Monday, August 30, 2021

August 29 2021

C&M hasn't been on the Alton Line since 2015 so yesterday four "trainees" (GFH, Ann, Ray and Terry) were met at Bentley by Dave who'd ridden from home.

We travelled west then south to Binsted (no time for Monty) and Oakhanger where 11s was at the Chocolate Frog tea rooms. A closed road at Blackmoor caused few problems as we eased  past the southern outskirts of Bordon to Standford and over a nascent branch of the Wey South. 

Around these parts the word Hill in several streetnames explains why the next three and half miles were an continuous uphill grind to Grayshott where lunch was the Village Cafe, a greasy spoon well suited to our needs. Here Dave left us for Haslemere.

 For the survivors the next section (Hindhead to Elstead) was much appreciated as the route drops almost 750 feet. There remained one(?) more obstacle, Charles Hill, before tea could be taken at Tilford Village Shop. We  dispersed at Farnham station.

As for the Atlantic Wall it didn't featured. Apart from the author all were on smooths.

PS Apologies to Elliott - I'm off to Kings Lynn. We may be coming out of Covid but things aren't what they used to be (in 2019) so always check this blog for latest information.

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