Monday, July 30, 2012

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There is currently an issue with the link to the DA website: which is stopping access. (This address is used so that when the underlying location of the website is moved - as happens periodically - public links to it do not need to be changed.)

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Women's Olympic Road Race

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, 22 July

Runnymede-Hurley-Old Windsor

I managed to pick the first real day of Summer for this ride. Only 5 left Kingston Bridge for the trip to 11's and we cycled past Hampton court to view the progress of the time trial start/finish. Still looks liked like a lot to do. At Runnymede the group grew in size to 9.

Off through Old Windsor, Datchet, Eton, Dorney with a brief spell on the Jubilee river before the climb up Berry Hill to Taplow and on past Cliveden then left for the descent of Hedsor hill and into Bourne End and onto Cookham High St and then the climb up Dean lane and Winter hill to the view point over looking Little Marlow.,

From here we took Gibraltar lane and a short off road section with a few rumblings from the rear. On to Quarry Wood road and over Marlow Bridge and left into Pound lane and a short section of the A4155 before entering Harleyford lane and the Thames path and across the massive wooden bridge to Hurley lock, Hurley, where Vic had a disagreement with a motorist. Then the nasty climb up Honey lane and to lunch at the Dew Drop Inn. We sat in the garden and enjoyed nice food and great weather before reluctantly making our way to afternoon tea.

The Dew Drop Inn being situated high meant that we had some very nice descending for a few miles. With a mile or 2 on NCN4 we passed through White Waltham, Touchen-End and onto Windsor and the Sunday crowds by the river. Through Datchet and onto Windsor farm shop for tea. Sitting in the glorious Sunshine with tea and cake it was hard to prise ourselves away for the journey home.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

St Swithin's Day

West Horsley - Witley - Guildford


 Parish Church of All Saints Witley (11th century)

Then (c.1823) and now

Sunday 15th July 2012

On the first completely dry Sunday in living memory, 11 of us left elevenses and took Blakes Lane to East Clandon and climbed Staples Lane. On the descent towards the A25, Dave punctured with a loud bang. He said we should go on without him and that he would catch up and re-join us at lunch, but that alas is the last we saw of him.

From the A249 at Chilworth Station we turned left uphill to Blackheath, then thru Wonersh and Bramley to Thorncombe Street. Here we turned right up the very steep Alldens Hill-only two of us felt the need to dismount and walk. We then took the Hambledon Road to Hydestile and passed Milford Station to reach the White Hart at Witley sharp at 1 p.m.

After lunch we rode South and then South East along the A283 for a couple of miles before turning North East thru’ Hambledon and then North thru’ Hydestile. At Munstead Heath we stopped to admire the two lavatories mounted high on pillars at each side of the entrance to a house designed by Lutyens! We were engaged in lengthy conversation by the owner of a neighbouring house (also designed by Lutyens) who made some highly colourful allegations about his neighbour and regaled us with lengthy stories about his own cycling and mountaineering exploits many years ago. Escaping in mid-sentence, we took Munstead Heath Road, Unstead Lane, Trunley Heath Road and then the main A281 into Guildford. We took tea at Weatherspoons, with many taking advantage of the special offer of a cup of tea and two toasted tea cakes with butter and jam for £1.95.

John Gould

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sunday 8th July (no really!) 2012

Erm..........guess the "deposit" on Jeff's computer.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday July 8

Despite a very wet ride and a discouraging forecast, Andy, Graham, Jeff and Ray (11s only), joined me at Shere for refreshments. The rain had stopped by the time we left but 'waterproofs on' seemed the sensible choice. I used plan B, the most direct route to Rudgwick, which meant the climb out of Shere plus Hound House Road before descending to Ewhurst, after which it was fairly flat via Ellen's Green and Cox Green to the Italian styled King's Head. Jeff and I had a huge pannini each - we did wonder if we would be able to manage Capel church cakes later - but it didn't present a problem. The roads were quite wet with large puddles - some the width of the road.

The weather was fine when we left the pub, but still considered it advisable to use the shortest route to Capel. We returned to Ellen's Green, then along wet, empty roads via Okewood Hill and Weare Street to reach the church at 14.57 - good timing ! Graham's excuse for THREE pieces of cake was he had furthest to go. After a lengthy discussion on the complications of wardening in Scotland, we rode off into the sunshine, having removed waterproofs, only to experience approximately 2 1/2 drops of rain each, returning via Newdigate, Henfold and Dorking. 


Monday, July 02, 2012

Sunday 1 July 2012

Laleham - Hedgerley - Savill Gardens

 Welcome to Bob McDonald
After lunch at the White Horse Hedgerley

 At lunch - some broke bread at the church. Before tea some broke ranks!

Sunday July 1

Winds easing and sunny....  they said. So when eleven of us emerged from Nottcuts at Laleham we were met with a grey sky and sufficient drizzle to don waterproofs. Fortunately they weren't needed for long and after a gentle run along the Thames we stopped at Staines to remove them. Then out to Wraysbury where we went straight on for a change and through Horton to Colnbrook. After a short detour along Hollow Hill and Billet lanes we rejoined the long straight north through Iver Heath to Pinewood. After a rough descent of Alderbourne Lane we crossed the ford and climbed Hawkswood Lane over the M40. A large hole in St Huberts Lane diverts the cars but there's enough room for bikes. From here we cut through Dukeswood Drive on the edge of Gerrards Cross and into Hedgerley Lane arriving at the White Horse from the north ( unsusually it seemed). Here Daniel joined us after missing us at Laleham. After a good lunch and the usual interesting choice of ales we headed off up Kiln Lane. It was leader's luck rather than planning that our long run down Park and Green Lanes through Burnham Beeches meant we barely noticed that this was our stretch into the wind. And so to Dorney where we took the Jubilee River path emerging across the playing fields of  Eton onto the Datchet road. Then came what can only be described as the Old Windsor roundabout mutiny! Now an amicable discussion at lunch or even a regrouping halt about the proposed tea stop is fair enough but to be abandoned by half your flock in mid roundabout is a bit much. There was muttering about it being two hours home .... and this from a group that had tea in Southwater last week! Still, five of us tackled Crimp Hill without fuss and enjoyed a sunny tea in Savill Gardens,  36 miles from elevenses. Away at 4.30 I was home in Ashtead at 6. The joy of a tailwind!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday 24 June

Punchbowl Lane

I planned an early shower today, rather than a dip in the briny at Shoreham, but my ablutions were  delayed by a real road closure. A massive tree had fallen near the top of Punchbowl Lane south of Dorking. Might have been caused by the shock wave as the North Cheam brigade passed that way earlier in the day on the way to Horsham. I stayed to see the tree dismembered. The lumberjacks said that it was their sixteenth call-out that weekend in Surrey.