Friday, October 08, 2021

C&M attendance record

 I'm sure that many of you will have noted that the C&M attendance record expired on 26 September, 2021. I have asked Lisa Colombo to update the template for the coming twelve months, from 3rd October 2021. I don't want to destroy it myself as a farewell reminder.

As I am now a shadowy 'éminence grise' within C&M, spotted on a ride as often as a yeti, the time has clearly come for an active and diligent C & M aficionado, to assume the privilege of monitoring our members' weekly attendance. The powers that be will no doubt be well able to manage the throng pressing to take on the rôle. To my successor I wish: 'bonne chance', and to all those whose company I have greatly enjoyed, since my first ride with C&M on 30th April, 2008 to an unknown Dragon's Green, I  bid an appreciative 'adieu'.


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