Monday, August 23, 2021

Sunday August 29 2021 Change (updated)

 Last week only buses ran on the Amberley line so no survey was possible. Hence my proposed trip to the seaside will have to wait a little longer.

Sunday's (29/8) ride will be train assisted to Bentley and from Farnham. In the morning there's only 0930 (Surbiton) to Bentley (1020). It's half hourly for the return  (xx.00 and xx.30 from 1400 onward).

The provisional stops are 11s: Oakhanger Chocolate Frog (6+ miles), lunch: Grayshott all services (15+ miles) and tea: (Tilford Tea Rooms(25 miles).

The total distance is under 30 miles

Just back from measuring the miles under the watchful eye of men with guns. Definitely military but none had beards. A visit to the "Atlantic Wall" on Hankley Common could be one of:

1) 1.20 sandy miles out and back from western edge;
2) 1.20 concrete + 0.6 sandy and back from eastern edge;
3)   0.6 concrete + 0.9 sandy (east to west or west to east);

Assume sandy miles are unrideable unless you have a gravel bike or better.

And before I forget there's nearly 2000 feet of climbing.

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