Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Ride Report - Sunday 7 November


Led by Tony, we had an excellent day out, and the weather was very good as well!   We met at The Sunrise Cafe, Upper Halliford,  a new venue for us, which proved to offer speedier service and a less crowded environment than other local garden centres!   Ed returned home after elevenses, but Tony, Mark, Graham, Simon, Pam, Gemma and I set off into the unknown!    Until Colnbrook it was relatively straightforward, but we then followed a maze of paths and tracks, crossed a newly-reopened bridge across the M4, and negotiated umpteen, fiendish 'metal-puzzle' stiles before ending up in a quiet alleyway just off Uxbridge High Street for a very enjoyable lunch!

On the way home we followed a cycle route and mainly quiet back roads to Heathrow where traffic was noticeably busier than it has been for months.   I left the group there soon after that as they set off down yet another mysterious path towards tea....

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