Sunday, November 21, 2021

Ride Report - Sunday 21 Nov 2021


Several of our regular riders were away today, but an elevenses meet at The Vineries, Effingham always seems to attract a good crowd, and today was no exception.   Bob, Ed, Terry, Robert, Keith, Graham, Richard and I met and had a good chat and got far too comfortable!   Unsurprisingly, my intention of setting off not later than 11.00 am wasn't fulfilled!   

When we did eventually venture back out into the open air, we were met with a blast of cold air, the lovely bright sunshine of earlier had vanished, and it was trying to rain!   Undeterred, Graham, Robert, Terry and I pressed on towards lunch at Woking, crossing Wisley Airfield on the way.   Keith rode with us for a bit and then set off for his own ride.   It did brighten up again on the way to lunch and the autumn leaves looked at their best.

Wetherspoons at Woking was busier than usual but we still managed to find a table and enjoyed lunches at the usual unbelievably low prices.   Service was a bit slower than it can be, but we were still on the road for home by 1.30 pm.   Terry rode his own way home and I left Graham and Robert in sunshine at Walton Bridge.  with plenty of time to get home before nightfall.

Thanks all for your company and to Graham for navigating us across Wisley Airfield.

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