Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunday March 26th

                                          11s at Pinnock's

What a marvellous spring day for Mothering Sunday and cyclists.
After a pleasant if noisy 11s at Pinnock's (Ripley), eleven of us headed for East Clandon via Grove Heath Lane and Gambles Lane. After Back Lane we paused briefly to study the garden fence made of old bedsteads and tools before tackling Staple Lane. From the top we had a quite good view to the north. Combe Lane led to the A25 and Shere where Keith bravely rode through the ford. Peaslake was approached via Jesse's Lane and Pond Lane and left via Ewhurst Road. From Ewhurst we took the B2127 to Forest Green (my original choice of lunch stop) then headed north to The Royal Oak at Holmbury St Mary arriving about 1330. The pub was very busy and we had a not unexpected long wait for lunch, which, when it arrived, was very good. Chris joined us for lunch.

After lunch, Irene, Pam, Graham and Vic headed for home. The remainder set off, ostensibly for Capel. Jeff soon left us and after a brief discussion decided Capel was a cake too far and we should head for Denbie's. We could see the South Downs fairly clearly from the foot of Leith Hill. A quick descent of Coldharbour Lane brought us to Dorking where Lilian requested a stop at Gorgeous Gertie's café, but it was closed, so on to Mullin's café, also closed, but the new cyclist's Musette café was still open so we quickly took our bikes in with us. Good refreshments were partaken, Chris and Terry helped the management out of a terrible dilemma (Could you please eat these last two portions of coffee and walnut cake FREE?). After tea we went our separate ways.

Thanks to all for company and corner/backmarkers.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Change of plan

Hopefully due to lots of mums being taken out for lunch on Sunday, March 26th, I was unable to reserve a table for us at my preferred pub. However after some ringing around The Royal Oak at Holmbury St. Mary will accommodate us at 1330. Tea will still be at Capel, their first t'n'cakes Sunday this year. See you at Pinnock's.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Runnymede - Mayford - Cobham
Nineteen arrived at the Runnymede Magna Carta tea rooms this morning and ten left promptly at 11 o/c  for the ride to the Mayford Arms.  Up Priest Hill to Englefield Green, over the A30  Callow Hill, Wellington Avenue to Trumps Green, across the motorway to Kitsmead Lane, Longcross,  Accommodation Road, Chertsey Lane to Philpot Lane and Horsell Common. Right & Left to Bulbeggars Lane, over the Basingstoke Canal to Wych Hill and down Hook Hill Lane to the pub.  Paul & Ken carried on to go straight home.  We were made very welcome and most of us made short work of the 'Small Persons Roasts '  PLUS  ice cream and chocolate sauce!!  After lunch we made our way to Cobham  Sainsburys café for afternoon tea.   It actually turned into a lovely day and the wind wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be.
Thank you everyone for a lovely day, for Simon being a wonderful T.E.C. - you did a wonderful job,  and for all the corner markers; it really does keep the group flowing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sunday March 19 2017 PROMPT RESTART

Irene's route to Mayford will take around two hours so the departure time from Runnymede will be 1100 hours.

If you want to tag along, a group will be leaving from Kingston Bridge at 0900.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunday March 12 2017

What was forecasted was heavy rain from nine but dry by eleven. What we got was rather difficult!

There was no rain until the Tilt. This had petered out as I reached Squires where Dave was tucking into his customary full english. By the time of departure, a dozen had arrived but so had heavy rain. Quickly abandoning any thoughts of an attractive (hilly) route, Blake's Lane and the A25 into Guildford led to the only hill, One Tree. Down in Chilworth and Wonersh we met an oncoming sportive and by 1215 nine were inside The Wheatsheaf at Bramley selecting from the weekday menu (by prior arrangement) - not a single taker for the sunday roasts!

A hour later it was still raining - though more a light drizzle. Thoughts now turned to home. We left together but after the back road into Shalford we were but five heading up Guildford's High Street and only two in Ripley so no afternoon tea. Home before 1545 and after 50 miles.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Sunday 12/03/17 Change Of Venue

As they're prepared to offer us the full menu (, rather than roasts only), I've changed the lunch venue to:

The Wheatsheaf Bramley GU5 0HB    Tel:  01483 892 722

It's a couple of doors south of the Jolly Farmer so you shouldn't have difficulty finding it! Whilst I'm on the subject, my recce off-road was muddy so Stoke D'Abernon isn't so attractive and I'm open to offers on the tea stop.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sunday March 5 2017

Heavy rain made an inauspicious start to the morning, but by the time I had reached Fairoaks it was sunny and dry!  Fairoaks is always busy on Sundays so I arrived 15 minutes before opening and managed to bag three-quarters of a four-seater table!

The Squirrels, Vic, Paul and Pam braved the weather to join me at elevenses, and Vic, Pam and I continued to lunch.  Expecting mud and heavy showers I curtailed the planned route to Lake End and we rode to The Windlesora at Windsor via Windlesham, South Ascot, Ascot race course and the west side of Windsor Great Park.  Tony Hopkins joined us for lunch and the rest of the ride

We were lucky with the showers, just a few light ones during the ride and a heavy one while we were at lunch.  Return was via Datchet, Wraysbury and Staines to Laleham for tea.  I continued without stopping for tea and clouds were gathering ominously as I reached Walton!   About 45 miles and 340 metres of ascent so not a bad effort by us all considering the weather forecast!