group photo at the Box Hill viewpoint (weather permitting) and arrive at the Chequers pub by midday.

So please arrive at Bocketts in plenty of time so as to be prepared to leave a little before 11am.

Sunday 16th December 2012

                                         Lunch at The Parrot, Forest Green

Not wishing to become five instant fillum stars we avoided a 'Filming Event' at Shere by riding along Goose Green from Gomshall then via Burrows Cross and Hook Lane to Hound House Road. The climb gave us opportunity to admire the wonderful, sunlit views, followed by the descent of Pitch Hill. We had to stop at the Ewhurst crossroads where a police sign implied the road was blocked by an accident - but surely a few cyclists could wiggle by ? A lorry had a flat front tyre and something (since removed) had rammed its' rear. We wiggled by and at the lunch stop five soon became eight.

The Parrot was quite busy but soon served our orders and we were able to get under way promptly, following the usual route to Dorking via Ockley, Capel (no more teas this year) and Newdigate. Hopefully all arrived home dry and in daylight.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday 16th December

To reduce/eliminate distance travelled in the dark, I have changed the original plan for Sunday 16th December. 11s will still be at Gomshall, but we will go to The Parrot, Forest Green, for lunch. They do not sell sandwiches or baguettes on Sundays, but there are soup and starters, and/or children's portions of roasts. 3s will still be at Dorking.

See you at Gomshall.


Sunday 9th December 2012

Christmas pudding going down fast............Aw gawd....Jeff had called "time".

9 December 2012

Reigate - Wasp Green - Fanny's Farm Shop

A recent discovery has been that Morrisons is more than a convenient café for 11's. So on arrival I made a tour of inspection of the displays and confirmed my astonishment at the huge variety of unusual vegetables, kept fresh with a misty spray, and fruit as well as excellent fresh fish. Now my number one supermarket.

Welcome to Simon Telling - a member of the TFBs? After watching Geoffrey lubricate his arteries with liberal quantities of saturated fats, a sinister group of 13, reduced to a more dextrous 11 (farewell Ray and Terry), set off to get GBS's circulation going and wend our way to an alluringly nearby lunch-time venue. With daylight now so brief, the cunning plan was to accumulate the miles before lunch. We therefore followed the banks of the River Meander via Flanchford, Leigh, Parkgate, Charlwood, Gatwick, Burstow, Smallfield and Outwood, to wash up at the drawbridge of the Castle Inn Wasp Green. Wiser heads (Bob and Ian) had taken a direct route and were already at table.

After bread and ale, Geoffrey headed for the Great Wen, while the rest remounted under darkening skies for a less convoluted route via S. Nutfield and Merstham to tea at Fanny's Farm Shop. Some were so impatient for Fanny's warm embrace that they sped ahead and sacrificed the ascent of Rocky Lane. Seating was in short supply, though not mince pies. We lingered awhile before lighting up and slipping into the gloom for the warmth of home and hearth, with the mileometer barely touching 40.


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sunday December 2nd 2012

12 of Santa's little helpers turned up at Magna Carta tea rooms for a well earned warm-up. On leaving two escapees left ten to skate to lunch via Windsor Great Park (Bishopsgate to Forest Lodge), Maiden's Green and on to Newell Green and The Plough and Harrow where some turned back a few years and ordered children portions; very nice it was too! The big boys had big boys' portions and one even asked for more (apple pie with two strawberries). We then returned to Notcutts garden centre in Laleham via Windsor Great Park(Watersplash to Bishopsgate), Tite Hill and Staines.

Thanks to one and all