Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Outcome of Charity Status Vote - CTC AGM, 15 May 2010

Follow this savethectc link to see the outcome of the AGM vote at Loughborough on 15 May on converting The CTC into a charity.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

West Horsley - Alfold - Capel

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 16 May 2010

Capel cakes - see what you missed

The day started badly at West Horsley Squires - the gas had failed limiting the number of cooked breakfasts available. Lunch was planned at Alfold which meant heading south ie UP then DOWN Combe Bottom to Shere where everyone (Ed, Jeff, Keith, Paul, Steve and Terry) surprisingly/wisely? chose to use the footbridge to avoid the ford in Rectory Lane. Continuing south Horseblock Hollow and Amlets Lane led past Cranleigh school (an expensive-looking function being held) and avoided the town. Over the A281, through Dunsfold village and we arrived at The Three Compasses, adjacent to Dunsfold Airfield from where many an intrepid aviator has '...slipped the surly bonds of earth...' but today was hosting a 'Dad's Day Out' - we could hear several high-revving car engines !

After a pleasant meal we headed north on the A281, shortly turning off into Wildwood Lane then kept to the lanes to Capel via Cox Green, Ellen's Green and Okewood Hill. Sadly the bluebells in Weare Street were not up to their usual standard, but there was certainly no disappointment with the cakes and other delicacies available at Capel church, after which we followed the usual route to Dorking and home. Quite a cool day, very few glimpses of sun, and for the last few miles a little light rain.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, 9 May, 2010

The Jinx of Lullingstone Strikes Yet Again

A lightning strike is rare. A second lightning strike in the same place is very rare. A third lightning strike in the same place is telling you something you should listen to!
The Romans abandoned their villas; the castle fell into ruins; there is something very ominous about Lullingstone. Today the fearless, if not downright foolhardy legion of the C&M, set their sights on Lullingstone Park Visitor Centre, in the shadow of the castle. They never made it. One single mercenary went ahead to scout the way and prepare a welcome for comrades, for whom the tea turned cold as the grave. A search of the river, fields and ditches around Eynsford revealed no trace, no spoke or burnt out saddlebag. Likewise a trek across the golf course. I therefore had to fear the worst - all lost. A sad and solitary return awaited me to break the news to grieving loved ones.

Imagine my joy when, as I was mournfully coasting down Jackass Lane, a lone survivor of the lost platoon came up beside my shoulder and told me they were all alive and well, diverted it would seem from their intended course. Andrew and I then shared each other's company to cross the Croydon flyover and make our light-hearted homeward ways.

Be sure, however, that I shall long hesitate before ever again venturing into the mysterious realms of Lullingstone.


P.S. A report has since come in that the Knights Errant of the C&M did not make their lunch-time rendezvous at Stansted. It was wise not to seek them there. I suspect that they ended up in the Green Man in Hodsoll Street. In the interests of charity, however, their wages have not been docked.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Easter Sunday, 2 May

Shere - Rain Stopped Play
We were promised showers. Perhaps the meaning of the word has been changed, modernised. Today, there were no gaps between the showers. I call that continuous rain. All will be made clear after the election.

Our correspondent on the spot at the North Cheam hustings reported a low turnout, with just three candidates: Keith, Paul and Richard. Only one made it to The Lucky Duck at Shere: Richard - given a rapturous welcome by the sodden leader. Richard's two companions had been washed away en route. There was, alas, no fire in the belly for the planned next phase to The Cricketers at Wisborough Green. With the pitch waterlogged, the umpires ended play for the day.

Tea was therefore taken early, after which Richard was seen floating off towards Ewhurst, while I drifted with the current on the A25 back to Tadworth, for an early shower. Thirty three nautical miles.