Monday, November 26, 2018

Looking ahead ?

Vic's lunch

Can you believe that little Vic polished this off! At the Sun Windlesham,

Full sunday roast.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday 25 November 2018

Yet another rainy and miserable start for one of my Sunday rides!   It did dry up a bit but stayed and damp, overcast and bitterly cold and cheerless all day.   There were nine of us at elevenses but only Vic, Ed and Tony bravely decided to stay out to lunch with me.  We took a slightly circuitous route allowing a dip in Pennypot Ford, but still arrived at The Sun at Windlesham by about 12.30.   The welcome was very friendly as usual, and the food good value and quick to arrive.   The route home was more direct.   By tea Vic had already veered off and I left Tony and Ed to enjoy refreshments at the Riverhouse Barn.

London Ride 02/12/18 (What to expect) - Update

Saturday's 0730 start with drizzle until central London saw hordes of cyclists in Richmond Park. But it did me few favours as the London (ex Olympic) Stadium was barriered more than five hours before kick-off so no exploring was possible! Later on there was just one dayglo'ed steward and no barriers at The New Den. Hopefully there won't be similar problems next Sunday as West Ham are away at Newcastle, and Millwall at Bristol. But at least I can now answer the question "Where is the London Aquatics Centre?".

The total distance is around 35 miles. Once again the streets around Waterloo were choc-a-bloc so the ride will finish at the station. The first 14 miles are the same as my 70th nearly four years ago except this time we stay north of the Thames (CS3) for a deosil tour of London.

Following times are OPTIMISTIC based on today's ride! We start at 0900 from TK Maxx on Kingston Bridge. By prior email you could join almost anywhere, for example 0930 Barnes (at head of stairs which you don't have to climb!) or 1015 under Waterloo Bridge (cross river from station then two first lefts down Savoy Street to Victoria Embarkment cyclepath). 1030 should see us in Wetherspoons Tower Hill (Liberty Bounds).

The next five miles are offroad so timings would be deeply misleading. It's well drained but also cobbled including two bridges which we'll all be walking! After the London Stadium it's fourteen miles to the finish. For Joseph Bazalgette fans, we'll pause once again at the Cathedral Of Sewage (Abbey Mills Pumping Station) then it's back to the Thames for views of O2. Instead of the Emirates gondolas we'll leg it under the Thames to Cutty Sark which will give us a chance to sample either Fat Boy's Diner Trinity Buoy Wharf, Mudchute Farm Cafe, or Wetherspoons Greenwich. Finally we join Q1, a legacy of Boris's reign for the rest of the ride.

My Freedom Pass stayed unused but I only relaxed on reaching Richmond Park!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday 18th November

Leaving Pam, Ed, Graham and Vic at The Vineries, new leader Pete Beyer led Rachel, Keith, Paul, Pete Foster, Dave and Terry to Ranmore via High Barn Road and Hogden Lane then down Whitedown and across the A25. Familiar Surrey lanes took us through Abinger Common, past Leith Hill Place, (home of Ralph Vaughan Williams, now NT), and Forest Green to Walliswood and our revised lunch stop at The Plough, Okewood Hill. (Original destination was Rusper but unexpected problems meant Pete had to considerably shorten the ride). The Plough is under quite new management (the Time Well Spent chain no longer exists) and at the moment it isn't an ideal Sunday lunch stop for cyclists.

After lunch - Weare Street, Capel, (their penultimate tea 'n cakes day but too soon to stop), Newdigate and Henfold to tea for three of us at Denbies.

Thanks, Pete for a pleasant, quiet, shortened ride in good weather.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Muddy Lane

The next exciting(?) installment is set for February 6!

Armistice Day 2018

At seven it was dreich but just after eight the sky turned blue. Despite surface water beside Hampton Waterworks I was first to Notcutts and was soon joined by Bob, Dave, Pam and Vic.

As it was Armistice day we tarried until well after eleven and I didn't help matters by falling off at the first corner (wet leaves)!

If you're tempted by the map, please note:

(1) Parked caravans(!) in Hollow Hill Lane;
(2) Burnham Beeches' cafe is closed until further notice (

We survived Langley Park to Black Park crossing on the A412 and arrived just after one at the Old Five Bells Burnham where Dave departed. With dusk set for 1615 there was no enthusiasm for tea so we returned via Dorney and Eton to Datchet where our paths diverged, me towards Horton, Pam and Vic towards Wraysbury. Home in the light after 50+ miles of perfect autumnal cycling.

Friday, November 09, 2018

11/11 Change Of Lunch Venue

If you haven't looked at the Rides List, you won't know I've changed to the Old Five Bells Burnham. It's that much closer to home.

But we might not get that far as the Met Office forecast is "rain in the morning"!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting

CTC South West London will hold its AGM after Elevenses
at 11:00 am Wednesday 14th November.

Please be on time.

The venue is the same as last year, just a short walk from the Queens Road exit from the Day Centre.

All Saints Hall
All Saints Roman Catholic Church
13 Queens Road
KT12 5LU


The hall is located at the back of the premises. There are two halls with a shared entrance. Our meeting is in the Small Hall.

There are no bike racks but there is plenty of space to park bikes against the buildings near the hall entrance. Please bring your bikes to the hall rather than leave them at the Day Centre.

There are normally plenty of spaces on the premises in front of the church for anyone arriving by motor vehicle, with access from Queens Road.

Our Treasurer, Simon has advised that due to the current low annual subscription rate (£1 p.a.) we will not be hiring a bouncy castle this year.

~ Tim

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sunday the 4th November

Not the Whitehouse.

I was later than usual getting to Garsons Farm and most had already arrived, the queue for drinks took ages as it now gets very busy.

So the list of those present is as follows. Terry, Bob, Simon, Brian, Bill, Pam, Graham, Ed, Maureen, Paul and myself. Bob, Bill and Maureen only came to 11's.

The weather was perfect for cycling and we headed back towards Esher through the private drive and past Wayneflete Tower and the nice decent past the rear of Sandown park. Then back doubles and alleys bought us to the edge of Walton and the back to Hampton court and through Bushey park to Hampton, more back doubles and to the spiral bridge to cross the A316, past the edge of Feltham and on to Ashford and across Shortwood Common only to find the foot crossing of the railway line had been permanently closed, apparently it was the most dangerous crossing in the UK with several deaths causing it's closure.
The Dizzy heights of the Spiral  Bridge

So more back doubles bought us into Staines and lunch at the George pub. While we were having lunch the rain started but by the time we were ready to leave the rain has stopped. It was decided that most didn't want to stop for tea as getting home in daylight was a priority.

So post lunch was also dispersal with ones and twos going there own ways home. I got to Shepperton and stopped to phone my wife and Ed caught me up and we rode to Hampton together where I turned left for home. Another good day out on the bike. Thank you all for your company and thanks to Simon for back marking.