Wednesday, August 28, 2019

More Muddy Lane

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019

25 August 2019 - Fairoaks & Windlesham

It was a hot start but Bob, Graham, Tony, Terry, Ray, Ed, Ken, Vic and I all met for elevenses at Fairoaks.    All except Bob and Ken continued on the rest of the ride.    In view of the exceptionally hot weather, we opted to do the first part only of the planned route to Camberley, and stop instead for an early lunch at The Sun at Windlesham.    By a fortunate coincidence, a good part of the route was along shady lanes, and there was even the chance, surprisingly taken up only by me, for a cooling foot spa in Pennypot ford! 

It was far too hot to sit in the full sun in the garden at The Sun so we stayed indoors.   As ever at this pub, the welcome was friendly, the service good, the prices reasonable, the choices wide, and the portions large!    Because of the shortened morning route, we were early getting away from lunch and had plenty of time to linger over an early tea and an ice cream or two at Great Cockrow, where the garden was relatively shady, before going our separate ways home, or in furtherance of our horticultural endeavours!

Thanks to all for your company and to Tony for back-marking.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Sunday Lunch at Henfold Lakes: 18 August

All's well that ends well, but it started badly.   A few spots of rain as I was leaving home turned into a lasting downpour.  I cursed the luck of the leader: I was tempted to go back home, but I couldn't really abandon the one or two that might have braved the rain to go to Stoke d'Abernon, could I?   Passing loads of cyclists who had been similarly caught out, (but without waterproofs), I made my way to Squires at Stoke d'Abernon where I was amazed to find a big turnout.   Cheam & Morden riders are a hardy lot; perhaps they like the rain. 

Ed and Lilian at Henfold Lakes
It was still raining at 11 but we were still drinking coffee.  Hah!  By 11.30 it had cleared. Bob left us to do his own thing, and the remaining eleven set off into a rather cold grey morning.   A questionable choice of route led us straight down the main road towards Fetcham, and then even more questionably, along River Lane, which was a rather muddy track in parts, back towards Leatherhead, where we met Bob again.  The sun came out as we headed towards Dorking, temperature and spirits were lifted and waterproofs removed.  We took the track across Brockham golf course which was also very muddy, probably due to "plant crossing" for the re-modelling of part of the golf course.   The peloton took it in good heart, or at least were diplomatic enough not to complain within earshot.

Happy eaters
Happy Ann

I said "SMILE"
A steady climb south took us to Parkgate and Newdigate, and then it was a short step and a whizz down the hill to Henfold Lakes cafe for lunch in the sun.   We were the only customers for most of the time, but the food was good and we were entertained watching the fishermen, one in particular landing a series of large fish.    Dave W and Ann went straight home after lunch, and the remainder went back directly up Henfold Lane and Punchbowl Lane towards Pixham, Leatherhead and across Ashtead Common, popping out the other side on the doorstep of The Old Moat garden centre for tea and wasps.  The joy of the English summer!

Tea and wasps
Thank you to all for braving the weather, and the muddy bits, sorry about getting your bikes dirty.  And special thanks to David W and Terry for back-marking, and to Pete B for the photos.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday 11th August

Delicious cakes at Capel


Sunday 11th August

Leaving Bob and Paul D, I led Petes B and F, Brian, Ray W and David W from Headley tea rooms to Dorking via Lodgebottom Lane, then Coldharbour Lane and Broomehall Lane to a short stretch of the A29 Stane Street. We soon turned into Coles Lane then the peace and quiet of Weare Street, soon arriving at the Punchbowl, Okewood Hill.  After a refreshing drink Dave left us for other duties.

After a leisurely outdoor lunch and a quick study (favourable) of the clouds I decided to stick to my plan A, heading southish (into the wind, as Ray pointed out - never mind, it won't last for very long), via Rowhook to Warnham after which we headed north with a tailwind (what did I tell you ?). Very soon we arrived at Capel and had to make the difficult choice of which cake ? There we got chatting to an Australian couple living near Reigate - we may see them on future rides. After tea we rode to Dorking where we went our separate ways.

Thanks to Dave and Brian for watching the rear and all for company, a very nice sunny, windy day out.


Monday, August 05, 2019

Sunday 4 August 2019

Only Lilian and I met at Banstead, but we were joined at elevenses, at Purley Wetherspoons, by Richard, Keith and Ray Wren.   The five of us set off through the quieter backroads of Purley Bury and Riddlesdown, but the North Downs were always looming!   There was no postponing the inevitable and Mitchley Hill eventually had to be tackled!   After Warlingham Richard decided to turn for home, and at Titsey Hill, Keith, armed with his mountain bike, decided to take the track down to Oxted, while the remaining three of us set off east down the gentler slope towards Westerham, eventually turning back west to head for Limpsfield and Oxted via the Pilgrims Way.  We paused for a while to watch paragliders attempting to take off from the hillside in the rather blustery wind.

At lunch at the Oxted Inn we were rejoined by Keith and also by Bob, who had ridden from East Grinstead.  Not the fastest lunch service we have ever had, and, choosing to sit outside,  we were also plagued by wasps.   Apart from that it was fine!

After lunch Lilian and Bob headed for home by train, Oxted station being right next to the pub, leaving Keith, Ray and I to loop back to the A25, Flower Lane and Woldingham School, by  way of Barrow Green Road.  At Marden Park Keith went his own way home leaving Ray and I to whisk downhill to Purley.   I had planned to take the train from there, but Ray persuaded me to continue and we ended up at Squires, Long Ditton.

It was nice to refresh our knowledge of this part of Surrey,  and thanks to all for your company.