Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday January 24 2010

Not cold, not wet, not windy so a good day for a January ride.

From the North Cheam start, we took a Wayfarers' way through Tolworth, Long Ditton, Hersham to Walton where Ray caught us on the bridge. Two tables were full when we arrived at Notcutts Laleham so on the restart an original three had become ten. Wraysbury was before Datchet where the level crossings were closed so the playing fields of Eton and the College itself were revisited. A trundle west on NCN 4 led past the old YHA hostel to the Swan Clewer where our motley crew quadupled the customers(excluding a mutt). Whilst most sampled the only thing on offer, a stewy soup and roll, I went in search of a late abode of Michael Caine and Jimmy Page at the end of Mill Lane.

After a short reverse NCN 4 (watery in places) led up into the Park and out at Bishopsgate. Virginia Water, Lyne and down the hill delivered us to Tesco Addlestone where after refreshment we separated. No mileage - flat batteries!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday 17th January 2010

After endless days of freezing temperatures, things were getting back to normal in my locality so the Sunday Clubrun had a good chance of taking place.
At NC I found Keith, John, Graham, Ed & Mike waiting for me to lead via the suburbs of south London to the hills of Kent.
Jeff joined us at 11's and in bright sunshine we continued east to Twitton for (liquid) lunch. A delightful spot with fine views of the weald from the pub garden.
A partial route re-trace...... High Elms, Keston, Coney Hall and the familiar "three-half penny wood" course to the tea stop at Coombe Wood.
This particular place has featured on runs lists as far back as I can recall........ anyone remember the chinese man, his abacus and homemade jam doughnuts?
Nowadays, leather "sink in" comfy chairs & Sunday papers are the rule.

Apologies to the members who made an effort riding out to The Cap in Hand after reading my last post, in particular, Pete Mitchell who put the word round................ I failed to turn up, still in bed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday, 17 January

High Elms Country Park and Twitton

11's at High Elms and admiring the view on the way home

Monday, January 18, 2010

2009 Mileage Totals

The full 10 year listing has now been revamped (sorry about it's non-appearance last year) and can be viewed by clicking here - click the words. If anyone has a record of their mileage which can fill in the blanks and would like to have it added, please email it in or leave a message - not forgetting the year for which the mileage applies! - on the answer-phone.
From Pete Mitchell

Saturday, January 09, 2010

NOT beaten by the weather.........

Tomorrow, I will still go to NC at 9am........ but go to The Cap in Hand W'spoons, Hook for early 11's then home.
It's just a social occaision and to get a little exercise.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sunday 3rd January 2010

"You going down the main road?".........well Ed, I wasn't going to but since you have concerns, I'm happy to. Literally, A24 all the way to a closed Blue Moon cafe at Beare Green..... awwww now what?
Whilst Bob was "writing a note" to inform latecomers, I checked out the Esso garage a short distance away.
A few moments later we were sharing the four seats, but happy that hot drinks & hot food was in abundance.
The temperature was barely above freezing but the sun did manage to lift spirits and my decision to move lunch to Friday Street, Rusper (Royal Oak) was a winner too.
No food on Sundays but a fire and comfy chairs......... we were contented.
A puncture for me on the return, however - catch them....... I couldn't.

A blog on snow riding.......

As I write,outside the snow is "deep and crisp and even" so unless there is a thaw, or partial thaw I do not intend leading to Westerham on Sunday (Mike is away).
I will post on Saturday with a new 11's.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Once in a Blu-Moon
Playing the game of find the 11's. Report and pics to follow from Andy

Friday, January 01, 2010

Jan 1st

Pics & info from Mark Gladwyn
It was cold and frosty but at Ewell found 28 brave souls full of good spirits ready to follow the mysterious tracks & alleys by the River Hogsmill & private roads to the cafe at Roehampton Gate where the numbers swelled to over 36 friends and acquaintences before splitting into various ways, 28 ended up at the home of Frank & Fran├žoise to a wonderful afternoon of food, drinks, warmth and a video of Brittany Holiday 2009 downstairs with the whole years blog pics upstairs (450 pics). A big thankyou to Frank & Fran├žoise plus helpers for a truly memorable occasion
From Pete Mitchell