Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Day Social

10.30 at the cafe in Richmond park for a Southwest London CTC social new years day coffee and chat.

Cafe in Richmond park
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Annual Mileages 2018 - The sands of 2018 are fast running out

Annual Mileages Jan 1st - Dec 31st 2018

Member Mileages 2018
Old hands will know that, at this time of year, we request members to submit their mileage record for the past 12 months: that is, from Jan 1st to 31 Dec 2018. We keep a running total on the MWW blog under the tab 'mileage'. Perhaps you have never noticed it.

It is of individual (and sometimes sobering) interest to see one's annual and cumulative mileage and it is of value to the Group to be able to report how many miles our members have ridden.

Please therefore take the trouble to remind yourself to take note of your annual mileage for 2018 before the witching hour of 59.59.23 on 31 December and then to send it to me by whatever communication method you feel most comfortable with. Apologies to W. Churchill for ending that sentence with a preposition, up with which he would not put. Pigeon post most welcome. 


Otherwise, a grubby piece of paper will suffice, if identifiable.

For the male and female member (those are at present the only categories that we recognise), who clocks up the greatest annual mileage, your achievement will be recognised at our annual lunch. There will also be recognition for the member who has cycled more miles in 2018 than any other member.

Please note that entries will only be eligible for a prize from members who are regular riders with at least one section of the club. 
 Do not forget to write down the mileage on your Cateye, Garmin, Cyclometer or whatever BEFORE you reset it to zero for 2019.

I look forward to receiving your mileage, however modest. It is unlikely to be less than mine.
Happy New Year to all.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Sunday 30 December 2018

A damp and gloomy morning didn't deter no less than twelve of us from gathering at  Squires Garden Centre, Stoke d'Abernon.   This included Daniel, warmly welcomed back after quite a long absence, and Ray Wren.   Everyone except Maureen continued to lunch at Leatherhead, Bob and Ray beating the main group.   Well, I did improvise a rather circuitous tour of the back roads of Cobham, Oxshott and Leatherhead to ensure the group a good appetite for lunch.   Many opted for a manager's special turkey meal to keep up their protein intake!   

There was no consensus after lunch and we all set off in different directions, fading into the gloom!
Despite the miserable weather and the short distance, it was an enjoyable ride in good company, so thanks to all.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday the 23/12/2018

The day before Christmas eve and it dawned wet! I left home about 9.15 and the rain had stopped. About half way to Squires at Long Ditton I had to stop and take off my rain top as the weather was very mild. On arriving at Squires Dave was already tucking into a full English and Bob had also arrived. Slowly the throng arrived,Simon, Paul, Carolyn, Pam and then Ed, the days leader.

No rush today and we lingered at 11's only leaving around 11.30. A lovely route to Wetherspoons at Leatherhead with no rain. Very local knowledge from Ed saw us arrive in good time Dave had left us at 11,s and Carolyn left us at Leatherhead before lunch.

Again we lingered over an enjoyable lunch. On departure Ed and Simon headed towards Ewell while Pam, Paul and I headed for Cobham where Paul turned for home and I followed Pam along Seven Hills road towards Walton, we parted company at the mini roundabout near Whitelys village and I head for Molesey and Hampton stopping briefly at my Sons before heading home in the dark.

Although a dank and dismal day a good ride with cheery folk.


Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Solstice


In celebration of the the winter solstice and and the approach of Christmas, I have taken the liberty to insert a new page in our attendance record to include attendances from October 2018. I'm sure that Lisa will forgive me.

I have referred to ride reports to identify attendances. Unfortunately, October 21 is an embarrassing vacuum, which C&M abhors. Any help in filling this vacuum will be most appreciated. Please also check the other dates to confirm that they are accurate. I would not want any dispute to be referred to the European Court of Justice - pre- or post-brexit. That might take a long time.

In the meantime, may I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Advance Notice - Change to Lunch Venue for 30/12/18

As The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead appears on the rides list as the lunch venue for the rides on both Sunday 23 and 30 December, I may, on the day, suggest an alternative, local destination for my ride on 30 December.   This will be in light of the weather and the wishes of the group at elevenses (which remains unchanged at Squires, Stoke d'Abernon).    But I can't promise a cracking lunch like this one!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunday 16.12.18

Runnymede - Maidenhead - Home!!

An easy start for me!  Irene is visiting her sister this week so it was great to have her company on C + M ride.

Bob, Tony, Paul and Dave were in the National Trust Cafe when Irene and I arrived,  then Graham and Vic joined us. Bob and Dave went to 'where ever' and Vic had left the group by the time we reached Windsor. I thought it a good idea to see the Xmas decorations in Windsor Town; what a let down, there weren't any!
We crossed the river, stopping outside Watermans pub for a chat with Ged  who was on a reccie. Our route took us along the river to Dorney;  turning on to the path along side M4 motorway to Bray. Before reaching Maidenhead I took a right on to cycle route 52 taking us to the roundabout at Maidenhead bridge. On to the Thames Hotel just up on the left on the Cookham road.

Good to be in the warm with drinks and food ordered.  Somehow it wasn't quite as ordered but tasted good and no one complained!

Our route home was 'as norm'....along A4 (not the Jubilee river today), Dorney, Eton, Datchet to Horton, Wraysbury and Staines.

Tony had things to do at home so left us at Horton. I needed to call on pals in Staines; Irene went direct to Egham for her car.   Paul also decided to carry on - no tea at Notcutts today!!

Thank you for joining me.... Good company and an enjoyable day out.  Pam 😊👍

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Pams cold ride to Maidenhead

A lovely surprise that Irene joined us.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday the 16th Lunch venue change

This coming Sunday, the 16th, the lunch venue will now be the Thames Hotel Maidenhead.


Sunday, December 09, 2018

Sunday December 9th

Fortunately the drizzle en route to The Vineries was not a bad omen - it was simply ensuring we would have a fine, sunny day. Leaving Ed, Graham and Bob there, I led Dave, Vic and Petes Beyer and Foster to Ranmore via Beech Avenue and Hogden Lane. We then cautiously descended roughish Ranmore Common Road before tunnelling under the A24 and taking the cycle track to Pixham Lane. Joining the A25 briefly we turned into quiet Punchbowl Lane then Tilehurst Lane. Here the eastish wind was much stronger than on Wayfarers' fwc day - I couldn't manage my previous best by some distance. For a change we then went up Root Hill and turned left into Brockhamhurst Road, followed by Gadbrook Road and Snower Hill. Wellers and Wheelers Lanes led to Brockham after I made a brief stop to save the cost of a 2nd class stamp.

Lunch at the Royal Oak was delicious and appeared quite quickly. The Petes had soup and would recommend it - but only one bowl. We chose to return via the muddyish Coach Road, along which Pete B found a bunch of keys - further on he found a keyless, very grateful family of four. We decided against a further stop - I arrived home just in time for 'Threes'.


Thursday, December 06, 2018

Lunch on Sunday December 9th.....

.....will be at The Royal Oak, Brockham


Monday, December 03, 2018

London ride photos

Abbey Mills pumping station

Trinity Buoy (disused) lighthouse and Fatboy's Diner

December 2 2018 A Day To Forget

It's nearly four years since our last expedition to the East, a land largely built by Joseph Bazalgette - Chelsea and Victoria Embankments, the Northern Sewage Outfall and his "Cathedral of Sewage", Abbey Mills pumping station. This is also a gruesome tale of Primo, Secondus, Tertius and Quartus aka the Four P's.

Sunday was warm for December but almost rainless (heavy before and after but scarce during the ride). There were four at the start (G, Dave, Ed, Lillian). Primo (Ed) showed up after only two miles close to ex HMP Ham House (an ongoing addition to Berkeley’s empire).  We split with Dave volunteering to take the bad news to anyone (Pam and Tony) waiting at Barnes station where four became six.

The next unscheduled stop was the briefest of visits to The Rocket behind Putney Church. Then came Hurlingham and Chelsea Harbour where early West London derby fans were disgorging from Imperial Wharf station. There was nothing to record of our ride between Battersea and Waterloo Bridges save the absence of Terry but in truth I confused the undersides of Waterloo and Charing Cross Bridges! So now we were seven.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the Liberty Bounds, packed but service was still prompt. As we left Secondus (Pam slow) turned up.  Between St Katharine's Dock and the London Stadium was watery and as predicted nobody rode the cobbles at either Bow Lock or Three Mills Studios. Old Ford was a first chance to shorten the ride. We turned east onto the Greenway but to no avail as we met Tertius (Tony) as we descended to Marshgate Lane. This was one stop too many for Dave who headed home. We paused beside Abbey Mills pumping station before continuing on to Plaistow and Canning Town where Quartus (Tony again) put in a belated appearance.

It should be no surprise that lunch was taken after two at Fat Boy's Diner nestling between London’s only lighthouse until 1988 and Container City. Refreshed we headed through the Isle of Dogs where locals were showing off their latest balaclava/scooter collections. In Island Gardens is the Greenwich Foot Tunnel entrance; we walked. What happened next is unclear. Only Lillian and I reached Waterloo station by the intended route (Quietway 1, well worth checking out). Perchance we found Ed on the main concourse looking for a train. Just not my day? And sometime this week there will be a cleaning session.

35 miles.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Looking ahead ?

Vic's lunch

Can you believe that little Vic polished this off! At the Sun Windlesham,

Full sunday roast.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday 25 November 2018

Yet another rainy and miserable start for one of my Sunday rides!   It did dry up a bit but stayed and damp, overcast and bitterly cold and cheerless all day.   There were nine of us at elevenses but only Vic, Ed and Tony bravely decided to stay out to lunch with me.  We took a slightly circuitous route allowing a dip in Pennypot Ford, but still arrived at The Sun at Windlesham by about 12.30.   The welcome was very friendly as usual, and the food good value and quick to arrive.   The route home was more direct.   By tea Vic had already veered off and I left Tony and Ed to enjoy refreshments at the Riverhouse Barn.

London Ride 02/12/18 (What to expect) - Update

Saturday's 0730 start with drizzle until central London saw hordes of cyclists in Richmond Park. But it did me few favours as the London (ex Olympic) Stadium was barriered more than five hours before kick-off so no exploring was possible! Later on there was just one dayglo'ed steward and no barriers at The New Den. Hopefully there won't be similar problems next Sunday as West Ham are away at Newcastle, and Millwall at Bristol. But at least I can now answer the question "Where is the London Aquatics Centre?".

The total distance is around 35 miles. Once again the streets around Waterloo were choc-a-bloc so the ride will finish at the station. The first 14 miles are the same as my 70th nearly four years ago except this time we stay north of the Thames (CS3) for a deosil tour of London.

Following times are OPTIMISTIC based on today's ride! We start at 0900 from TK Maxx on Kingston Bridge. By prior email you could join almost anywhere, for example 0930 Barnes (at head of stairs which you don't have to climb!) or 1015 under Waterloo Bridge (cross river from station then two first lefts down Savoy Street to Victoria Embarkment cyclepath). 1030 should see us in Wetherspoons Tower Hill (Liberty Bounds).

The next five miles are offroad so timings would be deeply misleading. It's well drained but also cobbled including two bridges which we'll all be walking! After the London Stadium it's fourteen miles to the finish. For Joseph Bazalgette fans, we'll pause once again at the Cathedral Of Sewage (Abbey Mills Pumping Station) then it's back to the Thames for views of O2. Instead of the Emirates gondolas we'll leg it under the Thames to Cutty Sark which will give us a chance to sample either Fat Boy's Diner Trinity Buoy Wharf, Mudchute Farm Cafe, or Wetherspoons Greenwich. Finally we join Q1, a legacy of Boris's reign for the rest of the ride.

My Freedom Pass stayed unused but I only relaxed on reaching Richmond Park!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday 18th November

Leaving Pam, Ed, Graham and Vic at The Vineries, new leader Pete Beyer led Rachel, Keith, Paul, Pete Foster, Dave and Terry to Ranmore via High Barn Road and Hogden Lane then down Whitedown and across the A25. Familiar Surrey lanes took us through Abinger Common, past Leith Hill Place, (home of Ralph Vaughan Williams, now NT), and Forest Green to Walliswood and our revised lunch stop at The Plough, Okewood Hill. (Original destination was Rusper but unexpected problems meant Pete had to considerably shorten the ride). The Plough is under quite new management (the Time Well Spent chain no longer exists) and at the moment it isn't an ideal Sunday lunch stop for cyclists.

After lunch - Weare Street, Capel, (their penultimate tea 'n cakes day but too soon to stop), Newdigate and Henfold to tea for three of us at Denbies.

Thanks, Pete for a pleasant, quiet, shortened ride in good weather.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Muddy Lane

The next exciting(?) installment is set for February 6!

Armistice Day 2018

At seven it was dreich but just after eight the sky turned blue. Despite surface water beside Hampton Waterworks I was first to Notcutts and was soon joined by Bob, Dave, Pam and Vic.

As it was Armistice day we tarried until well after eleven and I didn't help matters by falling off at the first corner (wet leaves)!

If you're tempted by the map, please note:

(1) Parked caravans(!) in Hollow Hill Lane;
(2) Burnham Beeches' cafe is closed until further notice (

We survived Langley Park to Black Park crossing on the A412 and arrived just after one at the Old Five Bells Burnham where Dave departed. With dusk set for 1615 there was no enthusiasm for tea so we returned via Dorney and Eton to Datchet where our paths diverged, me towards Horton, Pam and Vic towards Wraysbury. Home in the light after 50+ miles of perfect autumnal cycling.

Friday, November 09, 2018

11/11 Change Of Lunch Venue

If you haven't looked at the Rides List, you won't know I've changed to the Old Five Bells Burnham. It's that much closer to home.

But we might not get that far as the Met Office forecast is "rain in the morning"!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting

CTC South West London will hold its AGM after Elevenses
at 11:00 am Wednesday 14th November.

Please be on time.

The venue is the same as last year, just a short walk from the Queens Road exit from the Day Centre.

All Saints Hall
All Saints Roman Catholic Church
13 Queens Road
KT12 5LU


The hall is located at the back of the premises. There are two halls with a shared entrance. Our meeting is in the Small Hall.

There are no bike racks but there is plenty of space to park bikes against the buildings near the hall entrance. Please bring your bikes to the hall rather than leave them at the Day Centre.

There are normally plenty of spaces on the premises in front of the church for anyone arriving by motor vehicle, with access from Queens Road.

Our Treasurer, Simon has advised that due to the current low annual subscription rate (£1 p.a.) we will not be hiring a bouncy castle this year.

~ Tim

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Sunday the 4th November

Not the Whitehouse.

I was later than usual getting to Garsons Farm and most had already arrived, the queue for drinks took ages as it now gets very busy.

So the list of those present is as follows. Terry, Bob, Simon, Brian, Bill, Pam, Graham, Ed, Maureen, Paul and myself. Bob, Bill and Maureen only came to 11's.

The weather was perfect for cycling and we headed back towards Esher through the private drive and past Wayneflete Tower and the nice decent past the rear of Sandown park. Then back doubles and alleys bought us to the edge of Walton and the back to Hampton court and through Bushey park to Hampton, more back doubles and to the spiral bridge to cross the A316, past the edge of Feltham and on to Ashford and across Shortwood Common only to find the foot crossing of the railway line had been permanently closed, apparently it was the most dangerous crossing in the UK with several deaths causing it's closure.
The Dizzy heights of the Spiral  Bridge

So more back doubles bought us into Staines and lunch at the George pub. While we were having lunch the rain started but by the time we were ready to leave the rain has stopped. It was decided that most didn't want to stop for tea as getting home in daylight was a priority.

So post lunch was also dispersal with ones and twos going there own ways home. I got to Shepperton and stopped to phone my wife and Ed caught me up and we rode to Hampton together where I turned left for home. Another good day out on the bike. Thank you all for your company and thanks to Simon for back marking.

Monday, October 29, 2018

28 October - Woodham & Windsor

Yet another wet start for one of my Sunday rides (unbelievably in such a dry period, three out of four I have led since July have had rain), but this not deter eight of us from reaching elevenses at the Bourne Valley Garden Centre.   We lingered over coffee until almost 11.30, by when the rain had stopped and it was starting to brighten up.   Three went home but Simon, Graham, Tony, Vic and I continued to The Windlesora by a fairly direct, if not entirely flat route.  Thanks to Simon for spotting the offer of a burger and chips for £2.99 which made an excellent lunch choice! The return route started in sunshine and we had the wind behind us (nothing to do with the burgers, I hasten to add), so made good progress to tea at Laleham where there was the usual dispersal.  After the unpleasant start, this became ride which I think all enjoyed so many thanks for your company.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sunday the 28th

Those riding this coming Sunday remember to put you clocks back and don't get to11's an hour early.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

October 21 - Really??

Can it really be nearly bonfire night?   The trees think so but nobody's told the weather.   It was another day when whatever you wore in the morning was too little, but by lunchtime it was too much.  17 degrees, dry, nearly windless, and not a cloud in the sky.  Wonderful.   

Friday, October 19, 2018

QUIZ: How are your group riding skills?

Just for fun - we are pleased to announce an ANONYMOUS quiz about how you ride in groups. You get to give a score for yourself, and also for the others in your group, We don't ask for any names and don't store any info about you personally. We will attempt to summarise the results in a future Sou'Wester. It should take about ten minutes to answer the questions, and another two hours to discuss the results with your friends, should you choose.

If you'd like to do the quiz, click here. Please don't enter any names in the comments either!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Pams Birthday Ride

Sunday the 14th of October

Heavy rain forecast mostly for the whole day. I left  home for 11's at Garsons farm at 8.50 and returned 10 minutes later to put on heavier rain gear as it got really heavy. Half an hour later I had stopped to take my rain gear off!

A few were already waiting outside at Garsons farm when I arrived, they don't open until 10.30. Once settled in the cafe numbers increased. The birthday girl was one of the first to arrive. 11.00am came and went and it was around 11.15 before we were outside ready to leave, But the rain had gotten heavier and we all sheltered under cover. Eventually the rain eased off to an acceptable level to ride.

It had already been decided to forego the 80k ride and head directly to Wetherspoons Woking for lunch, after a few variations on the route we arrived to find Dave W already tucking into his dinner. 

The rain continued after dinner but at only a drizzle. Again a direct route was taken to tea at Pam's house where a lovely spread had been laid on by her niece Anita. After much tea, coffee and bubbly had been consumed the birthday cake appeared, which was a coffee and walnut cake, delicious!

Most of us headed for Egham station as the drizzle continued. A really nice day even with all the rain and a really good turnout despite the weather, but who wouldn't have for Pam's 80th.

14th October - map for Pam's birthday ride

Garsons Farm - Woking - Egham

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Sunday the 14th October

Pam's birthday ride.

11's will be at Garson's farm, West End Esher.

Lunch will be at Wetherspoons Woking

Tea to be decided.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Sunday October 7 2018

A hint of autumn chill soon became a perfect day for cycling. Along the way I crossed at least two (my guess) sportifs including the Palace (Buckingham) to Palace (Windsor) where £300+ takes one on a 70-mile diversion away from the most direct route.

I was first at a crowded Pinnocks which became even more crowded so we dined alfresco under a now warming sun.  A surprise was MTB-mounted Janice showing no signs of her close encounter with the tarmac.

Much of the route was improvised but fortunately the silent minority (if any) stayed silent. Ockham was followed by the Muddy Duck and Effingham. Here we paused so I could point out to Pam the bridle path to Bookham Common; this prompted interest in a detailed investigation. It was not without incident though few saw my very close encounter with a black pooch!

We rode past the Isle of Wight (sic! photos from Janice) to Fetcham. I crammed in two more off-road sections (River Lane and Ashtead Common) reaching the Cricketers at 1245. When I looked there was no website menu. But I need not have worried - child's portions with dessert for £4.99; orange squash 40p a pint!

All that remained were the two miles to Ed's where Jeff was sitting on the doorstep. 40 miles door to door and a light covering of  dust which won't see me cleaning the bike anytime soon!

Two points : Graham, Pam, Simon, Terry, Lillian, Vic, Tony, Ed, Dave, the KPRC rider
One point : Janice, Bob, Jeff, Daniel, Alan, Brian B

Sunday, September 30, 2018

And the winner is.....

With the C&M calendar ending on 30 September, it is too late now to try and pip Graham at the post. His 86 attendance points from 46 attendances put him head and handlebar above the competition. Sorry Ed, but you get the silver spoon.

Today I missed a sprint along the A25 to Squires at West Horsley to offer congratulations to GFH and share the company and bacon bap, but domestic duties demanded otherwise.

I'm sure that I shall see you all at next week's AGM. If you don't know where it is, just ask!


Sunday 30 September

A bright but cool start as Bob, Simon, Graham, Ed, Lilian, Rachel, Mike, Vic and I met at Squires, West Horsley for elevenses.   All of us except Bob and Lilian set off for Godalming just after 11.00.  I think I just saw Alan turning into the other side of the car park as we set off.   Sorry we missed you, Alan, but at least we left you some company!   The main feature of the outward ride was the climb of Shere Road and, once that was out of the way, it was fairly standard stuff to The Jack Phillips.   This is always a busy pub so those armed with the Wetherspoons app could feel quite smug as they relaxed and awaited the return of the others from the scrum at the bar!   We were still back on the road by 2.00 and did the Jack Phillips full scenic tour, that is, the pub, the new memorial, and the original memorial/grave (there was some dispute about this - it is a memorial to Jack Phillips, but also a grave (his widow's, we think)).   Then it was a brisk up and over at Littleton and the tried and tested route through Guildford and along the A3 to Potters Lane.   Send, Pyrford and West Byfleet followed on the way to Crockford Bridge Garden Centre  where some stopped for tea.   Thanks for your company all, and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sunday September 30 2018

Several of you have been emailed but if not read on.

With such a poor forecast (yellow warning) I suspect there won't be a full ride tomorrow. But I'll cycle to Henfold with "swimming" gear and take it from here.I did speak to our local correspondent last Wednesday - we think Henfold is open but if not 11s will be at Tanhouse Farm.

And so it proved.....

If this year is remembered, it'll be because of its weather. This was yet another C&M ride which ended at 11s. I didn't need drumming on the Velux to tell me I was in for a wet ride. Heavy before noon, and drizzle after meant  full car headlights and deep puddles.

Dave was tucking into breakfast at a rebuilt Henfold Lakes. The prices are higher (eg cake £3.50 a slice) but other things haven't changed - specifically the approach road. I'd arrived soaked despite my best waterproofs (Goretex, Sealskins, etc) so when we left around 1115 it was in differing directions! I went back the way I'd come, Dave headed for Horsham hoping for a helpful tailwind. Frustratingly the rain stopped five minutes from home and an hour later it was blue skies and patchy cloud. Sadly I don't have second sight!

1 point: GFH, Dave W

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Sunday the 16th

When I arrived at the Garden cafe Windsor, Pam, Alan and  Bob where already there. Soon to be joined by Graham,  Ken and Paul. Then Caroline and John arrived also Ed and Lillian arrived at dead on 11.00 and as usual Vic arrived late at 11.10.

Sadly only Pam, Vic , Ken and  Paul were joining me on the ride. We took the route across Dorney Comon and up through Burnham, Littleworth common and then the nice decent down to Hedsor and Bourne End. Then a river path and on to Little Marlow, more off road tracks took us to the edge of Marlow and then back roads to lunch at the Marlow Donkey pub. By now the sun was shinning and we managed to fined a table in the garden. Although the online menu has sandwiches but not on a Sunday, Ken and Paul had brought their lunch with them. Pam and Vic had mini Sunday roasts and I had a small Camembert cheese starter. 
Leaving the pub at 2pm we set off for the climb up Quarry Wood road and then down to Cookham where Vic left us to wend his own way home. Down to Maidenhead and the path through Braywick nature reserve and Bray (where we spotted Vic taking a path along side the M4) and on to Fifield, Dedworth, Clewer and Windsor where Ken headed home while Pam, Paul and I headed to the Cinnamon cafe for tea, they give cyclist 20% discount and the Cinnamon bun was my carbo up top for the 16 mile ride home. A lovely sunny day on the bike with good company. 66 miles door to door.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Hail to the Leader

A very warm welcome to Pete Beyer, joining the C&M this time not as TEC,  but for the first time, I believe, proudly wearing  the leader's jersey. May this be the first of many.

From Graham's generously written ghost report, it seems that Pete put everybody through their paces, at some risk of inducing altitude sickness. That might explain the apparent omission of a ghost rider from Graham's list of enthusiastic attendees. Like our Hon. Sec., I too counted out a dozen riders. However, for me it was a baker's dozen. Or did those rheumy eyes imagine the misty form of Bob emerging from the the shadow of the nearby church? I'm sure that Bob will tell us: he never fails to chide me if his name is absent from the attendance record.

It was a pleasure to read of the ride I missed, with my leg up and a warm beer in hand.


Sunday September 9 2018

In case the scorer's memory isn't what it was!

A surprisingly dozen gathered at a well used Headley Tea Rooms with scarcely a regular among them.

Those who expected a gentle spin perhaps along NCN22  were wrong! Firstly it was down to Burford Bridge then up to St Barnabas where we encountered the Denbies half marathon. The undulations continued down Crocknorth and up Green Dene. After Shere's ford and a final climb the William IV in Albury Heath was soon in view - the front garden packed with customers. But the menu was limited due to refurbishment - sausages on a stick!

Here Radnor Lane and Friday Street got a mention so Ray and I decided to bail out over Newlands and down to Salisburys and home.

2 points: the two Petes, David Leach, Dave Stott, GFH, Ian, the Jacksons, Keith, Paul, Ray

1 point: Jeff and Bob(how could I forget?)

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Ripley Bike Jumble

Autumn Cycle Jumble at Ripley Village Hall:  9 - 12pm Saturday 15th September

Entry 9am £1...…..early birds 7am £5 !

If one should wish to sell at the Jumble - please contact John Lattimore 01932 247614

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Sunday 2nd September

On a perfect day for cycling, Lilian, Jeff (welcome back!), Ed, Paul, Pete Marmite (aka Beyer) Bob, Alan and Terry met at the newish South Down cafe, Brockham for elevenses. Suitably refreshed Bob and Alan set off to do 'their own thing', the rest headed south. A somewhat circuitous route was required to get us to Faygate for lunch so we went via Snower Hill, Leigh, almost Irons Bottom, Norwood Hill to Charlwood. Passing what  was The Gate public house years ago, we soon passed The Lamb at Lambs Green to arrive at The Holmbush, Faygate in good time for lunch. Few other customers meant our food came fairly quickly.

After lunch we briefly retraced our tyremarks before turning off towards Wimlands and Langhurst. Sadly we noted The Royal Oak (where else ?) in Friday Street is now closed. Threes was planned for North Holmwood church, reached via the straightforward route to Capel then alongside the A24 briefly before taking to the lanes. Some didn't stop for tea but the chocolate cake was wonderful. After tea we made our various ways home.

Thanks to Pete for backmarking and to all for company.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

26 August - Not the Frog & Nightgown

I was very disappointed and surprised to see a large turnout at elevenses today.   There was some kind of weird weather thing going on, with water falling from the sky - I forget what it's called.   But it didn't deter eleven riders from turning up at the Musette café in Dorking - the record going to Alan with a 24 mile ride into a fresh wind.   
Not shown: David W & Simon (who rode to lunch)
and Alan who rode home from 11s.

Having swapped with Graham so I could attend my brother's surprise birthday party a few weeks ago, it was my turn to lead, and the route was straight into the wind.  I was secretly hoping that no-one would be foolish enough to ride in such conditions.   But the C&M crowd are made of stronger stuff.   Slightly stronger anyway - there wasn't much enthusiasm to go south, so we settled on a compromise destination of Leatherhead Wetherspoons where we enjoyed an early lunch before going our separate ways.

Thankyou all for your company, and thankyou also for not voting to go to the Frog & Nightgown.   Another time.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Next Sunday's ride to the Frog & Nightgown

We are heading to the Frog & Nightgown near Faygate, a delightful community pub rescued from closure by a local group.   Until recently there was no food on Sundays but they have recently started to serve pizzas.   I've checked and they are happy if we bring food, for those who don't fancy pizza.  We will stop at the Rusper village stores en route for supplies.

About 17.5 miles from Dorking to lunch, then only 9 back, but there are a few hills.

Monday, August 20, 2018

19th August 2018

19th August 2018
It was a dry, cool morning as I cycled to Squires where Bob, Graham and Dave were already seated. We were joined by Alan, Ray, Terry, Bill and Lena.    Upon departing from Squires, Bob, Bill, Lena and Alan went their own ways whilst the rest of us made our way to Walton, along the river road to Weybridge then used a path by the church to Weybridge station.  Through the car park where, at this point for a few yards?, we opted for Graham's suggested route. After crossing the railway on our way to New Haw Lock, Graham showed me another path which I had not reccied! 

We stayed on the River Wey, crossed over Dodd's Bridge along Dodd's Lane to Pyrford Road.  From here it was a straight forward ride to The Sadler's Arms at Send.  It was easily one o'clock before arriving at the pub - and I had been concerned we would be early!  Whilst t'others continued to the pub, I called on V-CC members Ann and Les, who live in Send to collect my raffle prize.   They had kindly bought it back from camp for me. Couldn't manage a track pump on my Moulton on the train!
Whilst at lunch, Graham had worked out a route to take us to afternoon tea in Cobham.  I should explain that when I reccied this ride The Barley Mow at W, Horsley wasn't serving food and no sandwiches at The King William 1V, hence the change of lunch venue.  Send to Ripley, just a little too close! - hence tea at Cobham.

We followed Graham through roads and paths which led us on to Clandon Road, into Tithe Barns Lane and straight on along the concrete farm road, across Ripley Lane into Silkmore Lane. The surface here was a little too soft to ride so we turned back and continued along Ripley Lane, then familiar roads to Cobham where Terry left us for home whilst four stopped for tea in Sainsbury's.
Thank you all for coming on the ride and Graham for sharing the lead :)  I truly enjoyed the day for it suited me as I was feeling a little weary from riding my Moulton Super Four (14" wheels and only 3 gears, not 4!) around the Sussex country side last week. We stayed at Plumpton College near to Ditchling.

 The River Wey

Sunday, August 12, 2018

12 August 2018 - Fairoaks and Ash

Just my luck to pick the two wet Sundays in an otherwise dry summer to lead Sunday rides!  The weather forecast for today wasn't good and there were lots of C & M riders away or with good alibis, so I scarcely  expected any company at all for this ride.  I was very pleased then when Graham joined me at elevenses, and we duly set off for lunch at Ash.  The on and off rain, which had been more off than on, gradually became more on than off once we were on our way, so we took a fairly direct route, making only one brief detour to inspect The Cricketers at Pirbright, now closed, and sadly showing no signs of any imminent re-opening.   This was our first visit to the Lion Brewery at Ash and it ticked all the right boxes - friendly service, competitive prices, sandwiches (with chips), jacket potatoes and all day breakfasts all on the Sunday menu, and not a roast dinner in sight!   A jazz band plays every Sunday in a separate bar.   Again it was a pretty direct but completely different route home in view of the rain which, although still intermittent, had become heavier.  Graham briefly took over navigation to take us on a cunning back street route from Mayford to Sheerwater so we could avoid the unpleasant main road, then it was straightforward stuff to Walton Bridge where there was a parting of the ways.   Many thanks to Graham for his company.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Important - Changes to Planned Ride on Sunday 12 August

Please note that, owing to unforeseen circumstances, Sunday's ride will not take place as planned.  There will be no meet at Hampton Court and the lunch and elevenses venues are completely changed.   Elevenses will be at Fairoaks and lunch, provisionally, at The Lion Brewery, Ash.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Sunday August 5 2018

Simon was "doubled booked" so I offered to deputise. With yet another hot (30+) weekend forecast I opted for a lunch closer to home. At first I choose Pirbright only to discover: Royal Oak - fully booked; Cricketers - closed for refurbishment. So it had to be Woking and a winding route under as many shady trees as I could muster.

The roads were quiet but for reasons not obvious Addlestone's Golden Cafe was  popular: fifteen of us. Five went no further : Lena and Bill S (both on tricycles!), Maureen and bikeless Peter Matthews.

Ten set off in dappled light heading west towards Windlesham then southeast towards Woking. Only Dave was brave enough for the Pennypot ford. We made two (half-) intended stops at The Plough Horsell - no chef until Wednesday and The Wheatsheaf Woking  - no sandwiches. So once again The Herbert Wells had our custom.

Afterwards we headed along the Basingstoke (still and covered in algae and apparently closed to boats west of Deepcut). In West Byfleet the traffic lights were being replaced which led to questionable riding by the group. Tea was Ockham Bites where shade was at a premium. Downside, Bookham, Leatherhead, Epsom, Chessington, and Hersham were also visited before I could finally turn for home. Under 60 miles door to door

All dayers: GFH, Bob, Dave, Ed, Ian, Irene, Lillian, Pam, Ray, Terry, Vic.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday 29 July

Of all the fine, warm, sunny Sundays we've had this summer I had to go and pick the wet, windy and cool one for my ride!   Undeterred, I battled the elements (and the Pru Ride) to elevenses at Clandon Park Garden Centre not expecting any company, but was very pleased to be joined there by Bob, Ed, Lilian, Graham, Vic and Lena Clarke.  We lingered over our scones hoping for an improvement in the weather but none came, so we reluctantly decided to commute the lunch destination to Wetherspoons at Guildford.  Wind and rain continued unabated as we rode there but traffic was unusually light at least until Guildford town centre.   We paused briefly and without envy en route to watch the Pru riders turning to ride up to Newlands Corner.  After lunch and mindful of the continuing rain some chose to take an alternative route home, but Vic and I set off to ride towards Ripley.  I left him at Wisley Church and headed off up Muddy Lane where I had to dismount and force my way through the path, which is now heavily overgrown with dripping brambles, timing my arrival at Byfleet perfectly just in time to watch the London-Surrey Classic go past!

Saturday, July 28, 2018


.....has just reopened. Unfortunately THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CAKE at the moment, they only seem to cater for people who want meals. They have had other cyclists visit who pointed out this grave error and are going to rectify it. Opening hours 9am - 9pm 7 day week.


Sunday, July 22, 2018


I was not expecting a large group today as some where on a tour down Southwest. So just 5 for 11's with Alan heading home as we left.

Uneventful ride to lunch apart from Graham having problems with keeping his front wheel secure. A very pleasant lunch in a busy garden at the Flower Pot pub.The food was good and served altogether in a reasonable time.

On leaving and we had the climb up to the main road and about half way up Graham stopped to re-tighten his front wheel only to discover the the axle had completely seized. We had no cone spanners or anything to loosen it. It was decided that Graham would walk back to the pub and we would continue. Ray having parked his car at Old Windsor would return and pick him up.

Now Graham had not bought his mobile phone with him!%^$%*  Hopefully lesson learnt! So we would ring the pub to check his progress.

On to tea at Dorney where we rang the pub and briefly spoke to Graham who agreed to wait for Ray. Graham had borrowed tools and loosened the cones but could only do them finger tight. Well Graham briefly waited then  decided to risk it and ride home!

Ray did drive back and searched for Graham but to no avail. So the moral of this tail is DON'T forget your mobile PHONE!

Still a pleasant day on the bike if somewhat...........


Four for lunch

Only 5 at the garden cafe Windsor, Alan headed home and the rest took the scenic route to the Flower pot at Aston.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

29 July 2018 - Change of Elevenses Venue

Because of a potential clash of routes with the Prudential Ride on 29 July I am going to change the elevenses venue from Squires West Horsley to Clandon Park Garden Centre.   This will also enable you to reach elevenses by train to Clandon if wished and so avoid the Pru Ride altogether!   Lunch venue unchanged.  Please pass this on to anyone without access to the blog.   Apologies and thanks

Dave W

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Pam's group photo


SUNDAY 15th JULY 2018

Twelve guys and gals met at the Garden Centre - David and Alan who didn't join the ride and Bob who took his own route to lunch, Graham, Simon, Vic, Terry, Ray, Paul, Rachel and Ged, plus myself!

We made our way to the Basingstoke canal by an off road route very close to the garden centre.  Wonderful shade all the way to the A332, Bagshot Road.  An enjoyable gradient down to Pirbright along Cemetery Pales, along the A324 turning into Cobbett Hill Road to the T.  a left and right, up the hill and into The Royal Oak for lunch where we sat at a well shaded table for lunch.

Bob joined us very soon after our arrival, Ged left us straight after lunch to get back to watch footie whilst the rest of us took our time getting back onto the was very hot!!   Bob made his own way home, hence rather less people in the 'after lunch' photo.

Very soon after leaving the pub we turned right onto part of the Christmas Pie Trail leading us to Applegarth Avenue. From this estate we cycled into the grounds of Guildford University, exiting onto Walnut Tree Close.  Then through a gap between buildings, almost opposite Guildford station, over the river Wey, past the Crown Court, weaving our way to enter Stoke Park off Nightingale Road.
Leaving the park we crossed the A25, past Spectrum Leisure Complex, under the M3 to join the trail along The Wey which led us to the path along side the A3 to Ripley where we all stopped for tea at Pinnocks.

My thanks to back marker Graham and to all for joining me on such a hot day; plus a day full of sporting events!!

Happy cycling, Pam :) :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday 8th July 2018

The heat may have frazzled my brain but as I recall:

Alan (11s), Bob (11s), Dave, Ed, Graham, Lillian, Pam, Ray, Terry, Vic

so SHOUT if anyone excluded/included!

The route: Upper Halliford - Ashford - Stanwell Moor - Eton - Dorney - M4 Crossing(N) - Maidenhead (via NCN 4) - Bray (via B3028) - M4 Crossing (S) - Jubilee River - Datchet

Did we have a photo shoot? Well not me! But here's one from Pam

And here's a sibling of the horse we encountered in April. It's near Oxshott (TQ146623) and viewable from the A3. Barbed wire and electric fence so not close-up of a horse's head standing on its nose!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Adsum or absum - 8 July 2018


Circumstances beyond my control keep me out of the saddle, out of the pedals and out of circulation.
Having been out of the country at no. 1 son's wedding, I celebrated the event by following a  murky pathway to join the dance, only to plunge into the darkness and break an ankle. No dancing. For those with a morbid interest in such things, the fracture was the common or garden lateral malleolus.

On my return (grateful thanks to the disabled services at Edinburgh and Gatwick airports) and having the fracture diagnosed and booted at our friendly Epsom District Hospital, my second thought was of course to update the C&M attendance record. But what happened on 8 July? A ghost ride, it seems. Who were the spectres to take to the road? Who can put flesh on the bones? Or was this really a ride of Medusa?

Please forgive the lame jokes. I'm not quite myself.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Please note that this weekss ride has been swapped and is now as follows.

11's Bourne GC Rowtown            
Lunch  The Royal Oak, Wood Street   

Tea  is at Pinnocks Ripley

Pam is leading..

Monday, July 02, 2018

July 1 2018 - Tismans Common

Today's destination in West Sussex is perhaps a ride too far so I was surprised that eleven turned up at Effingham's Vineries. Several (Alan, Bob, Maureen, Mike M) went no further as the bunch headed for the all too familiar "Dog Alley" and Green Dene. Just after the Irving church in Albury, Ed, Lilian and Pam continued on the A248 going who knows where. This left five (Graham, Dave, Ian, Simon, Terry) to climb to Winterfold via Farley Green. This is a longtime favourite and we were rewarded with just two passing cars. You know who fell off near the top but at least the landing was soft if prickly.

As usual Cranleigh was busy but not the way to the border and A281. The Mucky Duck was reached just before one for an alfresco lunch. There were two more escapees: Dave heading for his allotment, and Ian for Horsham station (without a map?) so only three enjoyed Capel's cakes. 65 very hot quiet miles door to door. 

Over the last two weeks the road between Downside and Bookham Common has been resurfaced. I do wonder who paid for it?

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sunday 24 June 2018 - Petts Wood & Cudham

On paper I wouldn’t have expected many to turn out for this ride which was out of our (recent) normal area and also clashed with the Dieppe Raids and an England World Cup match, so I was very pleased to see Ed, Lilian, Keith and Graham at the experimental meeting place.   It was lovely morning which made the ride through Morden, Mitcham Common, Croydon North End, Addiscombe, Shirley, West Wickham and Norman Park a little more palatable.  We had a good elevenses at Petts Wood Wetherspoons and were joined there by Bob and Richard.   All continued to lunch at Cudham, Bob taking his own route.   The rest of us rose and fell (but mainly rose) through some lovely, quiet lanes via St Mary Cray, Chelsfield, Pratts Bottom, Halsted and Knockholt.   There were some steady climbs but there was also plenty of shade.   I was introduced to the Blacksmiths Arms at Cudham several years ago by Andy Coxhill and was impressed then by the efficient service and beautiful gardens.   I am pleased to report there has been no change, but we should probably have devoted more attention to the Little Titch memorabilia in the bar!   After lunch some opted to ride back home but I felt it my duty as leader to show Ed and Lilian the way to Orpington station, a gruelling downhill ride of at least three miles, and to accompany them to Waterloo to ensure their safe passage!  No train problems today!    Many thanks to all for your company and for what I hope was an enjoyable visit to what were old haunts for some of us and new territory for others!