Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finale pic's Brittany

Before the race and introduced by himself - Mohamed. Apart from arranging for Pam's entry to the race he also tried to sell us his house. He is Morocan and could speak perfect French and English, the house had 6 bedrooms, a Granny flat, huge lounge and dinning kitchen, double garage and large garden. All for Euro 199,000.
Race in Progress

Prize presentation (Miss Brittany was quite nice too)

Coming home - Rule Brittania

Brittany more photo's

Friends again

Going Dutch with a lovely couple from Holland. Every where we went the people were so friendly including the French and so many English people!

Signing on at her biggest stage race ever!

Yellow Jersey just beaten on the line.!

Cruising the Chanel En-route Brittany

3 Musketeers St. Malo note Ians town map

Simon & Jens Cottage

Lost again

Sunset departure

A follow on from the MWW Blog. Forgive me if this bores anybody but in a way its to express our thanks (Ian, Maureen, Pam & me) to Simon & Jen for being so kind in letting us stay in their Cottage. Its a fantastic place and the area is great and to get involved in a top class stage race was exiting (and to be beaten on the line). Approx 10 photo's 3 postings!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday 27 July 08

In illustration of the ride report, here are two or three photos of the foray into Kent. Apologies that too much natter and not enough focus meant no photographic record of those who rode to Occasionally Yours at Lingfield for elevenses!

Ride leader Mike being looked after by his attentive family helpers at the Dorset Arms, Withyham

R&R at Tatsfield Church after the assault on Westerham Hill - and one or two others!

A smile on the face outside the Tatsfield Church Tea House - from here it's all downhill!

A wistful look back at where we had come from - and where we are all going!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Courtyard Cafe & Warnham Lunch

Jeff (on left, potential new rides sec. for the Wayfarers - [Ed]) doing what he said he'd do getting to know you all so you can help take charge of his rides. He's looking for new blood. (don't be put off by the hat that belongs to a pr...t). Also at lunch with half of the bunch and half a sandwich! Write up to follow from some right minded fellow and no doubt some more pictures too!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

18 July FNRttC

This message is to let the C&M crew (& wider SWLDA) know what they are missing by not supporting Simon's gigantic efforts to do something different. Last nights ride is a typical example. To ride through the night with a full moon bathing the cornfields as we sweep by in deepest Sussex just before dawn is quite something (actually I don't remember Dawn riding).
The reward and achievement of riding up Ditchling Beacon can be quite dramatic especially at sunrise. Last nights view was quite outstanding as was the arrival in Brighton. Congratulations to Simon, its his birthday and to celebrate he provided lovely Champagne on the sea front. A good time was had by all! (and the rain stayed away). Our new rider Adam made his his debut ride.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday 13 July 2008

Taking it easy at Godstone Garden Centre after some hard tea-drinking
Sandwiches - what sandwiches? In the garden of the Leicester Arms Hotel, Penshurst

The Four Riders of the Apocalypse at Puddledock

The Invasion of Chartwell - and taking a cup of National Trust Tea

The day dawned fine and remained so throughout the day. A quartet assembled at N. Cheam ready for the gun – Adam (anticipating winter with a black woollen choker, Peter C, Ti Keith and a virgin leader. After a seemly wait for possible stragglers, we set off along Malden Road and Sandy Lane to pick up the London Loop across Banstead Downs Golf Course. A quick thrash along the A 217 brought us to the Chipstead roundabout where we escaped from the Sunday traffic along Chipstead Lane and then Monkswell Lane for a few ups and downs to Markedge Lane, the A23, Rockshaw Road, Spring Bottom Lane, then down and up to Bletchingly and a quick sprint, initiated by Keith, along the A 25 to the traditional horticultural venue for 11 o’clockses, this time at Godstone Garden Centre.

Here the clan expanded to include Andy, Bob, Colin, Mike (I am a Camera) M, and Ray. The Godstone sun-trap encouraged much chat and banter but little enthusiasm for the next 20 mile foray into Kent. The gathering reluctantly broke up with Andy joining the chain gang and Peter and the others returning home for lunch.

So off it was, soon up Tilburstow Hill, the first of a few little ups and downs to come on the way via Staffhurst, (where we came across some marshals for Croydon Portage organising a charity ride for children with special educational needs), Marlpit, Chiddingstone and Wellers Town to Penshurst. The village boasts one inn, The Leicester Arms Hotel, where we settled at the bottom of the garden and furtively pulled out our…sandwiches! However, Adam seemed to have a Harrod’s hamper more suitable for Glyndebourne than a saddlebag. Is that where he gets his strength from? Could be that chorizo sausage. There must be many miles of security camera footage of highly suspicious lycra-clad figures, lurking behind sheds and outhouses, with who knows what nefarious intent! Who would believe that it was just to eat a surreptitious sandwich? A likely story! A Cyclist’s Lot is not a Happy one!

Before setting off on the next stage to Chartwell, Andy was the Good Samaritan who fished out his tool bag to relieve the travails of a mountain biker whose saddle was clearly causing him much anguish, to the clear delight of his male and female companions. But as we knew what he was going through, it was allen keys out and to the rescue. Then, with a warm glow of having made the world a better place, at least for one poor sufferer, it was off again and down to Penshurst Station, where it was a question of shoulder arms to cross the bridge over the railway track and on to the B2027.

West awhile then North onto an unnamed road to take us across Bough Beech Reservoir, teeming with twitchers (I assume that is why they had those big cameras), and fairly soon, perhaps too soon, to the foot of Toys Hill. This was a new experience for some, as we plumbed the depths of those lowest gears to spin our way lightly up the gently rising Kentish lane, to turn left only half way up, to everybody’s disappointment, to take in the panorama from the Puddledock viewpoint. A short time for a breather, for Keith to straighten up his back wheel forced against the frame, which had met its titanium match in those unyielding sinews and for a photo op. before off again, swooping down Puddledock Lane to meet Mapleton Road and the gentle climb up to Chartwell. Here, Churchillian resolve was as nought to fight back the invading hordes.

Time for some National Trust tea and cake, then the parting of the ways as Andy took the High Road to Westerham and the rest the Low Road to Merstham where each then followed his own homing instincts, to get back after some 74 miles, in time to admire the highlights of the Tour.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunday July 6

Reviewing the Magna Carta at Runnymede

Sunday July 6th

Tea at Shepperton Lock
Pictures from Pam

Sunday July 6th

Lunch in the dry at "The Cricketers"
Leaving in sunshine

Wet,wet, wet! Elevenses to lunch then tea to home! Bob, Pete, Lisa, Irene were the early birds at Runnymede for 11's, then Pam, followed by Keith, Ed, Adam, Jeff, Andy, Antonio and Terry. We made our way to Windsor Great Park via Priest Hill and Bishopsgate. Across Park to Forest Gate, round the Peanut Roundabout, down Mounts Hill and left into Hatch Lane as Irene wanted to point out the Hatch Pub to Andy. We lunched at The Cricketers pub (Winkfield?). A wonderful comfort stop! Leather settees for all of us, the baguettes were huge with chips and salad, also a good selection of ale!
Still raining as we made our way via bridle paths etc. to cycle across Ascot Race Course to Cheapside and back into Windsor Park via Blackness Gate. Shame the polo was not in progress, lots of horse boxes and all that, must have been tea time!
Back through Bishopsgate and down Tite Hill into Egham, through Thorpe to pick up the lane and bridle way around the golf club at Penton Park.
Just had to stop for a while to admire the Shetland pony and foal, then the owners of the Abbey Bridge Farmhouse came out to chat, talking about their ponies and showing us their huge barn full of motoring memorabilia. Very interesting!
Hopefully tea was to be at Shepperton Lock but the general assumption was that it would be shut, but, good news for us, it was still open when we arrived there. Irene and I left first with huge black clouds rolling in and it wasn't long before it rained, so goodness knows how wet the others guys were when they got home!!
It was a really nice day and thank you very much Irene for leading the ride, super route!

From Pam (Irene)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Sunday 29th June 2008

I like to mix things up when compiling suitable rides with long and short distances. Today's ride falls firmly into the latter.
That said, one has to bear in mind the wide area our members live....... what may appear long to some, is less so to others and vice versa.
We assembled at Squires, Buckland awaiting Keith to lead us to Rusper along familiar but pleasant lanes in warm sunshine.
Rusper which of course is in West Sussex still retains a Post Office, though for how much longer is anyone's guess.
Thirteen members are recorded for "the dash" to Holmwood Church with just Steve choosing not to divert.
Good cake and tea in mugs (Capel take note!) £1, highly recommended.

New member Adam Fields proved Lycra, clipless pedals and the drop handlebar lightweight unnecessary for a rural bike ride in midsummer, well done that man!