Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday May 29 2016

It's me again (pause for groans)

It was fortunate that I checked my emails just before leaving otherwise I would have missed the "sick - can you lead?" email. Thoughts for the ride led me to roads scarcely travelled as I headed towards Old Malden and Epsom. Just after the RAC club I was joined by a lady who then hand out a good thrashing (on the climbs, I hasten to add). After Pebble Hill we turned onto A25 for the short run to the Pheasant (was Jolly Brewers) at Buckland. Bob and Ed had already arrived and soon we were joined by Terry and Jeff.

Janice departed first concerned that her son might emerge from his bed only when his adolescence was over. Bob agreed to meet us at lunch so four turned left in Buckland towards Betchworth then along Gadbrook Road to the junction above Blackbrook. Beside Fourwents Pond four became three as Jeff preferred the blackstuff whilst the rest faced farm concrete and gravel as it appears only one of us had previously visited Ewood (an earlier site of Newdigate). A slightly confused rendezous with Jeff at Parkgate brought our numbers back up to strength. After the Fox (Very Dead) at Norwood Hill we descended towards Hookwood and suburban miles brought us to the centre of Horley and The Jack Fairman just before one. Despite a noticeable breeze it was warm enough to dine alfresco.

Departure was delayed while Jeff and Terry demonstrated basic maintenance skills (sample: always carry a pump) to a somewhat forlorn novice. Three placenames sum up our afternoon efforts - Charlwood, Rusper, Capel where we rewarded ourselves with the customary cakes. Around 65 miles door to door. But not as warm as expected thanks to that boisterous wind.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday May 22 2016

A very truncated account of Dave's ride (if anyone can fill in the gaps let me know!)

It was touch and go as to whether or not I would make the Hampton Court rendezvous so I took a northern route through Ashford, Poyle and on to Liquid Leisure Horton where Alan and Tony were waiting for Irene. In Windsor we took a three-sided route to Wetherspoons (it wasn't where I thought it was). Bob and Irene(!) had already arrived soon to be joined by the posse.

After a leisurely 11s, Bob and Alan were left behind as is the norm. We headed along NCN 4 having to compete with fun runners (more accurately walkers) coming in the opposite direction. A second Thames crossing was made on the M4 south side. Dave then took us on a tour of Maidenhead's suburbs ending in Pinkneys Green where continuing vaguely NW we descended for a thankfully brief quarter mile on the A404. After Birchetts Green, a restricted byway led directly to Littlewick Green and an alfresco lunch at the Cricketers.

White Waltham, Paley Street and Maidens Green all featured on the return. At Woodside I departed  (to retrieve my jacket left at the lunchspot - thanks Irene's Jazz). Quite warm though somewhat  overcast with no more than a spot or two of rain.

2pts : Dave W, Don, Ed, GFH, Irene, Ken, Robert, Tony, Vic
1pts : Alan, Bob

Monday, May 16, 2016

Joint Ride

Sunday the 15th Joint Ride with South Bucks CTC

9.00am from Hampton court was a bit of a disappointment with only 5 for the trip to Fairoaks. Not a long journey and we arrived just after 10.10, Dave awaiting his cooked breakfast was already there with Don and Bob. The Sun was shining but there was a nip in the air. Shortly after Irene, Graham, Terry and Jeff arrived. Just around 10.45 the John Capell from South Bucks CTC arrived with 3 others and it was nice to see them. They had come by car, John having a trailer to accommodate the bikes.

Dave and Don were not joining the ride and Bob was going to make his own way to lunch. My route was around Chobham to Borrowhill and a big loop round to Brookwood where we joined the canal to Hermitage road and onto Mayford, Old Woking and onto lunch at The Herbert Wells, Wetherspoons, Woking, the last half mile John Capell led to lunch as he had lived in Woking some forty years ago. Bob had already arrived, food was soon ordered and consumed. Two of the South Bucks cyclists decided to cycle back to the Chilterns and left the rest of us to wend our way to tea. 

Tea was planned to be at Bourne Valley GC with the route there heading in a loop heading towards Ripley and round to West Byfleet. Around half way there the group was stretched out and the back 2 took a wrong turn. A frantic search back along the root proved fruitless so the rest of us re-grouped in West Byfleet and the consensus was to have tea at the GC in Addlestone as it was on the planned route, I left 2 message with Terry the back maker. Just before we were leaving Terry phoned to say he was at tea at Bourne Valley GC and that John Capell had headed back to Fairoaks. The other member of the South Bucks contingent, Barry, was with us so while other others headed home I cycled back to Fairoaks with Barry where John was waiting. All in all they had thoroughly enjoyed cycling mostly unfamiliar territory. I took advantage of Johns trailer and the fact he was heading home via Staines and cycled home from Staines Bridge still managing 65 miles.

Chatting to John about ride numbers, it appears they have similar turnouts to South West London with small numbers on Sunday but 50 to 60 on a Wednesday. 

Many thanks to Terry for back marking and thanks to all for you company.

The Herbert Wells
Tony H

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sunday 8th May

             Leader and Chief Tea-Lady Pam catering for Cheam and Morden.

                              Photo by Robert Tolley

Monday, May 09, 2016

Sunday 8th May 2016 Savill Gardens - Hurst - Egham

A surprising number of cyclists arrived at elevenses this morning, I counted sixteen, and by the time we had afternoon tea there was still thirteen!!  It was certainly a day to celebrate - glorious sun shine with the temperature well up in the twenties.  There was also quite a strong breeze which slowed me down from Hurst back to Egham!

We left Windsor Great Park via Cranbourne Gate to the Peanut roundabout, Winkfield, then Maidens Green, into Bishops Road to Moss End.  From there we turned right into Bottle Lane, on to Binfield before arriving at the Green Man. With the help of a tailwind we arrived in good time and after ordering we settled in the garden and waited - and waited!!!  Some had their light meals quite quickly but it was those of us who had ordered child sized meals that waited - and waited!!  The meals were good but we did not get away until 14.30, hence the change of tea venue, not enough time to get to Shepperton Lock, or even Notcutts before they closed!

We returned via Shurlock Row to Moss End, Winkfield Row, almost into Ascot but turned towards Cheapside and back into The Park - exiting at Bishopsgate.   It was now 3.45 and that is when, after a little debate, it was agreed we would stop at my place in Egham.  Graham, Irene and Lilian went across to Tesco's to buy cakes whilst I put the kettle on!

A most enjoyable day!   Great to see so many people out - several who are not regular Cheam and Morden riders.  Well done everybody for your day's mileage would be at least double mine!!!!  Next time?

Must thank our back marker Tony and our corner markers, cake providers and all for your company......and Robert for his photo 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunday May 1 2016

After a brief but lonely vigil, I left Hampton Court by a direct route: Lower Sunbury, Laleham, Wraysbury and Eton. Not long after ten, I found Dorney Court crowded with bikes everywhere. In time we became eighteen including newcomer Jane though only ten were out for the day.

Somewhat behind schedule we crossed the Thames on the south side of M4 before joining NCN 4 to the west of Maidenhead leaving it before Knowl Hill. At the top of Rememham Hill, we ran into cars queueing to enter Henley; for reasons of his own Neil decided to join them! Wiser heads sped downhill into Aston and over the weir to Hambleden and then up the gentle rise to The Chequers in Fingest arriving at 1245. On such a glorious day, the emptish garden suited us fine. Just before our leaving, Neil rejoined after his tour of hills to the north of Henley.

Over lunch the vote was for no more hills so we continued to Marlow. A backroads route led us past the station, over the A404 interchange and then past The Queen's Head in Little Marlow. Finally a  cyclepath alongside the narrow but busy A4155 brought us to Bourne End and then Cookham.
Here a second vote confirmed no more hills so we rode on into Maidenhead and Bray. This time we used the  footpath on the north side of the M4 (rarely used - now I remember why). And thus we arrived back at Dorney where faces reddened as we gossiped alfresco.

About 80 miles door to door and home just before six. Ignoring a cool start and an obvious breeze, a great day for a ride. Cyclists everywhere; fewer red kites than expected.